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Cancer: Mantras Para Purificar la Energia de Cáncer

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Cancer Testimony: Frances Diagnoses the Emotional Root of Skin Cancer

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Skin Cancer Diagnosis After being diagnosed with skin cancer and receiving traditional medical treatment, I decided to seek alternative methods and seek consul with Frances Fox. Fox explained that the root cause of cancer had an emotional component to it and one had to address and clear that in order for the cancer not to return. She told me that cancer is evident in the ethereal body two years  (approximately 24-27 months) before manifesting in the physical body and that it is often a traumatic event that included rage and a feeling of impotence, that occurs which then effects one on a cellular level. After hearing this theory, I went and checked my calendar to confirm the date I was diagnosed and then looked forward approximately  two  and a half years earlier to see if I could remember any...

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Cancer Protocol: “To Do” List

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Proposed New Medical Model Cancer Protocol To do list: Find trauma that occurred 24-27 months prior to cancer diagnosis. Psychic readings of charkas of body memory, especially in the  cancer tissues Sketch energy bodies: Sketch mental body and astral body Sketch patients’ intention to live Sketch intention to release anger and impotence issues Review quality of life Teach mantras: Teach mantras for releasing cancer issue Use Body Mapsbook to find issues at skin level Flower essences: Rage, impotence., helplessness, at whom? Essential oils for rage and impotence Review needs of your personality: Review consciousness needs and issues Review astrological needs and issues Review cultural needs and issues Blocks to this work Addictions Astrological blocks Family, especially mate Documents for client: Mantras Intention Prayer Flower Essences information on specific essences How to use flower essences Essential oils information How to...

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Cancer Flower Essences

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Your Cancerous Mind Flower Essence Formula   “Flower essences area subtle liquid extracts which are used to address profound issues of emotional well being, soul development and mind body health.” Flower Essence Repertory This special formula developed by Frances Fox is based on her psychic research of the emotional and mental basis of cancer and what flowers could be used to release the energy of cancer from the cancer patient’ mind and aura. The Frances Fox Cancer Formula addresses and releases these issues: “Repressing of deep and hidden emotions, and denial of the “shadow” aspect of the personality” “An acceptance of painful feelings which are hidden by a mask of cheerfulness” “An acceptance of deep, repressed emotions which need to be honestly expressed” “A holding back or denying of anger and strong emotions out of fear; over controlling of...

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Cancer mental exercises

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  To create health and eliminate the energy of  Cancer PAC Mental Exercises   1.  Purify your mind with the Purification Mantra Even though I am angry and can’t do anything about it, I love and accept myself Please do this mantra dozens of times a day, silently with rhythmic breathe   2. Align your mind with your intention with the Intention Mantra Please God help me with my intention to purified of cancer now. Sets up your intention to release the cancer Please do it at least 25 times a day, silently with rhythmic breathe 3.  Create with the Imaging Success Visualization Always remember to breathe as you visualize yourself cancer free Tips: Your mind has bad habits. It loves compulsive thoughts, even if you don’t. It will tend to “forget” to do the mantras and visualization. We...

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Energetic Factors in Your Aura that Influence Cancer

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Energetic Factors in Your Aura that Influence Cancer “Will To Live” Of Cancer Patient Versus Subconscious Intention to Die Our energy field never lies. It is all about our truth, and no matter how strong our denial, the truth is there. If we don’t accept our truth our minds recuperate by repressing the truth deep into our energy field. From that place, issues and emotional reactions ferment…. Are your emotional and cognitive needs being met so that you can ensure you do not have a subconscious, hidden agenda to “die”? Checklist of needs: Are the needs of your charkas being met? Are your astrological needs being met? Are you astrologically compatible with your mate, husband, children, etc.? Are your cultural needs being met? Do you have unresolved traumas that create a subconscious wish to die? Traumas do help to...

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