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Marijuana, Cannabis Research by Frances Fox

Posted by on Jun 4, 2017 in Cannabis | 0 comments

These are the links to the research on Marijuana and Cannabis where Frances used her other dimensional skills to “see” and “know” : Buddhism and marijuana: Sketches of how marijuana relaxes the mind: Esoteric Secrets: Marijuana and other dimensions: Marijuana and spirits: “Proof” about the difference in “safety” between alcohol consumption and marijuana: Marijuana: Using marijuana for the death process: The Virgen Desatanudos and Marijuana:...

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Cell Phone Skin Leison

Posted by on May 1, 2017 in Cannabis, Electro stress, Electronic Addiction | 1 comment

“Undiagnosed” skin leison due to cell phone radiation An excerpt from Your Matrix Your Electric Body Recently, I took care of a woman who is electro hypersensitive. She had lesions on the side of her face where she held the cell phone and her dermatologist could not identify the cause, or find a cure. Antibiotics were prescribed and they helped up to a point. I immediately perceived the lesions were not acne but burns from the microwave emitted from her cell phone. Electro hypersensitivity This case of electro hypersensitivity jostled my intuitive memory. I remembered a client with a skin lesion on her hip and her dermatologist was also stumped after prescribing antiobiotics and a biopsy.  I contacted her again and asked if she carried her cell phone in her lab coat, on the side and level where the...

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Dying Gracefully for the Spiritually Sophisticated

Posted by on Nov 14, 2016 in Astral, Cannabis, Mindstrings, Spirits Haunting | 0 comments

Marijuana for Hospice, Dying 1/27/15 9:20 PM Marijuana should be the “drug” of choice for grieving the death of a loved one, or for grieving the ending of your own life. It has the ability to connect the person who is dying, to the dimensions where they will be going, opening up the familiarity that will help the transition. People who smoke marijuana while in their dying process will also be able to help those they leave behind. When an individual dies in a traumatic state of mind, such as when they fear death or are angry at dying, they drag their loved ones into the mess of emotions THAT DO NOT END AT THE POINT OF DEATH. It would be recommended that all that are present at the time of death do something to ensure they are not...

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Cannabis and the Devil

Posted by on Nov 12, 2016 in Cannabis, Spirits, Spirits Haunting | 0 comments

Cannabis is a sacred plant that has lain dormant for over 3,500 years. Its time has come now that humans are in full battle with the devil. The devils workshop is the human mind. The more constricted the mindstrings, the more entry points for the devil. Cannabis is more necessary now because of the vast augmentation of radiation and toxins entering the human assemblage of bodies, including the physical body. When the physical body ingests food out of plastics, there is a gateway opened to the devil. If the person does not continue to ingest plastics via their foods, then the nourishing and healing foods they eat will repair the “hole” left by the plastic. Why is plastic such a “conveyor” of evil energies? The petroleum the plastic is made of is composed of eons of layers upon layers...

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Why North America Needs Marijuana

Posted by on May 3, 2016 in Cannabis, Spirits, Spirits Haunting | 0 comments

1/8/15 10:46 AM Marijuana is a plant that has several intentions, depending on the part of the world the individual lives in. If a person lives in Asia, where there is more community, less individualism and less personal power, marijuana helps them to feel more powerful, so they feel they can achieve their intentions. If it is a male it will help to reduce the feelings of helplessness when their power is blocked, which creates resentments, frustrations and a rage about the system or the mate that is blocking them. That same rage will ensure they will feel powerless the next time they are blocked even if they are not blocked. In that way a pattern and a cycle is set in stone and the person ends up with a history of institutions, mates or situations such as natural...

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Posted by on Jul 19, 2015 in Cannabis, Depression, Depression/Rages | 0 comments

MEDICINAL CANNABIS OIL WITH ORGANIC COCONUT INFUSED WITH MANTRAS FOR $85!Call 1-800-651-6804 to order your 8 ounce bottle! Medicinal Cannabis Oil is legal in all 50 states….it was never outlawed!   This client used our  oil to heal and release the energy  trapped in  a large scar on her forehead/head from a car accident years ago. We were not expecting the detox process we witnessed that is captured in the graphics below. She now  also experienced a spiritual awakening, and feels her life will change now. Marijuana does open you to the other more spiritual dimensions.   NOTE: We initially tried the oil to see what effect it would have on the huge scar on her head due to the accident. It did not do much to the scar in the 18 hours but it did detox a lot...

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