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220,000 people died and the animals did not. Want to know what they have to say about that? Want to know what they are thinking? Click below: listen to your world animal wisdom11-8 – See more at:

Bees are Literally Worrying Themselves to Death

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Note From Frances: This is an extremely important article, long but full of metaphysics, the study of first cause. Take the time, and if you dont have time, just read the text in bold and/or blue. The American honeybee is in peril, you might have heard, if you are the sort of person who likes a ghost story. In the last year, beekeepers lost 42 percent of their colonies, another peak in a string of mass die-offs on the scale of plagues: In the last five years, die-offs have hit 34 percent, 46 percent, 29 percent, and 36 percent. That’s more than one in every three colonies each year — whole impeccably networked societies, as big as small cities. In many areas, the figures were worse, and it was hard not to wonder how a species in crisis could possibly sustain annual regional losses as high as 60 percent without fast approaching extinction. “What are we doing on bees?” the president has been said to interject at the end of Oval Office meetings. “Are we doing enough?” It’s been a long decade for bees. We’ve been panicking about them nonstop since 2006, when beekeeper Dave Hackenberg inspected 2,400 hives wintering in Florida and found 400 of them abandoned — totally empty. American beekeepers had experienced dramatic die-offs before, as recently as the previous winter in California and in regular bouts with a deadly bug called the varroa mite since the 1980s. But those die-offs would at least produce bodies pathologists could study. Here, the bees had just disappeared. In the U.K., they called it Mary Celeste syndrome, after the merchant ship discovered off the Azores in 1872 with not a single passenger aboard. The bees hadn’t even scrawled CROATOAN in honey on the door on their way out of the hive. Hackenberg is 66, a self-described farm boy, and not just the public face but the Edward Snowden of bee death — an avid yawpy monologuist with a long Freeman Dyson nose who runs a one-man ad hoc bee-advocacy speakers circuit (Sierra Clubs, farmers associations, Katie Couric). I’d come to find him in Maine, where he was working for a couple of weeks helping to manage someone else’s bees. Sitting in the farm office, he told me about what happened in 2006. “It’s kind of an airy, breezy day — 70-some degrees, but there’s no bees flying. There’s something wrong here. Nobody sticking their heads out the door. I started jerking covers, and then I was really jerking covers — I mean, I’m going right down the line pulling covers up and there’s nobody home. I’m so stunned I can’t even talk. I’m on my hands and knees crawling around looking for dead bees in among the stones, and there wasn’t any. I mean, there was no dead bees. Three weeks ago, these bees are fine,” he says. Now? “You got a murder scene, and nobody knows what happened. There are no weapons, there are no corpses. “I have a son in the moviemaking business in Philadelphia,” he continues. “He calls me up one morning early, and he says, ‘Dad, they’re talking about you on the front page of the Philadelphia Inquirer.’ I said, ‘About what?’ He said, ‘You know, this mysterious disease, the bees — they’re calling...

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Your Pet a Spiritual Guide?

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How to turn your pet into a spiritual guide  This is an exchange between Frances and the Dolphins on June  16, 2005 “We want to return to a topic we spoke about years ago: animals and their mission; do they exist only for themselves or are they on Earth to help you? It is truly wonderful that humans want to learn about animals, about their thoughts and the reasons for their actions. We know that animal behavior before the terrible tsunami of 2004 was a mystery to you. You should know that animals tried to warn the people living on the land that would soon be covered with water. As it happened with Noah’s Arc, if humans had looked around, they would have noticed that the animals began to leave the area the day before, making as much noise and disturbing everything they could, trying to let humans know that something was coming.  It is sad that so few people take the time to study animal behavior because animals have a wealth of information for those who listen. There aren’t many animals in the city, but not because animals can’t live in them, rather because these are places for humans.  Noah’s Arc The Bible teaches that Noah took two animals of every species, but that is not the way it was. The animals left, not in pairs, but in groups, migrating to other parts of the world, where they know they could flourish. Humans did not pay attention. There were many warnings of the Great Flood, but human arrogance, and the thinking that animals are too simple to know more than humans, blocked the message. This is why it is such a wondrous thing that so many people are taking interest in animals and in their behavior during the tsunami.” What do you suggest we do to better benefit from animal wisdom? “Select an animal near to you, your pet, a neighbor’s pet, a certain bird that you see often. You can even go to a zoo and select a guide there. The idea of learning from animals has always existed. All indigenous peoples have known of this practice. You are the ones who have lost this knowledge. Watch animals closely; learn their way of life, their being, their feelings, the way they relax. Learn their facial expressions. See how the animal changes when it is scared or angry.  If you do this, the animal will notice and you will then have a, living very real spiritual guide, of whom you can ask, psychically, for warnings when there is danger. We promise that the animal will do as you ask. It is not their fault that people are too busy or that people are too busy or preoccupied to really listen.” Telepathy “Learn to exchange information with this animal. We could describe it as communicating telepathically. Many of you will have beautiful and interesting experiences. And don’t be embarrassed to tell others of your relationship with this animal. No one will think you crazy. Remember that if many of the people that died had kept these relationships with animals, they may have been able to save their...

