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Aromaterapia de Cannabis y Coco de Frances

La Aromaterapia de Cannabis Y Coco de Frances purifica tu aura y tu casa y protege de espiritus!


You feel like a victim because you do not know that you are a multi dimensional being with parts of you in other dimensions. What you are is revealed in this book. With this information you will easily go from being a victim of circumstances to understanding that you are a master in your life, you just did not know it. Once you read this book, there will be no going back…


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Harvey is just the beginning unless we reduce the fire..

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Harvey is just the beginning unless we reduce the fire.. September 4, 2017  The energies of the eclipse of August 21, 2017 opened us up to a bloody civil war, which many have already predicted. The violence in the streets of the big cities is ample evidence too many people are very angry. Frustration is the issue everyone is dealing with, whether at home, at their jobs or with their president. Even the president is angry and ready to lash back at whomever frustrates him. It has reached a point where many are fearful that his level of frustration makes it dangerous for him to have the power to launch a nuclear weapon. Root Cause of Violence What is the underlying root cause of the frustrations and violence in the US? The root cause is an excess of the...

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Asteroids Invigorate Your Intentions

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An asteroid with an estimated girth as large as a garbage truck soared within 7,500 miles of the Earth on Monday as it passed harmlessly over the Atlantic Ocean, REUTERS news agency said. (Article HERE). When I saw the article, I asked myself what are the energetic consequences that would bring to us? The near miss asteroid was a shakeup for the Planet. It pushed unseen energies into people intentions. So there is extra force behind your intentions for the next two weeks due to the force o the asteroid. What do you intend? To get an agreement signed? To find a boyfriend? To get a better job? All these will have more energy. But if you wish your friend would leave you alone because she is a pain, that intention will also be filled. If you wish you...

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Book: From Victim to Master

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Hand Strength and Aging

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News From Other Dimensions That’s right. Hypertensive people in a small study slashed their systolic blood pressure by 15 points after doing handgrip exercises for just 8 weeks. Behind the Strength Researchers don’t yet understand exactly how hand exercises help blood pressure. More research is needed before they could be considered a legitimate part of blood-pressure-lowering therapies. we do know for sure that superior hand strength is great for your RealAge for other reasons. One of the most important? People with strong hands tend to be more able-bodied later in life. 3 Handy Exercises Get a grip! Here are three simple hand exercises to choose from. 1. Squeeze a tennis ball. Try two or three sets of 10 squeezes per hand every other day. After reading them, roll each page of your newspaper into the smallest ball possible....

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Seminario: Sus Cuerpos de Energía

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Seminario Sus Cuerpos de Energía Cuerpo Astral Cuerpo Eterico Cuerpo Causal Cuerpo Mental   La medicina moderna está basada en la dimensión del cuerpo físico y sus dinámicas. Este seminario muestra la relación de la mente con nuestro cuerpo físico, y nuestros cuerpos de energía en las otras dimensiones. Presenta evidencia de que la raíz de las enfermedades físicas y mentales se encuentra en los cuerpos que tenemos en las distintas dimensiones. Conocer y trabajar con estos cuerpos es lo que ahora se llama medicina alternativa, pero en realidad se trata del sistema de medicina original del Planeta que incluye la influencia de las estrellas, los espíritus y la intención del individuo. Se presenta cómo es posible y accesible la aplicación de la medicina original integrada con la moderna para el logro de la salud total y la felicidad....

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The Magic of Chocolate

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Dolphins The Intention of Chocolate July 30, 2007 What are the energies of chocolate? Chocolate is a gift to the world that is recognized. The problem is that it is considered “sinful”. As with many other natural items on the table available to humans, the goodness of chocolate comes with guilt. The chocolate seed comes with the intention to open the heart to the opposite, whether it is opposite sex, or opposite as in enemy. It is a plant that has the intention to overcome duality. In that sense it is an energy of the highest order. It has been overwhelmed with sugar, which is an open invitation to entities, and other unnatural preservatives, it now ranks as one of the natural items on the planet that instead of doing good, brings out the worst in humans. which is...

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