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Hijo Esta Mal? Charla

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Que esta pasando con los muchachos? Factores Invisibles en la Vida de Sus Hijos 26 de febreo, 2015     7-8 PM     entrada gratis UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI ALUMNI CENTER 6200 San Amaro Dr, Coral Gables, Florida Of children ages 9 to 17, 21 percent have a diagnosable mental or addictive disorder A total of 13%–20% of children experience a mental disorder in a given year  Suicide, …. was the second leading cause of death among children aged 12–17 years in 2010 Esta charla es para personas espiritualmente sofisticados que saben que existen los espíritus, y que hay otras dimensiones que tienen influencia sobre nosotros. Ayuda a sus hijos que sean mas felices, mas enfocados en sus estudios, duerman mejor y tengan menos estrés. Conviértanse en expertos en los cuerpos energéticos para saber como prevenir el ADD, ADHD, la adicción a juegos electrónicos, ansiedad, depresión y cambios de carácter. Mas informacion Articulo en ingles sobre el “nuevo” autismo: Leer pagina 9 si si hijo/a esta deprimido/a:...

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Children,Memory Loss and Electroshock

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Children, electrosmog and memory I have a young friend who let me know an inside “secret”. He told me that his friends are astounded at how they don’t remember anything, sometimes even the simplest things. They comment on it as a type of “secret”. They are in their early 20’s and know that a failing memory is generally an issue of aging. Electroshock therapy has been used to “erase” memories so that the psychiatric patient can calm down. It is possible we are receiving so much electricity that we are “shocking” our memory and now suffer the same consequence as this abusive style of...

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Spirits Attack Children at Night

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Psychic Entity Attack on Children at Night Charla en Espanol 5 de febrero, 2015  University of Miami- Factores Invisibles en la Vida de Sus Hijo– 7-8 PM– Entrada gratis UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI ALUMNI CENTER   6200 San Amaro Dr, Coral Gables, Florida Many small children are under psychic, spirit attack when they wake up in the middle of the night screaming. Yes, their stomachs are upset; yours would be too if you were being injured and afraid I believe that these attacks are designed to break down the consciousness and aura of the child (and also the parents) and when that objective is met, the attacks stop. The entities have broken the child’s aura and now have a home inside the child’s energy system. These entities can then lay low for years, waiting until a crisis, to act up again. Acting up can mean bouts of rage, depression, or other behaviors not normally exhibited or compatible with the child’s personality. Many times you can actually “see” the change of expression on the child’s face when he “acts out”. The face is different because the spirit has taken over part of the physical body of your...

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Kids and computers

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Modern conveniences “killing” our children’ minds I know there has been a lack of understanding of how electromagnetic frequencies because we have not known we have an electric energy body. But once you have that knowledge, everything changes. What used to look like a wonderful advancement now looks like a horror movie. Last year I visited my grandchildren’s elementary school on open house night. It was lovely walking through the halls knowing how much they enjoy the school experience. But the joy did not last long. When I walked into their classroom and saw where they were seated, it was within several feet of the classroom computers! I pulled out my Electrosmog Detector, and as I suspected, they were wireless, radiating microwave to the children’s unprotected bodies. First I was furious, hating that the kids were being harmed. Then I pulled myself together to talk to the teacher. But as I moved towards her I realized my petition to pull out the wireless and go back to wired, would fall on deaf ears. After all, WiFi is considered a benefit and to be wireless is considered a sign of progress. So I did nothing but cry all the way home, knowing that my individual words would not make a difference. And I promised myself I would finish this book and publish it even if no one liked what I had to say…. Just remember, it is all about the children and the future of our planet. [product...

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Video: Cemetery Spirits Warn About Psychic Attacks on Children

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Private conversation between Frances and the Dolphins about why so much autism, ADD, bipolar in  children What is happening to the minds of the children? Of children ages 9 to 17, 21 percent have a diagnosable mental or addictive disorder A total of 13%–20% of children experience a mental disorder in a given year   Suicide, …. was the second leading cause of death among children aged 12–17 years in 2010 12/29/14 12:30 PM Frances asked the Dolphins these questions: Why do so many children need to be medicated? Why are so many children now classified as mentally ill? Why now? The Dolphins responded in Spanish, which is unusual for them: “la crisis revela lo que no queremos ver” which means “the crisis reveals what we do not want to see”  There is today an all out attack on the kids because they are the easy target due to weaknesses in their mind (mindstrings) and the core soul issues identified by Calixto Suarez Villafane. This is what the children need: Spiritual awareness and practices that are spiritual such as healing meditations Protection from radiation Your work, Frances, is to identify the issues that affect them and in that way the adults who carry the power can learn about themselves.   Don’t push too hard in the beginning, Frances, do a time line of issues starting the 12-21-2012 and forward. Dig up the cemetery videotape as its date, November 10, 2010,  is important as part of the warnings:     It is a situation that has everyone confused. When there is clarity there, there will be clarity on the radiation issues Hertzian Space, the dimensions where the radiation is, should be just as important as Feng...