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      What is He Thinking?   Book a session for your pet with Frances Fox to know exactly what they are thinking and what “opinions” they have about life!     At this time, Frances Fox recognizes the importance of being open to the spiritual and emotional help our pets can give us. The reality is, according to Fox, we don’t take care of them, they take care of us. There are countless stories of how pets have warned their owners about impending doom such as fires, accidents and other perils of nature. With all the issues we face today….   Don’t you want to know what your pet is thinking?   Frances can tell you!   Book a session for your pet with Frances:  $80   Who is Frances?  Frances Fox is a world-renowned shaman and psychic investigator is skilled in the psychic abilities of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, telepathy and interspecies communications. This means Frances can see, feel, hear and instantly “know” energies. She is also a telepath, which means she can communicate mind to mind, and with animals. Don’t you ever wonder if they have a message for you? ASK FRANCES… Book a session for your pet with Frances:  $80  for 15 minutes  in South Miami, Florida THE DOG FROM IPANEMA IN SOUTH MIAMI–7230 SW 57 Avenue, Miami, Florida 33143                                  305-668-5665                                                      305-668-5665                    ...

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Potential Catastrophe in the US

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East Coast  was on Fire With Rage Over the Debt Crisis Note on September 18, 2013 It is being said that FEMA is preparing for a potential  a natural catastrophe in the DC area in the next several  of weeks, and in Washington D.C. we are again at war with each other, violently angry, and even more frustrated with the governmental process. Just check the news and you can see that everyone has an excess of fire element due to their political inclinations, Obamacare, the potential war with Syria and now the debt ceiling crisis….all at one, ready to explode. Will Mother Nature send another earthquake as FEMA is anticipating or will civil war break out? Related Article  in English: Related Article  in Spanish: Written 8/25/2011 We had an earthquake on the East Coast on Tuesday the 23 of August. It  was very strong for what has been the history of the East Coast historically but not very large in comparison to what the earth, Mother Earth has sustained in the last several months. Mother Earth is a living, sentient being, willing to absorb human negative emotions in order to relieve us of that burden.But when there is an excess of emotions, such as we have experienced in the last several months with the housing crisis, the credit rating crisis and the battle between politicians over who has the “right” answers, then Mother Earth “breaks”. There is a direct connection between that earthquake and the excess emotions, particularly the repressed emotions of millions of people who watched the debate/battle over who is going to control the decision making process in this country. Generally there is a 4-6 week lapse between when Mother Earth breaks and the earthquake or volcanic eruption. So lets go back 4-6 weeks to see what happened on the East Coast centered in Washington,……specifically, that would have caused such a volume of repressed negative emotions. Who can forget the  last two weeks of July? It  was full of repressed and sometimes expressed rage of both Republicans and Democrats due to the credit crisis. Add to that the millions of Americans who felt helpless watching their Congress simply unable to work together for a resolution of the issues. No one can deny that the end of July was  a time of unparalleled crisis in this country, all centered around Washington D.C. Connection between repressed rage and earthquake Repressed rage, repressed fear, impotence and sheer shock at what the entire country witnessed is more than enough to explain the earthquake. This is what a purification by the elements is all about. The earth element puts out the fire element…rage is fire…and there was too much fire on the East Coast. Our friends the animals are psychic? So nature and the elements are here to help humans find balance in their lives. And our precious animals are here to also pitch in, often letting us know in advance of pending purification…which is what humans call natural catastrophes: The (Washington) Post reported that the first warnings of the quake may have come from the National Zoo, where officials said red-ruffed lemurs began “alarm    calling”    a  full 15 minutes before the quake hit and. In the great ape house, Iris the orangutan bellowed 10 seconds before the keepers felt...

