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Fibromyalgia Study-Frances Fox Mantras

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Frances Fox Mantras Fibromyalgia...

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Posted by on Jun 22, 2015 in Depression, Depression/Rages, Fibroimyalgia, Mental Yoga, Purification Program, Spirits, Spirits Haunting, Suicide, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Protocolos Fox Colección de Purificación La Colección de Purificación Purifica Estas Situaciones Para ver los protocolos haz un clik en el link Fox Protocols Coleccion de Purificacion Rito: Sanar a Distancia con la Colección de Purificación       pagina 8 Si un hijo/a o miembro de la familia esta deprimido(a)        pagina 9 Si usted está deprimido, confundido y sin fe                           pagina 11 Ansiedad y Ataques de Pánico                                                    pagina 13 Casa Embrujada o Invasión de Espíritus                                 Pagina 16 Para la brujería, hechizos o mal de ojo pagina                        Pagina 18 Dolores Sin Explicación                                                               pagina 20 Para prosperidad                                                                           pagina 22 Viviendo, trabajando o visitando ambientes tóxicos             pagina 24 Practica el Feng Shui Espiritual                                               ...

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Swamp Energies: A type of Miasm or Spiritual Pollution

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When we do not take care of our dead, Mother Earth helps out by collecting them and negative astral particles in wetlands. She also uses standing water, such as artificial lakes, canals and big puddles to help the healing process of people who have lost their physical bodies. She uses these watery places as a natural cemetery, to clear entities the same way we use water in Baptism to clear bad energy: lakes, oceans and rivers. So wetlands, swamp lands, artificial lakes, and such are not such good places to live on or near. Mother Nature knows best. It is usually a struggle to live in these places and it is for a good reason. In the article that follows is information it took me years to collect. I did not want to change it to fit “perfectly” into...

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