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Alinea Chakras: Kundalini Yoga Mental

Posted by on Mar 1, 2018 in chakra, Kundalini Up, Mental Yoga | 0 comments

 Frances Fox Kundalini Yoga Mental Con el Kundalini Mental Yoga alcanzarás la estabilidad energética en el medio del caos  y violencia que se ha venido prediciendo y además se encargará de tu proceso de ascensión a un nivel consciente. Kundalini Mental Yoga Es para mí una verdad, el que a medida de que adquieras el control de tu  conciencia más profunda a través de este Yoga Mental, alcanzarás la estabilidad energética en el medio del caos que se ha venido prediciendo y además se encargará de tu proceso de ascensión a un nivel consciente.  El KUNDALINI Mental Yoga ayuda a proteger de los hechizos, mal de ojo, problemas sexuales y  mas: Alinea tus chakras, baja tu stress, y suba tu Kundalini  ¿Qué es la Kundalini? La Kundalini es la energía que se encarga de  la conexión de la Tierra...

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Sleep Paralysis

Posted by on Apr 14, 2017 in Astral, Kundalini Up, Spirits, Spirits Haunting | 0 comments

 Sleep paralysis Remote viewing sleep paralysis The lower left insert  on the photo above is  what Frances sees when she remote views someone with sleep paralysis issues. The main photo is what victims say they see when attacked. Your house can be haunted when the aura your the home is broken. Sleep paralysis happens when the aura of the individual is broken and it includes an actual  attack of the victim while sleeping. Forced separation of energy bodies Written by Frances Fox and The Dolphins  4-12-2017 Sleep paralysis is not new but it usually happens to people who are emotionally very broken. They have shifted their consciousness out of their astral body or spun a separate astral body. They also have sexual issues, though not necessarily sexual abuse. The issue can be insecurity about sexuality or fear of sexuality....

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Orgasm as a Transition of the Soul

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Orgasm As A Sacred Act   Orgasm as a state of transition of the soul    The sexual chakra is often called the sacral chakra. The definition of sacred is:  Latin sacrāre to devote, derivative of sacer: holy The definition of sacral is:  Relating to sacred rites or observances.    It has been known for centuries that humans have several energy bodies in addition to their physical body. The Nadis, Pingala and Ida run through these energy bodies. When we are born, those bodies attach to the physical body and when we die, they detach.  At these times the energy bodies shift their relationship to each other and to outside forces. Our religions have rituals and ceremonies to help guide us during this process of transition because of potential dangers from these outside forces. Birth: A State of Transition of...

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Mass Kundalini Awakening After 2012

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The Tortuguero Prophecy Unravelled By Geoff Stray A Mass Kundalini Awakening Interesting, diffiicult read but worth it: It is now known, due to John Major Jenkins’ discoveries, revealed in his book, Pyramid of Fire (2004) [23] , that the Toltecs, who worshipped Questzalcoatl, the feathered serpent god (Kukulcan to the Maya) regarded Quetzalcoatl in a similar way to Kundalini – a serpentine evolutionary energy that climbed up the spine. There is a prophecy from the Chilam Balam of Chumayel that says Kukulcan will return in Katun 4 Ahau, and the current katun is katun 4 Ahau, from 1993 to 2012, so this suggests the descent of Bolon Yokte could be associated with a mass Kundalini awakening…. On page 8 In other words, to put it in a nutshell, in 2012, or thereabouts, according to the evidence presented...

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Kundalini Blocked? Uncoil That Serpent Energy

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In Kabala they teach that you should always prepare and align with the current astrological influences. You can prepare for  the new era we have entered after December 21, 2012,  by repeating silently with rhythmic breath, this simple mantra: Please God help me with my intention to heal my Kundalini vasanas. In case you are not up to date on the latest, Kundalini is the mysterious energy God left in your sacral/sexual chakra, symbolized by a serpent coiled three and a half times. It is supposed to be the energy that can vitalize all of your chakras and psychic veins, taking you from mundane human qualities to master of your destiny. Vasana means a deep-rooted injury or scar on your aura/mind. It is the basis for karma and behavior patterns. By repeating the above mantra you will be healing...

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Sex and Kundalini

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Kundalini and Sexual Implant May 16th, 2007 Frances Speaks to the Dolphins Dearest Dolphins, I have a big question. What is that flat, metallic plate sitting on top of our second chakra? Hello to all of you who listen. Listening is important in this stage of human development. Listening to nature, listening to the animals, listening to each other. Each type of listening enables you to get additional information you need to separate yourself from the dreariness on the planet. So keep listening, take out time each day to listen to your children and mate and especially take the time to listen to the animals and nature. Your second, sexual chakra is God’s energy The second (sexual)  chakra is the only chakra  that some of God’s energy, pure and undiluted. It can manifest as God can. It can have...

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