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Are You Good Or Evil? The Answer May Surprise You

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Your relationship to good and evil in the history of Planet Earth December 4, 2012 I have a story to tell. It may help to explain a lot of things in your life but also help to give perspective on the history of the planet.  It may change the way you view the transformation Planet Earth is going through now. I had a session years ago with client who was a really nice man but with considerable  “darkness” in his life. I asked how I might help him and he said he did not know, the time with me was not his idea… I said I would look at his planetary history to find the most important information that would help him to understand himself. I went back to his life in Lemuria, the civilization before Atlantis. An angel appear to him saying “ we need your help”. He responded, I am willing to help,  what do you need? They said what they needed was difficult and he responded that he was willing. They said a darkness had come over the Planet…  And most souls were too weak to handle the darkness… He repeated  he would help,  what did the angels need from him? They said they needed him  to take on this darkness as  many souls were too weak. He responded, I will do it. They told him that it would be hard because he would not “remember”….and he might get lost in the darkness… He said I will do it…. for  others Good and Evil On Planet Earth A darkness has again come over the Planet. Widen your lens and it might help you to understand  the violence and conflict today on Planet Earth… Perhaps the most important aspect of your life in relation to “others” is not that you are Jewish or Christian or American or French or Iranian, perhaps the most important aspect of you is that you are from Planet Earth…and there are “others” out there that are “different” and have different intentions from  than those who are from here. Perhaps we really need now to really understand what is going on… We are in a final battle between light and dark on Planet Earth. We need to widen our lens to know who we are and who our true enemies are. We are multidimensional beings   We are multidimensional beings. We have parts of ourselves in several dimensions at a time. We are energetically structured like the Tree of Life which is the backbone of our multidimensional system. Our individual sacred tree of life is our chakra system. Its center axis is the trunk of the tree of your life, it is your Holy Grael,  with its  funnel like structure at the top drawing in  off planet energies and a funnel like shape at the bottom, drawing in Earth energies. Unfortunately the top  of  your tree of life will be filled with the energy of Xibalba, from the Dark Rift because of the  alignments which completes on on December 21, 2012. Unfortunately the bottom of your Tree of Life, your Holy Grael is already susceptible to the energies from Xibalba due to the Earths broken Brahmahvara. December 2012 and beyond Who is going to take on the darkness from the broken Brahmahvara in...

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Spirits in Hospitals

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Spirit attachment during the birthing process I am sad to report that if you could see what I see, you would insist that the conditions under which your child be born be very different than the delivery section of your hospital. To deliver a child in the same, sick building that old and ill people inhabit while they are dying does not make any sense, unless you purify and clear the other dimensions of the wandering spirits and also the emotions and thoughts of the people who stay there. I was almost physically ill when one of my children delivered her last child. She gave birth in a room set up for delivery, and then stayed in that room with the child for the rest of the hospital stay. The area above her pelvis, where all the activity of birthing, together with pain and fear are, was a continuation of dimensions. In other words, the walls between dimensions, which create orderly flow from one dimension to another, those walls did not exist! Portals to other dimensions Theses walls keep out energies and spirits that should be controlled. Apparently all the fear and pain of the birthing process of so many women, with no repairing or clearing of these energies, have broken the walls between dimensions, eliminating a natural protection the birthing mother and unborn child should have! This unnatural opening has a name, it is called a portal and you usually find them in houses that are haunted, houses where bad things tend to happen. We have no way of knowing how much of the mothers post partum depression or health issues of the mother or newborn are due to negative spirit influence. In the future, when we are more aware of these unseen factors in hospital settings, we will have less medical emergencies during the birth of children. Below is another sad story that is entirely too typical of issues with a child that were created by conditions surrounding his birth. Don’t go to a hospital if you are mad or tired….or sick On occasion I am invited to do a segment on a television show. On this particular occasion, I had a producer and a cameraman and their assistants in my home, taping a show. I was out of sorts, and needed to settle down to ensure a good shoot. So I volunteered to heal the hand of the producer’s assistant. She had hurt her hand doing a shoot at a hospital the day before and was struggling to do her job, the pain was so great. When I do a healing, I calm down, so the healing was as much for me as for her. I was astounded when I saw a very large eye in her hand (in the other dimensions). I only see an eye when the attached spirit is one of the really heavy duty ones, a spirit I call one of the “bad guys”… When I checked, through intuition, I found that the spirit had attached to the assistant’s right hand because her aura was broken on the right hand. And what broke the right hand aura was the anger the assistant had when someone in her family asked/demanded money. The anger was what broke the aura of her hand. But why...

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Mixing of Species with Humans: Star Wars?

