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Horoscopes June 5, 2017 Aliens Revealed

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 Horoscopes June 5-11, 2017 From Victim to Master Revelations about ET’s  This is another week in which the world will appear to be upside down in its process of aligning with truth. Pay attention to what is right and what goes wrong in the week, as it progresses. Formulate your mantras to address what is not working and congratulate yourself on what is working. From Victim to Master If you have been following our weekly horoscopes you should have had the information necessary to understand the chaos that has enveloped the planet and our personal lives. We intended to share tools that could work to shift you from being a victim of chaotic circumstances to being a master of your life in the middle of a destruction of a paradigm and the unfolding of a new paradigm. Now we...

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Mayan Weekly Soul Check

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This is a telepathic exchange between Frances and Dolphins about how to avoid chaos in end time Did the Mayans talk about this in the 2012 predictions? Yes they did, with more details than the Bible. The Mayans were familiar with off Planet forces and spirits, so their fear was less, due to familiarity. They anticipated this issue and recommended a reunion of souls on a weekly basis to check out how the souls were doing. What does that mean? The Mayans recommended a weekly reunion of like-minded people/souls. In that meeting the intention was to check everyone to ensure they were not disassociating which would make them a target for invading spirits. Weekly…sound like going to church…. Yes, in that it would be an intensely spiritual time, kind of like a “soul” check. Suggestions for this weekly “soul...

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Leap Year and the Law of Attraction

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Manipulation The Energy of the Extra Day in Leap Year February 21, 2015 Leap year is an artificial designation due to the manipulation of the calendar during the reign of Pope Gregory, who introduced it in October 1582. The extra day in leap years is a day where the bad spirits can play. It is a day that is taken out of context to “fix” something that was not broken. That fixing is a manipulation and any manipulation is a denial of truth, which is an open door to bad sprits. Protection that day You can take advantage of this day to correct things you have done wrong, to finish what you have not been able to finish and to go back and rephrase something that you said that was not the truth. In these tasks you will be...

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Mercury Retrograde

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Why are you influenced by planetary energies? What part of your aura receives planetary energies? Where do the bodies hide in between lives? This question is of vast importance as it is the reason people keep a lot of their characteristics lifetime to lifetime. The planet energies are part of what is captured and drawn into the top of the funnel of your  causal body, the intentional body. The Chinese would call it heaven energy and they are right, as most consider the planets to be part of heaven. The Planets have a type of energy  of a quality that cannot be sustained or captured in dimensions other than the causal/intentional dimension. Remember, you choose your sign and chart to align with your intentions, as you choose all  your lives and their details to align you with your intentions....

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Astrology and Foods

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Eat to support your astrological sign When we are born we have a certain energy set in our minds that is orchestrated by the vibrations from the planets. These vibrations, in their totality help us achieve our intentions in this incarnation. But there are times in our lives that we need help in particular situations and at that a time, we need to look to other influences to stack the deck in our favor. We are entering the age of transformation when we can achieve our highest intentions very quickly, if we are truly aligned with them. But many of us are simply too tired or overwhelmed to even remember what we really want. Aries Please stay away from spicy foods as at this time you need to harmonize your energies, not dissipate them. Spicy foods will over stimulate...

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Mixing of Species with Humans: Star Wars?

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January 31, 2016 Align with your intentions quickly, as it will be harder in 2 weeks February 14th will be the date the underworld is released onto the physical dimension. When the oil accident in the Gulf of Mexico opened up the underworld to our influence, it was a shock to the beings that inhabit that world. After the 14th it will be a shock to us when they overrun our world. What can we expect will happen? It is already happening in the other dimensions and noticed by those who are considered “psychic” and “sensitives”. We can expect our sleep to be even more disturbed our children to become more anxious and our human relations to become even more confusing and frustrating. What do these beings look like? They are shape shifters, as are most spirits. But generally...

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