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Miami Karma The future is elastic and plastic but this is where Miami is   headed now… Listen to what the animals and nature have to say about the energies of  Miami today Messages for Miami, Florida September 7th, 2013 Everything has consciousness and an intention. God placed nature and the animal to help human evolve. They have intentions and also opinions, which we should listen to. Shamans have always looked to the elements and animals for extra information when faced with a problem or looking to make a decision. If this information resonates with your instinctive knowing, then prepare for the worst and be grateful if nothing happens because the future is elastic and plastic and prophesy is to let you know the path you are on so you can get out of harms way. Purification via the elements/natural catastrophes Traditionally Mother Earth has helped human evolution via natural catastrophes which are purifications of fire, water, earth and air. (The fire purification is simple, a fire as the fires in California. Earth is via earthquakes and also sinkholes. Water is rainfall, tsunamis and flooding. Wind is wind, hurricanes, and tornadoes…) Viewing Miami through a shamans lens, I could see there is an accumulation of energies that  is destroying the protecting energies Miami used to have. The emotional congestion of frustration/rage/violence and the lack of protection makes  Miami vulnerable to a purification via natural catastrophes in order to prevent riots and bloodshed.  Either way, unless there is a change, Miami is aligned with a violent purification. After seeking the information about what the Planets are sending Miami (astrological influences)  I asked my friends, animals and nature. And then I asked the land about the different parts of Miami. Opalaka, Florida  There have been decades in which Opalaka could be counted on to keep the energies of business moving at a nice pace, regardless. But now is a time when old energies of resentment and frustrations will break through whether it is due to excess heat from temperatures or excess fire from solar flares/winds. There could be cracks in the earth due to Mother Nature’s inability to absorb more human injustices.   Liberty City  Liberty City has too many empty buildings and homes that are refuge for haunting spirits full of rage. The flow of liquor will lubricate the desire to kill during the time between the eclipses in October 2012.   Coconut Grove  A city of contrasts, Coconut Grove will not survive the strife that the eclipses will push to a breaking point.   Brickell  Brickell is due for purification. The number of cell phone towers, cell phones antennae, the cutting down of natural barriers to the forces of the elements, and the building blocking the flow of the elements are a combination that will not survive any type of catastrophe.   Downtown Miami  Downtown Miami is sitting on top of a time bomb. The revelations of fraud and treachery in the government have broken any protection Miami had to invading spirits. There are too many people protecting too many lies and not grounding the truth. The washout of these lies, whether due to human violence or a natural purification via natural catastrophes will be total.   Hialeah  Hialeah will continue its march towards an orderly life, Hialeah has...

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Panic Attacks, Fall of the ….Empire

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     Frances Speaks With Dolphins May 9, 2006     The Fall of the Roman Empire and Panic Attacks       Frances: I want to continue about the panic attacks. You said that panic attacks are when people are fighting off entities that want to attach or invade. It sounds right, but it is still frightening and exhausting. What can be done, is there an efficient way to finish with the issue of panic attacks?    Dolphins: Good question but we were going to tell you the information anyway. You are too controlling. You think we don’t know what you need, but we do. We really do know more than you do what it is that people need to know. You think that we deviated our attention with the document on panic attacks and immigration. We were trying to get you to see what is happening in this country, why in this country people are less clear and more panicky.  Do you not see how a Miasm is being created by the fear your government is instilling in people? Do you see how people would feel more panicky when they shares spaces with immigrants who do not know if they are going to land in jail in the next 15 minutes? Do you see that you are doing what you did ten years ago, which is to try and control the information because you believe that we are not paying attention to your needs?   Frances: I hear you, you are right…I am listening Dolphins: Listen, just listen…don’t talk so much. Frances: Ok Dolphins: Panic attacks were part of the reason Rome went down. The drinking and cavorting and sexual orgies were used to try and entertain a Rome that was mentally breaking down. The people were not happy, so the government used orgies, liquor and the games that were played in the coliseum to deviate the attention of the people from their internal misery. That will be happening soon in this country. Watch the media and see what is being promoted in the next 6 months to entertain people. See how it matches what the Romans did. The Romans enjoyed seeing lions eat people; they enjoyed seeing men kill each other. Watch the modern day version of this and smell the smell of defeat that has fallen on this country. Written May 9,...

