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220,000 people died and the animals did not. Want to know what they have to say about that? Want to know what they are thinking? Click below: listen to your world animal wisdom11-8 – See more at:

Hurricane Katrina Speaks: Shamanism

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Frances Speaks With  Hurricane Katrina August 30, 2005 The “Why “of the Hurricane On Tuesday night, August 30th I spoke to hurricane Katrina. I and you also, can speak telepathically to anything that has consciousness. So I spoke to Katrina…She said she was tired and she sounded tired…this is the rest of what she said: Water is for clearing and cleansing and that is why I came…this event, this cleansing will cause people in this country to open their hearts with compassion and that is necessary…this country needs to turn inward, to pay attention to what is happening within the country and to open it heart…why? Because in the future this country will be in a place of deciding whether to use nuclear weapons. It is important that the heart of this country be open at that time… Unseen Factors in New Orleans New Orleans is a city built on swamp land. That means it is built on top of wetlands that Mother Earth uses as cemeteries….. As I watch the news of the lawlessness in New Orleans, I know that an unseen factor in the behaviors, now and through the coming months, will be deeply influenced by the lost spirits that inhabit that area. We are all familiar with the horror movies often depicted in swamps…we never wondered if there was any truth to the “darkness” of those settings…there is…and as the article states, to experience a trauma on a swampland is many times more “traumatic” than if that same event happens on regular land or on sacred land. I do not believe the public will be made aware, at least not now, of the extent of unusual, disgusting and negative events that will take place there. And I worry about the tens of thousands of people who experienced the storm there and then move to other parts of the country. I believe that in the future there will be a new term in psychology covering the symptoms of people from New Orleans who lived through the storm. Unfortunately, the symptoms will be way beyond post traumatic syndrome. They will include a deep level of “spiritual” injury due to the setting of the trauma. They will be the type of symptoms of spiritual abuse we see in victims of Santeria and brujería (black magic), plus, plus, plus…for those of you inexperienced in the effects of back magic, just watch horror films and imagine those images and emotions going on in your head, day and night…add to that very real “bad luck” in the people’s lives. As if they were “cursed”… Post note: Psychologists identified a group of psychological symptoms  of the victims of Hurricane Katrina. They include emotional chaos, a high level of trauma, etc. very different from victims of other natural catastrophes. They group of symptoms is professionally labeled as The Katrina Syndrome Please follow and like...

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Are You a Dolphin Inside a Human Body?

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Your mind is a Series of Strings that Create Everything Your Mind  is Made Up Of Strings That Vibrate. The center axis of  your mind  is one fat string which aligns with the spinal cord and has been called throughout history: The Causal Body It is the Holy Grail we have also been search for, throughout history and it was inside of each of us, just in a different dimension. Knowledge of  the structure of the mind will make science  religious  and religion scientific. Isn’t it about time? The causal body The Causal Body is a string that is a double terminated funnel, and looks like a tree trunk. It is the spiritual reality that is called the Tree of Life throughout human history and  throughout It is often called Axis Mundi, the center of the world, and it is  just  that  for each individual. The 72,000 Mindstrings Extending  from the Causal Body are 72,000 strings that Frances Fox has termed Mindstrings. They are like the branches of the Tree of Life. They extend into and  interpenetrate many dimensions. The strings, both the causal trunk and the 72,000 mindstrings are channels that the individuals mind flows through. The causal body and the mindstrings are the fundamental structure of the universe. They “channel” the human mind but they are not the human. The Mindstrings Interpenetrate several dimensions. In string theory they say there are at least 11 dimensions. Human Energy Bodies Frances Fox has identified the “vehicles” that the human mind “uses” to “function” on/in some of those dimensions. These vehicles are also called “bodies”. Review of human energy anatomy: the bodies Causal body anchors human consciousness on Planet Earth and then the mindstrings reach out into different dimensions we have on Planet Earth where we have a “life” on those dimensions via  the “bodies”: Physical Etheric Astral The Astral Vehicle/Body Also called the emotional energy body, is what the human mind uses on the astral dimensions. It is shaped like the physical body but it moves around a lot and can duplicate itself. It can also fall out of alignment with the physical body if there are too many emotions. Psychoneuroimmunology has proven that emotions can be the basis for disease, making it important to understand and take care of this body. The etheric vehicle/body Is also shaped like the physical body and  is used by the human mind to operate on the etheric dimension. It is also called the electromagnetic body and also called our immune system. It is deteriorating  at this time inhuman history due to excess electromagnetic radiation.  33% of Humans on Planet Earth have Dolphin consciousness flowing through their strings…. Some Dolphin consciousness entered the physical bodies of what we call Dolphins…but some entered the physical bodies we call “humans” Are you a Dolphin, or its buddy, a Whale? And what does that mean for you? How can it help you to understand yourself and your choices in life?           Please follow and like...

