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Galactic Spirits

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Galactic Spirits Helping our kids with their fears, nightmares, depression, suicidal thoughts or talk about wanting to die   Para leer en Espanol:  Hijos y batalla con espiritus Galacticos There are times in a human beings life when their soul is in transition such as birth and death. It also happens during sleep. When the physical body sleeps, the soul and other energy bodies release their alignment with the physical body. This creates issues such as leaving the physical body empty, which allows for intrusions. It also means the astral body is able to move freely around the astral dimensions, which can be dangerous if the astral/emotional body is weakened by fear, negative emotions or radiation.   At this time in the history of Planet Earth there is a furious battle between light and dark in the other dimensions...

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Depression and Law of Attraction

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Falling into a black hole… July 9th, 2010  The Law of Attraction is a terrible thing when you have not purified your energy bodies.  July 6, 2010 a client called to say hello. She sounded awful. She had gone with her family to a restaurant and her son had fallen down and hurt his nose. It stopped bleeding immediately yet hours later she did not “sound” good. So I pressed her, asking how she felt and she said she was tired…  The next day we spoke again and I noticed she “felt” very down. Remember, I am a psychic, so I really can “feel” what is going on, regardless of the smiles on people’s faces. She finally admitted she did feel very depressed and did not know why.  I volunteered to sketch her aura and this is what I...

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Swamp Energies: A type of Miasm or Spiritual Pollution

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When we do not take care of our dead, Mother Earth helps out by collecting them and negative astral particles in wetlands. She also uses standing water, such as artificial lakes, canals and big puddles to help the healing process of people who have lost their physical bodies. She uses these watery places as a natural cemetery, to clear entities the same way we use water in Baptism to clear bad energy: lakes, oceans and rivers. So wetlands, swamp lands, artificial lakes, and such are not such good places to live on or near. Mother Nature knows best. It is usually a struggle to live in these places and it is for a good reason. In the article that follows is information it took me years to collect. I did not want to change it to fit “perfectly” into...

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Today’s Stress

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We have those comforts and we have lost ourselves It has been a long time in coming. The struggle has not been to understand what I see but to get people to understand that what I see that they cannot , is important. The struggle for respect for unseen factors and the people that access them continues to be endless but it is a battle I am willing to wage. It is the battle for the attention of the minds of the people I wish to help that is the real issue. It was always a struggle to get people to pay attention. Before the economic collapse, it was due to overwork and mistaken priorities. Today the issue is the condition of the minds of those whom I wish to “pitch” that is the problem. Mental Collapse How did...

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Cancer Testimony: Frances Diagnoses the Emotional Root of Skin Cancer

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Skin Cancer Diagnosis After being diagnosed with skin cancer and receiving traditional medical treatment, I decided to seek alternative methods and seek consul with Frances Fox. Fox explained that the root cause of cancer had an emotional component to it and one had to address and clear that in order for the cancer not to return. She told me that cancer is evident in the ethereal body two years  (approximately 24-27 months) before manifesting in the physical body and that it is often a traumatic event that included rage and a feeling of impotence, that occurs which then effects one on a cellular level. After hearing this theory, I went and checked my calendar to confirm the date I was diagnosed and then looked forward approximately  two  and a half years earlier to see if I could remember any...

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Cancer Protocol: “To Do” List

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Proposed New Medical Model Cancer Protocol To do list: Find trauma that occurred 24-27 months prior to cancer diagnosis. Psychic readings of charkas of body memory, especially in the  cancer tissues Sketch energy bodies: Sketch mental body and astral body Sketch patients’ intention to live Sketch intention to release anger and impotence issues Review quality of life Teach mantras: Teach mantras for releasing cancer issue Use Body Mapsbook to find issues at skin level Flower essences: Rage, impotence., helplessness, at whom? Essential oils for rage and impotence Review needs of your personality: Review consciousness needs and issues Review astrological needs and issues Review cultural needs and issues Blocks to this work Addictions Astrological blocks Family, especially mate Documents for client: Mantras Intention Prayer Flower Essences information on specific essences How to use flower essences Essential oils information How to...

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