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Why Birds Are Leaving

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HELLO BIRDS what is going on? Why are you leaving?                   Telepathic exchange between Frances and the birds…. May 20, 2013   When God brought us to this planet it was with a plan. That plan included helping the souls that chose to be here to evolve so they could be enfolded into a bigger universe. The idea was to prime those souls here and then mix them into a bigger scenario with other souls that were  very different. Male/Female Split The problem developed at the very beginning where male and female could not really live well together other than the perfect fit of the sexual organs. That is why the sexual organs were developed and sex was developed, to give humans a reason to be together. We are no longer needed, as we have not accomplished our mission to helping humans to evolve and get along so they can become part of a larger group of souls. Our mission is over. Ok but what does that mean for humans? We will experience the loss of your companionship, the singing voices, the happy movements…but is your leaving the preamble to disease and death for many? What can/should we expect? You can expect disease and food and water shortages and the human desire to kill will augment to where it will be widely acknowledged that the human race is very sick and will “kill each other” to extinction. When does this “sick” phase start? As early as next week… That would be the week of May 27, 2013? Yes, the big factor that is “unseen” is the amount of vicious ET forces that have entered via the eclipses,   solar flares and the storm on Saturn. How do they affect us? They take over, “ possess” the human body to use as a vehicle to be able to “play” or function on the physical dimension, which is where humans are so “functional”. And they have already occupied the bodies of politicians who exhausted themselves or are electroaddicted and do not have good habits that would have protected themselves from ET invasion. Ok so we are in deep trouble. Yes, and the assistance you would normally have is rapidly being pulled out of Planet Earth because of the path to self destruction the Planet is on. Are we all in the same “boat” or can some of us self correct and remain unaffected by these invasions? And if everyone around us is invaded/possessed then how can we function? It has always been a choice of what to do when emotions boil up inside of us. We animals have emotions also, but we also have more discipline and know what to do to stay aligned with our intentions in spite of the fear or anger we feel. We know we cannot deviate our “plan” or mission just because people are misbehaving or things are not going our way. How do you process your rage and fear and sadness? We turn over to God that which is overwhelming us. And in that way we are relieved of the stress and burden. The problem with humans is that they do not know how much help is available to them. Human history has included a concerted plan to cut the connection between humans and the gods...

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 April 20, 2013 MYSTERY OF THE BIRDS IN MIAMI CONTINUES…MONTY TRAINER”S RESTAURANT HAS 50% LESS BIRDS ACCORDING TO WAITRESS…AS DOES 40TH ST AND 37 AVE SW…NO DEAD BIRDS, THEY ARE JUST GONE…ACCORDING TO WORKERS AT THAT INTERSECTION…DO YOU KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING?…?It’s like a Hitchcock move, only in reverse. Rather than flocking in epic proportions, the birds ….seem to have disappeared.? APRIL 13, 2013 IN MIAMI please check out the intersection of S.W. 40th STREET and 37th AVENUE where there is a tire store. Note how the birds are almost all gone…We suspect they don’t like the new digital “Smart Meters” that have just become operational…. One of the mechanics there loves birds and feeds them. When he whistles, the birds swoop down to him…he says there is at least 50% less birds and that it started several weeks ago….I have at least 50% less birds in my neighborhood and the LOCAL PET STORE says they are selling around 40-60% less wild bird food. SOMETHING IS GOING ON, REMEMBER THE CANARY IN THE BIRDCAGE IN THE MINES, WHEN THE BIRD DIES YOU WILL TOO UNLESS YOU GET OUT! Keep your immune system strong, especially the kids… Please email us with your observations in your cities and interview the stock boy at your local pet store for information on the  drop of sales of wild bird food Are smart meters chasing away birds from Rolling Hills? BRIAN BECKLEY/RENTON REPORTER Paul Ouellette has been feeding birds in the Rolling Hills neighborhood for several years and said since the city installed smart water meters he has not had to buy bird feed for the multiple feeders in his yard. By BRIAN BECKLEY Renton Reporter Assistant Editor FEBRUARY 22, 2013 · UPDATED 12:50 PM Paul Ouellette has lived in the Rolling Hills neighborhood for decades and since his retirement he has spent a lot of time in his backyard, which contains several bird feeders. Normally at this time of year, his backyard is filled with birds; finches, chickadees and even hummingbirds. “It’s very nice to see them flying around the yard all the time,” he said. But this year is different. This year an eerie silence has settled over Ouellette’s yard – and his entire neighborhood. “The birds are gone,” he said this past week. “Our feeders are still full.” Ouellette said some people tell him it’s the hawks or that this winter has been foggy and that’s thrown off the birds. But Ouellette, a retired civil engineer, isn’t buying it. He’s seen winters like this before and there have been birds. “If you feed the birds, you know when they’re (usually around),” he said. But there is a difference in the neighborhood this winter. Beginning in mid-December, the city began installing new smart-water meters on homes all throughout Rolling Hills. The meters send information to the city four times a day to help monitor water usage without having to send workers to check individual meters. By mid-January, the entire Rolling Hills North neighborhood had been equipped with the new meters. And the birds were gone. “Right after the meter was installed . . . I was noticing my bird feeders weren’t going down,” Ouellette said. In the past Ouellette said he was spending about $30 a month on bird seed. Now?...