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Is Your Pet Psychic? He May Be a Good Weatherman Also!

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Check this out…you may respect your pet more… If  an octopus (Paul) can  be a prophet and predict the winner of the World Cup, can you imagine what your pet can do?   Listen to-your-world-animal-wisdomView more presentations from francesfox Please follow and like...

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The Watchers

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Para leer en español, esta al final de este documento Para peticiones para Calixto 1-800-651-6804 Calixto va a estar en Miami del 6-12 de mayo, 2016For events in  Ft. Lauderdale y Dania  go to: email or call  5614143940   Emily Andari   The Watchers The Watchers are people who escaped the great flood, which was a result of the Atlantis disappearance. When Atlantis sank, the waters rose… There were people who were ready and who sold places on their ships and boats and off planet vehicles but most were like people today, dead asleep at the wheel as their car drives off the cliff, a cliff they have been warned about. The story of noah arc is wrong; the animals became restless 48 hours prior to the explosions which started the collapse of the land that Atlantis was sitting on. Those who were still in tune with the wisdom of the earth and the animals did what they could to get out but many were blocked by the authority hierarchy who watched them and figured out the big one was happening. But some who had an incredible connection to their animals decided to follow the animals and that led them to safely, to small villages on the outskirts of Atlantis where there were boats and where they could negotiate a deal to use the boats. They took the animals with them for the guidance…. Some ended up in Tibet, some in La Sierra de Santa Marta in Colombia and most went to MT Kilimanjaro, where we have the core of African culture which has a lot to teach us. These survivors of the Great Flood are often called Watchers. The name Watchers is accurate, to a point. The Watchers have their own lives and their own issues, which distort their ability to share wisdom. They have their spirit attachments and invasions and they have their anger that it is happening again. But there was a group that refused to share their knowledge or their space with others not like them. Those who are called the Arhuaco today did not get polluted until the last several years. They live in La Sierra de Santa Marta, Colombia. Their knowledge is the cleanest and should be listened to carefully, from following the wisdom of the animals to taking advantage of the wisdom of the plants.   En español 21 de Noviembre, 2014 Los Watchers (Observadores) son personas que  se salvaron de  la gran inundación, que a su vez es un resultado de la inundación de la Atlántida. Cuando la Atlántida se hundió, el nivel del mar subió… Había gente preparada que vendió pasaje en sus barcos y vehículos interplanetarios pero la mayoría eran eran como la gente de hoy en día, muerta al volante mientras su auto se cae por un acantilado, un acantilado del cual fueron advertidos. La historia del arca de Noé está errada; los animales estaban agitados desde 48 horas antes de que comenzaran las explosiones que colapsaron la tierra sobre la cual estaba la Atlántida. Quienes estaban en sintonía con la sabiduría de la tierra y los animales hicieron lo que pudieron para salvarse pero varios fueron restringidos por las autoridades que los veían y se dieron cuenta que venia el grande. Pero algunos que tenían una increíble...

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Dolphins Talk About Spirits Invading the Weather?

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Dolphins About the Weather October 25, 2015 Listen dolphins, I am not happy the message from Hurricane Joaquin was so off and now the super hurricane Patricia fizzled out unnaturally and the solar flares that were supposed to come on a particular day, came one day early???? What is going on? We had warned you several months ago that the invasions from off planet were massive and were even entering the animals. Link: Now we tell you that just like big governments manipulate the weather, so do the off planet spirits. What does that mean for us? It means that the weather men will increasingly give wrong predictions, so much so there will be a summit about the unpredictability of the weather and particularly, the storms. When the biggest hurricane in history happens late November or early December, there will be awareness that something huge is happening and it is not just global warming. How can off planet spirits invade the weather? Did you know hurricanes have an eye? Yes So what is so hard to accept that that eye has a consciousness and can change its mind? If it has consciousness that acts via the elements we call weather, then why can’t another eye of consciousness take over the weather? I guess they can… Scary? And rightfully so because those natural disasters are going to be due to spirits taking over the “weather”. Please follow and like...

