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Aromaterapia de Cannabis y Coco de Frances

La Aromaterapia de Cannabis Y Coco de Frances purifica tu aura y tu casa y protege de espiritus!


You feel like a victim because you do not know that you are a multi dimensional being with parts of you in other dimensions. What you are is revealed in this book. With this information you will easily go from being a victim of circumstances to understanding that you are a master in your life, you just did not know it. Once you read this book, there will be no going back…


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Video: Health Damage from Wi-Fi

Posted by on Jun 19, 2017 in Astral, Astrology, Electro stress, Etheric, Mantras | 0 comments

Your cell phone, Wi Fi, computer games, 5G, baby monitors etc all radiate microwave frequencies, which cooks meat. Learn what part of your body/life may be damaged by electrical and Wi Fi frequencies....

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Crear Un Futuro Prospero

Posted by on Aug 17, 2016 in Creating Reality, Mantras | 0 comments

Dos Ejercicios de Yoga Mental Para Crear Un Futuro Prospero ¿Cual es la diferencia entre desear un futuro prospero y crear un futuro prospero? Adentro de nosotros tenemos un poder, que casi se puede decir que es una magia, que Dios nos dio. Esa magia se logra con una herramienta llamada mente. que si aprendemos como usarla, podemos ser maestros de nuestra vida, y no victima de circunstancias. Recomendamos unos ejercicios de Yoga Mental y Mantras para aumentar el enfoque y poder de su herramienta de creación. La Visualización Visualizar un futuro prospero es un acto de creación. El acto de visualizar o pintar la realidad que uno desea convierte el deseo a un acto de creación, no solamente un deseo. Pero si es así, ¿porque todo se siente tan pesado, tan negativo? ¿Porque hay tanta angustia en el...

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Prophecy is a gift

Posted by on May 22, 2016 in Mantras | 0 comments

“According to the Hopi Prophecy we are in the latter days of The Time of Purification.”   John Kimmey, Prophets Conference Baptism or tsunami? Natural disasters are purification. Baptism in water is purification. Spirit release therapy is purification. Flower essence therapy is purification. Fruit therapy is purification. A liver detox is purification. Many different types of purification are available and when we do not actively choose to purify, then nature may do it for us. The Dolphins said that for the first time in history our individual reality would be separate from the collective reality. Those who purify, because most of us cannot be described as “pure”, may not need to go through the natural disasters. Regardless of what we believe in, it is obvious that the prophecies are coming true. The sad part is that a prophecy is to...

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Fibromyalgia Study-Frances Fox Mantras

Posted by on Apr 8, 2016 in Fibroimyalgia, Mantras | 0 comments

Frances Fox Mantras Fibromyalgia...

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Thanksgiving Mantra for the Spiritually Sophisticated

Posted by on Nov 10, 2015 in Mantras | 0 comments

If you are like most, there is someone you cannot be with this Thanksgiving, and that makes you sad, putting a damper on your full enjoyment of the day of giving grace and thanks. You can be spiritually sophisticated and address that issue of sadness of loss with this mantra, repeated in silence and with rhythmic breath throughout the day, until that sadness is no more! For some of you it will be the first time in years you have truly enjoyed the holidays. Even though we are sad we cannot be with him/her/them, I love and accept myself. Remember, emotions are coming from your astral energy body,  but you are supposed to “emote”  the emotions your astral body is feeling,  not repress them to where they are waiting to jump on you and take you down during the...

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Virgen Desatanudos: El Papa Sabe De Amarres?

Posted by on Aug 21, 2015 in Mantras, Spirits | 0 comments

 Maria, La que desata los nudos Hay una Virgen en Alemania con varios nombres que desata nudos: Nuestra Señora Desatadora de Nudos. “El Papa Francisco es conocido en Argentina y Brasil como promotor de la devoción a Nuestra Señora desatadora de nudos, que ha sido fuente de sanación y gracia para muchas familias. La devoción a Maria, la que desata los nudos (conocida tambien como Maria desatadora de nudos) se vuelve más y más conocida en diferentes países.” Frances Fox, investigadora psíquica ha descubierto la estructura de la mente que consiste de una serie de cuerdas que ella llama Mindstrings (cuerdas de la mente). La mente fluye por esas cuerdas pero cuando las cuerdas esta atados, bloqueados o enganchados en otros o en objetos, la mente no fluye y hasta puede desarrollar una enfermedad. Resulta que esas cuerdas...

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