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Dolphin “Opinions”, Not Mine!

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Note from Frances on February 17, 2011: I had “lost” this book proposal, Conversations with The Dolphins, years ago, only to find it today. I offer it now, though I know it is late. But as my friends in the animal kingdom told me after Hurricane Katrina, “it is late, but it is not too late”. I am not responsible for the “opinions” of the Dolphins, though I must say I feel a lot “looser” after reading them because, darn, they make a lot of sense!  Argue with them and they change the subject…The document still needs corrections but I could not wait a minute longer to get it to you! Note 2-21-2011 The political scene with all the confrontations with authority, overthrow of governments and lack of governments (Belgium has been without a government for over 249 days) seems to be a preamble to what the Dolphins suggested years ago…and it is feeling very Age of Aquarius. Check out this piece of news to see how politics is influenced by the planetary waves of the Age of Aquarius MESSAGES FOR THE MILLENNIUM: Conversations with the Dolphins The new dimension in information. Copyright 1997 by Frances Fox. Messages For The Millennium: A Dolphin Dissertation Overview Messages For The Millennium: A Dolphin Dissertation is the story of one woman’s efforts to use her remarkable abilities to make a contribution to mankind. During a series of ongoing exchanges a pod of dolphins shared their opinions and views on a variety of subjects with Fox.  These Messages For The Millennium address issues that affect the planet on a global level. The dolphins call out to societies to examine some of the most basic tenets and precepts that they operate under.  This material is controversial by nature and questions some of the most basic rules of establishment. These are the opinions of the dolphins and not necessarily of the author. In fact, some of the information was disturbing enough to delay Fox nearly a year in seeking publication. But the time has come; a promise was made and must be kept to honor the dolphins and their Messages For The Millennium. An additional element of this material is a thread of Atlantean past lives as interpreted by Fox. These lives reference many of the millennium issues brought up by the dolphins. The fall of Atlantis in many ways mirrors the crisis modern day society finds itself in. Perhaps the lessons from Atlantis can expand the dolphin’s information to another level. Background One day in the fall of 1996 Fox decided to find if she could still converse with dolphins. What ensued was a life altering experience for Fox, who soon found herself being bombarded with beliefs and views about society and sexuality that were diametrically opposed to everything she believed In. the dolphins had a lot to say, most of it controversial. Shocked, Fox vowed not to return. After a matter of time Fox felt compelled to return to hear what else the dolphins had to say. Apologetic, they offered to speak to her on other subjects as well and what followed was a series of conversations, of messages from the dolphins. The Purpose of This Book As we approach the millennium there is an increased interest and reexamination of the structure of...

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Dolphins Speak About Turkey and End Times

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Dolphins Turkey and End Times January 6, 2012 Frances speaks to the Dolphins Dear Dolphins, we have a lot of visitors to our Facebook page who are from Turkey. Do you have a message for them?   Turkey is a key player in end times. Turkey has sacred energy. It is totally Dolphin territory; the Pleiades shine its light very brightly there. Sex has been restricted but other than that, they live the energies of community and holding human relations and human feelings in high regard. Turkey will be a key player in holding back destructive energies in the next couple of weeks. The mantra for people in Turkey or associated with the violence that is building in that area of the world is: Please God help us with our intention to seal the aura again. Turkey had a break in their aura 2 ½ years ago and there was so much prayer that it repaired. The people of Turkey knew a dark energy was descending on their country and in their homes. They detected it, it was openly discussed in their places of worship and they prayed for help to be protected from those energies. And it worked. Now it is happening again but there are even more invasive forces. There is a reason Turkey needs to be supported in its quest to maintain peace. Turkey sits on top of a civilization that similar to the Mayans, had figured out how to maintain peace in the middle of a Planet full of war. That civilization held the energy of peace for hundreds of years and allowed the Planet to evolve. It held back the energy of violence so that people around the globe could take the time to breath, think and work towards their intentions. Now again, the Planet needs time to breath, think and work towards its intentions. But this time it will be more difficult because of the forces from outside the Planet. And this time we cannot go underground to...

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