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Talismán Para Protección Contra Espíritus

Posted by on Mar 15, 2018 in Electro stress, Purification Program, Sex | 0 comments

Talismán  de Frances   La Coleccion  de $139 incluye: 3 collares 4 piedras para las 4 esquinas de la cama 2 piedras para proteger el chakra sexual/sacral Aromaterapia de Orange/Naranja para protección de espiritus El Talismán Labradorita de Frances Fox ayuda a  proteger  y reparar el aura, especialmente el chakra de la garganta y el chakra sexual.  Este talismán rechaza la energía malvada de los peores espíritus.  El cristal es  de labradorita con litio y Fueron programados para aumentar sus energías de protección  y purificación. Para comprar llama al 1-800-651-6804 Protege el chakra de la garganta Nosotros tenemos una apertura secreta en la parte trasera del cuello  que  es   un Granthi, llamado Knot of Shiva (nudo de Shiva que es un nudo en el chakra #5, el de la garganta). Si ese portal se rompe,  permite  la entrada al...

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Video: Health Damage from Wi-Fi

Posted by on Jun 19, 2017 in Astral, Astrology, Electro stress, Etheric, Mantras | 0 comments

Your cell phone, Wi Fi, computer games, 5G, baby monitors etc all radiate microwave frequencies, which cooks meat. Learn what part of your body/life may be damaged by electrical and Wi Fi frequencies....

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Radio Interview LLoyd Burrell Electricsense

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Radio Interview with LLoyd Burrell from Electricsense: 20 minute excerpt from the interview: Cell Phone Radiation and EMFs – Be prepared to be surprised 2. Liver Cleanse to heal liver. The liver is the organ that handles the fire element in the body. Radiation destroys the balance of the 4 elements in the human mind and gives you excess fire element which the liver has to struggle to process. In our experience an over worked liver can be the cause of allergies. That is why your allergies improve when you do a liver cleanse:  Liver cleanse 3. The Bible does warn about radiation and its connection to spirit influence: The Bible talks about radiation and it is obvious the “hot iron” refers to the heated cell phone as you hold it to your ear: “Now the Spirit speaketh...

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Cell Phone Skin Leison

Posted by on May 1, 2017 in Cannabis, Electro stress, Electronic Addiction | 1 comment

“Undiagnosed” skin leison due to cell phone radiation An excerpt from Your Matrix Your Electric Body Recently, I took care of a woman who is electro hypersensitive. She had lesions on the side of her face where she held the cell phone and her dermatologist could not identify the cause, or find a cure. Antibiotics were prescribed and they helped up to a point. I immediately perceived the lesions were not acne but burns from the microwave emitted from her cell phone. Electro hypersensitivity This case of electro hypersensitivity jostled my intuitive memory. I remembered a client with a skin lesion on her hip and her dermatologist was also stumped after prescribing antiobiotics and a biopsy.  I contacted her again and asked if she carried her cell phone in her lab coat, on the side and level where the...

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Dry Mouth? Bet you are sleeping with your cell phone..

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Dry mouth is a condition that unless recently, affected older people over 65. Today many young people wake up in the morning with their mouth dry…due to the microwave radiating from their cell phone next to their head! Remember, microwave heats up water, eventually evaporating it and it appears it is doing that to the mouth of people, regardless of age, who sleep with their cell phones… Back to psychic recommendations, do not sleep with cell phone next to head or closer than 10 feet away. That also applies to cordless phones. At a session with a group of salesmen, that habit was the number one block to higher sales for the individual. Frances found it applied regardless of what the person did in their profession. It is now documented by science that the radiation from cell phones increases...

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Medical Protocol for Radiation Illness-Electro hypersensitivity

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New Influences on health and moods Fox informs us that across the planet many in the field of medicine have an understanding of a new influence on health and well being.  Today there is a new root cause of disease so heavily researched and documented that in Austria there is a complete hospital protocol to cover it: radiation sickness, also called electro hypersensitivity. Click to read the Austrian Medica Association Protocol: Austrian Medica lAssociation...

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