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Hurricane Katrina Speaks: Shamanism

Posted by on Sep 7, 2017 in Animal Wisdom, Spirits | 0 comments

Frances Speaks With  Hurricane Katrina August 30, 2005 The “Why “of the Hurricane On Tuesday night, August 30th I spoke to hurricane Katrina. I and you also, can speak telepathically to anything that has consciousness. So I spoke to Katrina…She said she was tired and she sounded tired…this is the rest of what she said: Water is for clearing and cleansing and that is why I came…this event, this cleansing will cause people in this country to open their hearts with compassion and that is necessary…this country needs to turn inward, to pay attention to what is happening within the country and to open it heart…why? Because in the future this country will be in a place of deciding whether to use nuclear weapons. It is important that the heart of this country be open at that time… Unseen...

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Are You a Dolphin Inside a Human Body?

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Your mind is a Series of Strings that Create Everything Your Mind  is Made Up Of Strings That Vibrate. The center axis of  your mind  is one fat string which aligns with the spinal cord and has been called throughout history: The Causal Body It is the Holy Grail we have also been search for, throughout history and it was inside of each of us, just in a different dimension. Knowledge of  the structure of the mind will make science  religious  and religion scientific. Isn’t it about time? The causal body The Causal Body is a string that is a double terminated funnel, and looks like a tree trunk. It is the spiritual reality that is called the Tree of Life throughout human history and  throughout It is often called Axis Mundi, the center of the world, and it...

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Is Your Pet Psychic? He May Be a Good Weatherman Also!

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Check this out…you may respect your pet more… If  an octopus (Paul) can  be a prophet and predict the winner of the World Cup, can you imagine what your pet can do?   Listen to-your-world-animal-wisdomView more presentations from...

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The Watchers

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Para leer en español, esta al final de este documento Para peticiones para Calixto 1-800-651-6804 Calixto va a estar en Miami del 6-12 de mayo, 2016For events in  Ft. Lauderdale y Dania  go to: email or call  5614143940   Emily Andari   The Watchers The Watchers are people who escaped the great flood, which was a result of the Atlantis disappearance. When Atlantis sank, the waters rose… There were people who were ready and who sold places on their ships and boats and off planet vehicles but most were like people today, dead asleep at the wheel as their car drives off the cliff, a cliff they have been warned about. The story of noah arc is wrong; the animals became restless 48 hours prior to the explosions which started the collapse of the land that Atlantis was...

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Huracán Irma Habla

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Frances habla con telepatía con huracán Irma el 14 de septiembre, 2017 Al final esta en English  Irma Habla Venimos en paz mientras  ustedes hacen la guerra. Establecemos la oportunidad para que el vecino ayude al vecino, no construimos muros entre las personas y no enviamos personas a lugares que no conocen. No respetamos los territorios ni los límites, ya que cuando Dios estableció el planeta Tierra para los humanos, no tenía la intención de que se separaran. El aprendizaje más rápido es cuando los humanos están juntos pero con contacto con los elementos y con suficiente espacio para respirar. Los seres humanos que están demasiado juntos como en las ciudades pronto desconfían de los demás y comienzan a establecer reglas y reglamentos para garantizar que tengan lo que necesitan. Irma, habla sobre la tormenta ¿Crees que fue una...

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Dolphins Talk About Spirits Invading the Weather?

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Dolphins About the Weather October 25, 2015 Listen dolphins, I am not happy the message from Hurricane Joaquin was so off and now the super hurricane Patricia fizzled out unnaturally and the solar flares that were supposed to come on a particular day, came one day early???? What is going on? We had warned you several months ago that the invasions from off planet were massive and were even entering the animals. Link: Now we tell you that just like big governments manipulate the weather, so do the off planet spirits. What does that mean for us? It means that the weather men will increasingly give wrong predictions, so much so there will be a summit about the unpredictability of the weather and particularly, the storms. When the biggest hurricane in history happens late November or early December,...

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