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Prosperity in the midst of chaos

Posted by on Jul 12, 2017 in Astrology, chakra, FENG SHUI, Spirits | 0 comments

Frances Fox reveals how to achieve prosperity in the middle of chaos  Frances Fox has the capacity to see an invisible world  that other people cannot see or comprehend. When she was a child, a master of shamanic tradition, in Tibet, taught her his knowledge with the intention that she would reveal it in the future. This blog is based on an ability the master taught Frances, called remote vision. For years, many feared it and called it ‘magic’. Nowadays, the world is undergoing a time of apocalptic chaos and Frances Fox’s remote vision has revealed a simple path to cure and protect in these times of anguish and violence. Do you want to know more about this invisible world to help you keep your prosperity up in the middle of this chaos? Then follow this weekly blog Prosperity...

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Video: Casa Embrujada y Protección de espíritus

Posted by on Aug 23, 2016 in FENG SHUI, Spirits, Spirits Haunting | 0 comments

Frances recomienda la Colección deFeng Shui  de $195 y los rituales en este video si sospechas o sabes que tienes espíritus en tu casa. Recuerde, los espíritus son los seres que cambian no solamente el comportamiento y actitudes de los que viven en la casa, sino su destino. La Colección incluye: Aromaterapia de Coco Aromaterapia de Orange Esencias de Flores para el Miedo/Pánico Esencias de Flores para la depresión CD de música Tibetana Budista para espantar espíritus 5 Talismanes de Labradorita (cabezas de calaveras) para la cuatro esquinas de la casa y la puerta de entrada Instrucciones detallados de como usar la Colección deFeng Shui Colección de Feng Shui $195...

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that influence your mind and destiny and that of the planet December 21, 2012   Earth’s alignment with super massive black hole  Sagittarius B, a Galactic event which had so much impact on Earth that the  Mayans  declared the old calendar ended and a new calendar begun    which documents a new cycle of violence and discord July 14, 2015 An implant was placed in the helpful friends and travel    section of the    Feng Shui Bagua. That part of our home corresponds to the    left      leg   and channels the energies of female and wisdom. July 28, 2015 Orions “fully” invaded Planet Earth. The face we see of the spirits that   are from Orion is the face of the devil and his hatred. Total male energies December 13, 2015 The Cosmic Gates opened and...

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