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Video: Como se bloquea tu fe, chakra corona

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Alinea Chakras: Kundalini Yoga Mental

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 Frances Fox Kundalini Yoga Mental Con el Kundalini Mental Yoga alcanzarás la estabilidad energética en el medio del caos  y violencia que se ha venido prediciendo y además se encargará de tu proceso de ascensión a un nivel consciente. Kundalini Mental Yoga Es para mí una verdad, el que a medida de que adquieras el control de tu  conciencia más profunda a través de este Yoga Mental, alcanzarás la estabilidad energética en el medio del caos que se ha venido prediciendo y además se encargará de tu proceso de ascensión a un nivel consciente.  El KUNDALINI Mental Yoga ayuda a proteger de los hechizos, mal de ojo, problemas sexuales y  mas: Alinea tus chakras, baja tu stress, y suba tu Kundalini  ¿Qué es la Kundalini? La Kundalini es la energía que se encarga de  la conexión de la Tierra...

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Prosperity in the midst of chaos

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Frances Fox reveals how to achieve prosperity in the middle of chaos  Frances Fox has the capacity to see an invisible world  that other people cannot see or comprehend. When she was a child, a master of shamanic tradition, in Tibet, taught her his knowledge with the intention that she would reveal it in the future. This blog is based on an ability the master taught Frances, called remote vision. For years, many feared it and called it ‘magic’. Nowadays, the world is undergoing a time of apocalptic chaos and Frances Fox’s remote vision has revealed a simple path to cure and protect in these times of anguish and violence. Do you want to know more about this invisible world to help you keep your prosperity up in the middle of this chaos? Then follow this weekly blog Prosperity...

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¿Cómo está su aura?

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  Acá les dejo un vídeo donde hablo con mas detalle acerca del Aura y su diagnosis: Existen varias maneras de adquirir una diagnosis de aura; para empezar, solo tiene que enviar una fotografía al e-mail de Frances ( Después, puede llamar al teléfono de Frances (1-800-651-6804) para confirmar su pago, o pagar de manera completamente segura a través de PayPal, con su tarjeta de crédito o débito. Diagnosis de Aura $100:   TU HORÓSCOPO YOUR HOROSCOPE...

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Lower Chakras Conspiracy?

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You have 7 upper chakras and also 7 lover chakras.”White magicians” determined over a 100 years ago that people should not know about these chakras because maybe bad people would misuse the information. But if you do not know that the huge traumas that break humans are held under the root chakra, which includes the root cause of addictions, desire to kill etc, then how confront and heal  what is so broken? This information is part of Hinduism catechism and is from the book Merging with Shiva: Hinduism Contemporary Metaphysics. These are the chakras below the root chakra  and their issues: If you have an issue with the physical part of your body that corresponds to one of these chakras, you can start your healing process by repeating in silence throughout your day, the Fox Intention Mantra: Please God...

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Jacobs’ Ladder is your Chakra System

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Genesis 28:10-17 “He had a dream in which he saw a stairway resting on the earth, with its top reaching to heaven, and the angels of God were ascending and descending on it.” Jacobs Ladder is your Chakra System and as you evolve, your consciousness climbs up higher in your chakras until ultimately it reaches the crown chakra (purple on top of head)  which is your connection to...

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