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Aromaterapia de Cannabis y Coco de Frances

La Aromaterapia de Cannabis Y Coco de Frances purifica tu aura y tu casa y protege de espiritus!


You feel like a victim because you do not know that you are a multi dimensional being with parts of you in other dimensions. What you are is revealed in this book. With this information you will easily go from being a victim of circumstances to understanding that you are a master in your life, you just did not know it. Once you read this book, there will be no going back…


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Drepung Monks in Miami!

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If you  want information on their events, please email More information: Drepung Monks The Mystical Arts of Tibet “The production by the monk artists of Drepung Loseling Monastery is both highly professional and beautiful, and expresses the purity and sophistication of the Tibetan sacred performing arts.  I am deeply honored to be associated with it.” For over 25 years the Mystical Arts of Tibet tours by the monks of Drepung Loseling Monastery have crossed the globe to offer these authentic, sacred Tibetan arts to enchanted audiences in major cities and smaller communities alike. Endorsed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Richard Gere, these events are part of a tradition that dates back 2,500 years.    Audiences tell us repeatedly that these programs are both inspiring and transforming. The featured highlight of numerous cultural festivals, art exhibitions, and...

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Horóscopo de Frances 19 de febrero

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Del 19 al 26 de febrero de 2018 ¿No sabes lo que te pasa?:Análisis de Tu Aura/Chakras/Foto Un parteaguas muy oscuro en el Apocalipsis Luz es información Nos estamos acercando rápidamente a un oscuro punto de inflexión en Revelaciones y el Apocalipsis debido a que el Planeta Tierra se inundará de luz. La luz es información y la información y la Verdad serán reveladas y desencadenarán la violencia mostrada en las imágenes bíblicas del Apocalipsis. Para entender lo que sucederá, necesitas recordar la etimología de las palabras revelaciones y apocalipsis. Revelaciones obviamente significa destapar, pero ¿conocías la definición de apocalipsis? Origen y etimología de ‘apocalipsis’ según Merriam-Webster: del griego apokalypsis, de apokalyptein: descubrir Significado original de ‘apocalipsis’: descubrir Significado original de ‘revelaciones’: revelar. ¿Conclusión? Ahora estamos en un punto crítico en el apocalipsis cuando se revelará mucha información oculta....

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2018 Horoscopes Create Intentional Karma

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2018 Horoscopes What is your karma for 2018? We have entered the Age of Aquarius; an era that promises augmented powers of the mind and magic. 2018 can be the best year of your life or it can be the worst year of your life and you will have no one to blame but yourself. Karma is a deep-rooted impression on your mind, and you can make that impression through focused intention, in this lifetime! “…and the meek shall inherit the earth” We have all witnessed the fall of hierarchy and the rising up of the victim facing their abuser and winning. The biblical prophesy that the meek shall inherit the earth is becoming a reality, even though none would have thought it possible a year ago. What does that have to do with your luck or prosperity next...

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Sexual Abuse 2017

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From the Dolphins  November 24, 2017 Sexual abuse has been a part of human life for centuries. It is an issue driven by spirits who invade when the person is broken. The spirits that enter come in from other planets and lay their eggs inside of the abused person. Decades later the person has tendencies/compulsions that are driven by the spirits that have grown up. You may see children who have behavior that is the path to being a sexual abuser but the tendency to actually have sex with the victim is not there as the development of that need is not there. But once the invaded person grows up, that sexual inclination can be the driving force to becoming an abuser.  Hierarchy issue Abuse is very much a hierarchy issue where it is assumed the person at the...

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Sexual Secrets From A Psychic

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Spirituality and Sexuality Sexual Abuse 2017   ST. TERESA’S SEXUALITY Gays, Asexuality and Bisexuality Do you know the real meaning of the word...

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