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We Spoke to Hurricane Joaquin

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We spoke to Hurricane Joaquin October 1, 2015 5:48 PM EN ESPANOL: Hello Joaquin, what is going on? It looks like you may hit us again? We come in peace but we will make a lot of problems for people who have abused the land and the sea. We feel like we have not been listened to. The issue of worldwide abuse of the elements has now turned into a conversation. The people who are aware of what humans have done to hurt the elements are proud they do not close their eyes to the issue, but too many of those same people do not do anything to correct the abuse. Why do you continue to build on the coastlines? Why are poor people denied access to beaches and shoreline? Why have you not leaned from the past? OK, we agree, but what can we expect from you? There has been a decision made at the highest level of consciousness on this Planet, that humans must be stopped from continuing to abuse the elements, nature, the shoreline, the forests. That decision will shock those who read this: It is now time for natural catastrophes that destroy borders and that cannot be put away by turning off the TV. This hurricane will remind everyone of the prophesies in the Bible and the Hopi prophesies about end times. OK, how do we prepare, what should we know? Know that all has consciousness, including the walls of your home. Ask your home what it needs to stay safe, to continue to protect you from the elements. Ask the walls of your home what to do. This is an appropriate time to discuss what you have done to one of our sacred plants, cannabis. If you knew what cannabis can do for your spiritual development, you would know that this would be a time to use it and ask the spirits what you should do to stay safe. But here in Miami we are not in danger There will be a slow collapsing of systems that hold this country together. Joaquin may not hit you, but you will suffer the results of this hurricane. More info? The city you are so proud of is the Babylon referred to in the Bible. That is New York City. New York city is the opposite of community, of sacred, of spirituality. It is a city of greed, the epitome of greed. The stock exchange is supposed to show the economic stability of the finances in the US but what it shows is the greed of those who control the economic system. The Twin Towers that were taken down in 9/11 should never have been rebuilt. That land and the land near it are sick, and should not be the center of finances as it is again becoming. I am afraid to post this; we know the future is elastic and plastic. I do not want to look bad if you decide not to hit the US coast You do not have anything to be afraid of. The decision has been made, there is no alternative. We are not asking that you turn to the Bible to seek information about these difficult times ahead. But we do ask you to learn quickly to speak to your...

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Coyote Speaks About California

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June 6, 2006 I would like to speak to coyote. Coyote, we would like to honor your knowledge and your abilities to detect danger. Will you speak to me? Yes, we will talk to you now. You are ready and we are pleased to be the first of the messages you will relay. We want to know about the fault line in California. It seems it is a danger to people. The potential for many to die is an issue. We don’t know what to do or to think. We wish to speak of other things first. Mankind has reached a fork in the road. And man’s ability to change quickly and to be able to “smell” the wind of change is important. We know that these words have no meaning for most. But we say these words in the hope that they will be listened to. The fault line that runs through southern California is a dangerous fault. And there is a lot of anger that has congested over the fault line. Many people in California have the danger of avarice, the wanting of more than they truly need. Ostentatious behavior and acquisitions are making the fault line weak. Why? In the acquiring and desiring of acquiring, there is a change in the balance of elements. The element of earth, of material possessions becomes dominant, and water and wind and fire diminish in importance. And notice that the possessions, while earth because of the physical nature of them, are not living earth. And that is a second problem. There is the element of earth, but not living earth, but dead earth. Wooden possession came from live trees that were killed to create an object. Sand is used to make concrete and is killed in the process of being frozen into a concrete structure. Movement is important in the human body. The movement if liquids, of blood of bile, the free movement maintains health. When human beings accumulate “things”, there is no longer free movement of the elements. That creates a state of ill health. Southern California is not healthy. That lack of movement, that lack of health leaves Southern California vulnerable not only to earthquakes but to fires.  Ok, but, can we be specific to dates…? Watch for additional movies that promote accumulation of wealth, such as the last movie that was a blockbuster. If there is an additional movie that promotes physical wealth and beauty versus naturalness, the California will be in imminent danger of losing its coastline. Please follow and like...

