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We Spoke to Hurricane Joaquin

Posted by on Oct 1, 2015 in Animal Wisdom | 0 comments

We spoke to Hurricane Joaquin October 1, 2015 5:48 PM EN ESPANOL: Hello Joaquin, what is going on? It looks like you may hit us again? We come in peace but we will make a lot of problems for people who have abused the land and the sea. We feel like we have not been listened to. The issue of worldwide abuse of the elements has now turned into a conversation. The people who are aware of what humans have done to hurt the elements are proud they do not close their eyes to the issue, but too many of those same people do not do anything to correct the abuse. Why do you continue to build on the coastlines? Why are poor people denied access to beaches and shoreline? Why have you not leaned from the past?...

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Coyote Speaks About California

Posted by on Sep 20, 2015 in Animal Wisdom | 0 comments

June 6, 2006 I would like to speak to coyote. Coyote, we would like to honor your knowledge and your abilities to detect danger. Will you speak to me? Yes, we will talk to you now. You are ready and we are pleased to be the first of the messages you will relay. We want to know about the fault line in California. It seems it is a danger to people. The potential for many to die is an issue. We don’t know what to do or to think. We wish to speak of other things first. Mankind has reached a fork in the road. And man’s ability to change quickly and to be able to “smell” the wind of change is important. We know that these words have no meaning for most. But we say these words in...

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Why Sharks Attack

Posted by on Jul 26, 2015 in Animal Wisdom | 0 comments

  Dolphins Share Their Wisdom Why are sharks attacking/ killing people? EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO DE ESTE ARTICULO July 26, 2015 “Sharks are like humans; they are beings that participate in life on Planet Earth. The Buddha said that until the last person was healed we would all be sick. That applies to animals also. The same as a child whose parents do not process their angers becomes an angry child acting out his parents repressed anger, a planet where the peoples are not working through their angers will cause other beings such as animals to act it out for them Sharks are not going to throw temper tantrums the way a child would, or act out at school. The sharks will attack; that is the way they work through their anger. If shark experts are asked, they will say...

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Animal Telepathy

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220,000 people died and the animals did not. Want to know what they have to say about that? Want to know what they are thinking? Click below: listen to your world animal...

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Bees are Literally Worrying Themselves to Death

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Note From Frances: This is an extremely important article, long but full of metaphysics, the study of first cause. Take the time, and if you dont have time, just read the text in bold and/or blue. The American honeybee is in peril, you might have heard, if you are the sort of person who likes a ghost story. In the last year, beekeepers lost 42 percent of their colonies, another peak in a string of mass die-offs on the scale of plagues: In the last five years, die-offs have hit 34 percent, 46 percent, 29 percent, and 36 percent. That’s more than one in every three colonies each year — whole impeccably networked societies, as big as small cities. In many areas, the figures were worse, and it was hard not to wonder how a species in crisis...

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Your Pet a Spiritual Guide?

Posted by on May 23, 2015 in Animal Wisdom | 0 comments

How to turn your pet into a spiritual guide  This is an exchange between Frances and the Dolphins on June  16, 2005 “We want to return to a topic we spoke about years ago: animals and their mission; do they exist only for themselves or are they on Earth to help you? It is truly wonderful that humans want to learn about animals, about their thoughts and the reasons for their actions. We know that animal behavior before the terrible tsunami of 2004 was a mystery to you. You should know that animals tried to warn the people living on the land that would soon be covered with water. As it happened with Noah’s Arc, if humans had looked around, they would have noticed that the animals began to leave the area the day before, making as much noise...

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