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By 2025 one in two children will be autistic…

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“At today’s rate, by 2025, one in two children will be autistic.” Charla en Espanol 15 de enero, 2015  University of Miami- Factores Invisibles en la Vida de Sus Hijo– 7-8 PM– Costo $20 UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI ALUMNI CENTER   6200 San Amaro Dr, Coral Gables, Florida In 1975, 1 in every 5000 would develop autism. In 1985, it was 1 in every 2,500. In 1995 , it was 1 in every 500, in 2005 in was 1 in every 166 and today it is approximately 1 in every 68 children. ” NOTE FROM FRANCES: ” MY REMOTE VIEWING GIVES ME DIFFERENT INFORMATION ABOUT THE CAUSE OF SO MUCH AUTISM TODAY, BUT THE BOTTOM LINE IS THAT WE HAVE TO FIND IT FAST!” Below are graphics of normal configurations of the strings of the human mind, or mindstrings (the strings from string theory) and the one on the right  is what autism looks like in ALL AUTISTIC KIDS. . Isn’t it obvious it is a protective configuration of the mind? I don’t think the child is protecting himself from pesticides, though that may well be a contributing factor: The mindstrings of autism wrap around the trunk of the causal body of the individual, as if self protecting. They wrap around at the level of the solar plexus chakra which is the chakra called the garbage can of emotions. As a remote viewer it is obvious the child is afraid and protecting himself from “stuff” in other dimensions. The digestive issues are a common reaction  to being so afraid…and taking care of the digestive issues helps to stabilize the emotions of the child. But that does not mean autism is a digestion/food issue, only that food and digestion are a big component of the symptoms. More articles on what is happening to autism and kids today:  ...

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A new type of autism

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Years ago I spent a lot time working with autistic children. I noticed that the left side of the head of one of these children was damaged, like it had been “punched” in, like a ball with a dent. I took the time to sketch the etheric heads of all the autistic children I took care of. They all had damage to the left side of their etheric head. I am not a medical doctor, but I am sure they have a laundry list of what would be wrong with a person whose left side of the head was severely damaged. Which should mean that autism has all those afflictions. Left Side of Their Heads Damaged in Other Dimensions The damage was not due to a blow so what was it due to?  This damage to the left side of the head is a clue to their issues and it is time to do the research. I am sure science has the technology to at least document the “dent”. The first 10 years I worked with autistic kids, I was able to diagnose the original injuries in almost all of them. The big issue was not what had caused the autism, but the acceptance of their parents and family of what the original issue was. Listen carefully, but more important, widen your lens now, to be able to “listen” to what I found. The original injury of the autism of most of the autistic children I took are of in the 1990’s was a past life injury that included an incredible trauma with a lack of compassion for what was happening to the person (who is reborn autistic) by the other people involved in the trauma. And then the traumatized person dies, not given the chance to come out of his state of shock, horror and mental shut down. It appears that lack of compassion, injustice really does affect humans and their minds. Don’t shut down, widen your lens, on the off chance I may be right Are you still with me? Remember, I am a psychic researcher. My dedication is to truth, not pleasing people or saying what society believes in. It is my intention to find, through my psychic abilities, what the original injury is of whatever issue I am asked to tackle. For me to ignore the original injury of anything I address, means that I am going to struggle, because I am not in the right place to find the solution, be it a corporate issue or a medical issue. When I do corporate work, I advise those who hire me that I may not be working within the paradigm of their beliefs. If I am to give them the effectiveness that they are paying for, I need to be able to work efficiently, which translates into going wherever the psychic information leads me, often into other dimensions. Remember, our emotions, thoughts, intentions, memories and more are held in other dimensions. Our current paradigm is limited in its beliefs…That is why science is still struggling with important aspects of our life. That is why the New  Medical Model can be more efficient because it incorporates the structures that contain and move our emotions, thoughts, intentions and more. In the case of autism, the psychic trail...

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Scientific Proof of an Invisible Danger to Your Health, Electric Energy Body and Mindstrings

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The graphic above shows the head of your etheric/electric energy body. The blue energy body in the graphic below is your entire etheric/electric energy body, which is currently heavily compromised by all the radiation you cannot see: Radiation damages and actually destroys the etheric/electric energy body which is your immune system. Please watch this excellent presentation to educate yourself on the dangers of radiation. Please leave comments at the bottom of this page so others can know your...

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Spiritual Abuse: Blowing open your children’s mind

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Electrohaunting due to electroaddiction Spiritual abuse now has a new face. The frequency of microwave from cell phones, cell phone towers, wireless routers, WiFi and everything wireless, break the matrix, a life web that surrounds and protects us. When the matrix breaks, portals open to other dimensions, allowing energies and spirits to invade our spaces. Open portals in other dimensions Our children are being exposed to open portals in other dimensions because of society’s addiction to the radiation of electronic devices.  Everyone has routers in their homes and in their offices and soon, I am sure technology will provide us with routers in our cars. But the portal issue is not limited to routers, as sonograms apparently also destroy the matrix. All of these conveniences break the matrix of our spaces, opening holes into other dimensions, allowing spirits and other energetic garbage access to the minds of our children. Did you ever wonder why your child watches violent movies over and over without getting upset? Have you also asked yourself why your child has become so desensitized? Is there a real question mark as to what is going on with our children? Not if you can see into other dimensions. Do you feel powerless to make changes to protect your child? You may feel powerless. You are not! Start turning off your router at night, forward your cell phone to your “wired” telephone when you get home from work, turn off that microwave radiating child monitor, throw away the cordless phones next to your bed,throw out the microwave oven, etc. You are not powerless; but you may be desensitized because of electrofog! We recommend Frances coined the phrases electroaddiction, electrofog and electrohaunting in her new book. We recommend the book Your Matrix Your Electric Body available on Amazon. Click to order[product...

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Spirit monster in the closet

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Psychic Advice to Parents Yes, there is a “monster” in the closet but don’t tell Mom Children are born very open to the other dimensions, yet they learn early on that they parents don’t enjoy their ability to “see” spirits. Usually, if you ask a child in front of their parents if they “see” spirits, they will deny it, at least twice. So I ask them the third time if they always “ see” spirits or only sometimes. Then they answer yes, and the mothers fall off the sofa. I gently inform the mother that it is not unusual for children to see the spirit world and that perhaps they should validate their child’s experience and maybe even support the child with more information. Expect the parents to promptly forget about this part of the conversation or to do nothing about it. Exerpt from a yet to be published book from...

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