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Male Fertility Down 60%

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You do not need to be a scientist to know that the human body is a type of “meat” and that the microwave that powers laptops and ipads and all wireless devices cooks meat…. and yet there is a question mark as to what is going on? Male Fertility Down 60% Wait till the stats come out about the decline in sex! Note: We know you will think we have deviated our attention from the subject of the decline in male  fertility, we have not. Know this: Tibetan Buddhist psychiatry has a classification of spirits which includes a group that makes human “forget“…We feel that people “forget” that the microwave powering and radiating from  their cell phones and laptops cooks meat and that they are a type of meat….That is why we call the rebirth of a soul is...

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Prepare for the Great American Eclipse

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Getting Ready The Great American Eclipse Total Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017 You may have noticed we now title our horoscopes Prosperity in the Middle of Chaos. We are entering what might be very difficult times yet we can be prosperous in spite of the troubles. But what is the meaning of prosperity? By definition prosperity means that you have what you need. It does not mean money, or properties or jewels; it literally means you have what you need. If there is a natural disaster and you have the vibration of prosperity, you will have what you need in the middle of the disaster. If you have the prosperity vibe and the economy collapses, you will have a skill or knowledge that is needed and you wont have to worry about income. If you have the vibe of...

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Domingo 30 de Julio, de 12 a 2 PM EST Dirección: 17971 Biscayne Blvd Suite #110 Aventura, FL 33160 Llamen al 954-638-5620 para reservar, plazas limitadas. O reserven por PayPal:  Para ver como Frances pinta las auras de sus clientes:   Please follow and like...

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Prosperity in the midst of chaos

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Frances Fox reveals how to achieve prosperity in the middle of chaos  Frances Fox has the capacity to see an invisible world  that other people cannot see or comprehend. When she was a child, a master of shamanic tradition, in Tibet, taught her his knowledge with the intention that she would reveal it in the future. This blog is based on an ability the master taught Frances, called remote vision. For years, many feared it and called it ‘magic’. Nowadays, the world is undergoing a time of apocalptic chaos and Frances Fox’s remote vision has revealed a simple path to cure and protect in these times of anguish and violence. Do you want to know more about this invisible world to help you keep your prosperity up in the middle of this chaos? Then follow this weekly blog Prosperity...

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Mysterious black ring in sky around the world!

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What are those black rings that are being seen across the world? July 12, 2017  What are those black rings? What they look like, portals for entry from other dimensions.  The smoke? The energies of the entry, like the wind that flows by a car when it goes too fast.  Why black.? What does black smoke mean to a human?  That there was something that burned up? Yes, like when an object enters this atmosphere from outer space, there is some burning up. That is why the outside of the space capsules have all that protection so what is inside will not burn up.  For more info: ¿Que son esos aros negros que se ven alrededor del mundo? 12 Julio 2017  ¿Qué son esos aros negros? Lo que parecen, portales de entrada de otras dimensiones.  ¿El humo? Las...

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