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Why Sharks Attack

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  Dolphins Share Their Wisdom Why are sharks attacking/ killing people? EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO DE ESTE ARTICULO July 26, 2015 “Sharks are like humans; they are beings that participate in life on Planet Earth. The Buddha said that until the last person was healed we would all be sick. That applies to animals also. The same as a child whose parents do not process their angers becomes an angry child acting out his parents repressed anger, a planet where the peoples are not working through their angers will cause other beings such as animals to act it out for them Sharks are not going to throw temper tantrums the way a child would, or act out at school. The sharks will attack; that is the way they work through their anger. If shark experts are asked, they will say that sharks get a “look in their eyes” when they get ready to attack. That is the same as a human who is getting ready to kill another human. Their look changes… Animals are now being invaded by extra terrestrial “beings” who are flooding the planet and turning some people into zombies.” Shark Attacks Are on the Rise, But Why?Read more: Delfines, ¿por qué los tiburones están atacando/matando a las personas? Los tiburones son seres que también participan en la vida del Planeta Tierra. Buda dijo que hasta que estaríamos enfermos hasta que sanara la última persona. Eso también se aplica para los animales. El mismo niño cuyos padres no procesan sus enojos se vuelve un niño iracundo que actúa con la ira reprimida de los padres. Un planeta donde la gente no procesa su ira causara que otros seres como animales actúen con esa ira. Los tiburones no están haciendo berrinches de la forma que lo hacen los niños. Los tiburones atacarán pues es la única manera que tienen para resolver su ira. Si a los expertos en tiburones se les pregunta dirán que los tiburones tienen una “mirada” cuando están listos para atacar. Es lo mismo que los humanos que están preparándose para matar a otro humano, su mirada cambia. Esa mirada generalmente aplica a los humanos pero también para los animales. Los animales están siendo invadidos por “seres” que inundan al planeta convirtiendo a algunas personas en zombis. Please follow and like...

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Animal Telepathy

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220,000 people died and the animals did not. Want to know what they have to say about that? Want to know what they are thinking? Click below: listen to your world animal wisdom11-8 Please follow and like...

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Bees are Literally Worrying Themselves to Death

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Note From Frances: This is an extremely important article, long but full of metaphysics, the study of first cause. Take the time, and if you dont have time, just read the text in bold and/or blue. The American honeybee is in peril, you might have heard, if you are the sort of person who likes a ghost story. In the last year, beekeepers lost 42 percent of their colonies, another peak in a string of mass die-offs on the scale of plagues: In the last five years, die-offs have hit 34 percent, 46 percent, 29 percent, and 36 percent. That’s more than one in every three colonies each year — whole impeccably networked societies, as big as small cities. In many areas, the figures were worse, and it was hard not to wonder how a species in crisis could possibly sustain annual regional losses as high as 60 percent without fast approaching extinction. “What are we doing on bees?” the president has been said to interject at the end of Oval Office meetings. “Are we doing enough?” It’s been a long decade for bees. We’ve been panicking about them nonstop since 2006, when beekeeper Dave Hackenberg inspected 2,400 hives wintering in Florida and found 400 of them abandoned — totally empty. American beekeepers had experienced dramatic die-offs before, as recently as the previous winter in California and in regular bouts with a deadly bug called the varroa mite since the 1980s. But those die-offs would at least produce bodies pathologists could study. Here, the bees had just disappeared. In the U.K., they called it Mary Celeste syndrome, after the merchant ship discovered off the Azores in 1872 with not a single passenger aboard. The bees hadn’t even scrawled CROATOAN in honey on the door on their way out of the hive. Hackenberg is 66, a self-described farm boy, and not just the public face but the Edward Snowden of bee death — an avid yawpy monologuist with a long Freeman Dyson nose who runs a one-man ad hoc bee-advocacy speakers circuit (Sierra Clubs, farmers associations, Katie Couric). I’d come to find him in Maine, where he was working for a couple of weeks helping to manage someone else’s bees. Sitting in the farm office, he told me about what happened in 2006. “It’s kind of an airy, breezy day — 70-some degrees, but there’s no bees flying. There’s something wrong here. Nobody sticking their heads out the door. I started jerking covers, and then I was really jerking covers — I mean, I’m going right down the line pulling covers up and there’s nobody home. I’m so stunned I can’t even talk. I’m on my hands and knees crawling around looking for dead bees in among the stones, and there wasn’t any. I mean, there was no dead bees. Three weeks ago, these bees are fine,” he says. Now? “You got a murder scene, and nobody knows what happened. There are no weapons, there are no corpses. “I have a son in the moviemaking business in Philadelphia,” he continues. “He calls me up one morning early, and he says, ‘Dad, they’re talking about you on the front page of the Philadelphia Inquirer.’ I said, ‘About what?’ He said, ‘You know, this mysterious disease, the bees — they’re calling...

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