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Emergencia Espiritual con personas/muchachos que se quieren morir

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How We Create Spirits and Reality With Our Minds

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Creating a Negative Spirit Through Compulsive Thoughts Images and Thoughtforms Images hold an important place in our life as any marketing consultant will attest to. Images are used by industry  to get us to open our pocketbooks and pay money for something we had not needed before we saw the attractive images of the advertisement. That power can be used by you to create your intended reality. Reality is created by energizing thought forms with attention and breath In order to show you the power of images and your power over them, I need to tell you a story. Years ago I moved into a new home. It was on a property that was overgrown with trees and plants. The day of the move I had friends over and it was very community and fun. But when nighttime fell...

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Ley de Atracción y tu Prosperidad

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¿Ley de la Atracción, o Ley de la Intención? La Ley de Atracción es una desgracia…si no purificas tu casa, tus traumas de tu niñez, la bancarrota de tu padre, la violación de  cuando tenias 14 anos, la falta de respeta a tu madre…. y si tienes hechizos, wow, lo que te va caer ahora en el Apocalipsis! La Ley de la Atracción ahora es rey, sobrepasando a la Ley de la Intención. La Ley de la Intención dice que tú creas tu realidad, y eso aún es acertado al día de hoy. Pero la Ley de la Atracción puede sobrepasarte con negatividad al punto de ahogar tus intenciones tanto que ni siquiera recuerdas lo que querías. business-ley-de-atraccion-magnet-business-manistock_35694096_medium No se trata de lo que quieres, se trata de lo que ya tienes…haz un clic a la foto  para ver...

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Crear Un Futuro Prospero

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Dos Ejercicios de Yoga Mental Para Crear Un Futuro Prospero ¿Cual es la diferencia entre desear un futuro prospero y crear un futuro prospero? Adentro de nosotros tenemos un poder, que casi se puede decir que es una magia, que Dios nos dio. Esa magia se logra con una herramienta llamada mente. que si aprendemos como usarla, podemos ser maestros de nuestra vida, y no victima de circunstancias. Recomendamos unos ejercicios de Yoga Mental y Mantras para aumentar el enfoque y poder de su herramienta de creación. La Visualización Visualizar un futuro prospero es un acto de creación. El acto de visualizar o pintar la realidad que uno desea convierte el deseo a un acto de creación, no solamente un deseo. Pero si es así, ¿porque todo se siente tan pesado, tan negativo? ¿Porque hay tanta angustia en el...

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Atlantis Here We Come, Again?

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January 31, 2011 We are getting closer to the ending, the ending of the world as we knew it. The violence erupting, the animals dying, and the greed revealed. Yet you have no clue as to what to do when the unfolding of the end is being revealed. You continue with business as usual. It reminds me of the ending of Atlantis, where people intellectually “knew” that life as they knew it, was going to change dramatically, yet they did nothing! 1999 In 1999, Margaret Fry came to visit and we went to Bimini where supposedly some great stones found underwater were Atlantis being revealed. We swam there and it was good but no where as revealing as what we found when Margaret did regression on the clients who wanted to know about their past lives via past life...

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Past Lives

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Messages from the Dolphins March 28, 2010 The collapse of time Frances: Hello my people, talk to me about the collapse of time When humans started their cycle on this Planet Earth, there was no “time”. That many seem strange and yet what is really strange is the “time” as you experience it. Time is actually a block to a lot of information. Frances: I can see that. I have a friend whose niece calls her “mom”, instead of aunt and when we checked, we found that the child was accurate, the aunt had been her mother in another lifetime….and her brother told his grandmother that she was his daughter….. all this in the last two weeks. Those are simple examples of what the “collapse of time” will reveal. What may be not so interesting and a lot more...

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