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January 31, 2016 Align with your intentions quickly, as it will be harder in 2 weeks February 14th will be the date the underworld is released onto the physical dimension. When the oil accident in the Gulf of Mexico opened up the underworld to our influence, it was a shock to the beings that inhabit that world. After the 14th it will be a shock to us when they overrun our world. What can we expect will happen? It is already happening in the other dimensions and noticed by those who are considered “psychic” and “sensitives”. We can expect our sleep to be even more disturbed our children to become more anxious and our human relations to become even more confusing and frustrating. What do these beings look like? They are shape shifters, as are most spirits. But generally they are elongated; they can be smallish in height as they are not “straight” but a little curvy. They don’t walk, the slither along, but upright, not like a snake that is on the ground. Yes it scares us to document this information and have people say we have “lost it”. But we did not follow through on our promises to the Dolphins in 1996-1997 when they asked me to share with the world how natural catastrophes would dominate our lives. No one wanted to hear such awful information from such cute creatures, so we held back. There is no more time for any of us, no more times for holding back, for playing games, for waiting for the authorities to keep us informed and to “guide us”. They are as confused as the rest of us as what is going on. None of this in any of their training manuals. What can happen with this much predicted “mixing of two worlds”? A lot of confusion, despair, suicides, terror and “ungrounding”. It will be the ultimate blow to what is left of the old male dominated hierarchy. Who do you turn to? Your grandmother who is so “spiritual” can give you better advice today than NASA. What can you do to remain stable and sane in this new world? These beings do not do well in places or with people who are “grounded”. Being grounded means not being disassociated. That is a metaphysical term which means having enough of the particles of the EARTH ELEMENT IN YOUR ASSEMBLAGE OF ENERGY BODIES AND MINDSTRINGS. How do you if you are grounded? If you can still look people in the eyes when you talk to them in a routine conversation. If you don’t walk down the street like a zombie, disconnected from your surroundings. If you do not spend a disproportionate time in your “head”, thinking or scheming or worrying. In other words, you are not too mental or emotional, which means you have a balanced distribution of consciousness in all your energy bodies. We will be keeping a blog on this much-anticipated development in human evolution of the mixing of beings from different planets and different dimensions, so stay connected to this link for more information. Please follow and like...

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BP and Atlantis

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BP, we let you do it in Atlantis…. The common denominator May 29, 2010 It is so obvious and simple, and yet we appear to be unable to get off the path of self-destruction. Another natural catastrophe that could have been avoided: the oil spill. It reminds me of a story a master told me years ago. He said: Atlantis, the fabled city Plato wrote about, was destroyed because their technology had advanced far ahead of their ethics. That gap created the issues that overwhelmed their civilization. It is not important whether Atlantis existed or not, what matters is that story may hold a piece of the puzzle to what is happening today. It has been our lack of knowledge as to what our technology can and is doing to us and the Planet that has allowed technology to overwhelm our development as a species. The answer to how to stop the destruction of the Planet is simple: hold back technology until we truly understand and can manage it. Otherwise, we stand a chance of ending like the fabled Atlantis. But if you as an individual cannot control the outside world, at least contribute by holding back the tsunami of electronics in your personal life and particularly your kids’.   Frances Fox is an, author, radio personality, magazine contributor and lecturer. She is clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, claircognizant and a telepath.  This means Frances can see, feel, hear and instantly “know” energies. Please follow and like...

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MEDICINAL CANNABIS OIL WITH ORGANIC COCONUT INFUSED WITH MANTRAS FOR $85!Call 1-800-651-6804 to order your 8 ounce bottle! Medicinal Cannabis Oil is legal in all 50 states….it was never outlawed!   This client used our  oil to heal and release the energy  trapped in  a large scar on her forehead/head from a car accident years ago. We were not expecting the detox process we witnessed that is captured in the graphics below. She now  also experienced a spiritual awakening, and feels her life will change now. Marijuana does open you to the other more spiritual dimensions.   NOTE: We initially tried the oil to see what effect it would have on the huge scar on her head due to the accident. It did not do much to the scar in the 18 hours but it did detox a lot of negative energies. We will be watching to see how long it takes to heal the scar so it  releases the emotions. Try it, it really is miraculous. . $85 call 1-800-651-6804 Please follow and like...

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Video: Porque estas enferma de los senos, como suicidio de ser querido afecta tus organos

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Video: Te interesa saber como tu cuerpo/órganos reaccionan cuando un ser querido comete suicidio? Mira donde marca 12:10. Si tienes problemas o te preocupa los senos, mira desde el principio Spreecast is the social video platform that connects people. Check out PORQUE ESTAS ENFERMA? 800-651-6804 on Spreecast. Please follow and like...

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Protocolos Fox Colección de Purificación La Colección de Purificación Purifica Estas Situaciones Para ver los protocolos haz un clik en el link Fox Protocols Coleccion de Purificacion Rito: Sanar a Distancia con la Colección de Purificación       pagina 8 Si un hijo/a o miembro de la familia esta deprimido(a)        pagina 9 Si usted está deprimido, confundido y sin fe                           pagina 11 Ansiedad y Ataques de Pánico                                                    pagina 13 Casa Embrujada o Invasión de Espíritus                                 Pagina 16 Para la brujería, hechizos o mal de ojo pagina                        Pagina 18 Dolores Sin Explicación                                                               pagina 20 Para prosperidad                                                                           pagina 22 Viviendo, trabajando o visitando ambientes tóxicos             pagina 24 Practica el Feng Shui Espiritual                                                pagina 26 Mantras para adicciones. etc                                                     pagina 28 Fox Protocols Coleccion de Purificacion Please follow and like...

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Spirit cemetaries= swamps, Everglades, marshes, New Orleans

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Are you living on top of a cemetary?   Then there  is no  mystery why you are miserable and have such bad luck….. Mother Earth uses water to heal spirits Car accidents, death in an emergency room, death while on pain killing drugs, all create the potential for a traumatic death producing a robotic spirit. We already know that because of a lack of awareness, we have not known that we need to protect the dying process or heal the traumatized spirit. The result is a lot of wandering, lost souls looking for a place or a person to attach to. Mother Earth helps out by collecting some of these souls in wetlands. She also uses standing water, such as artificial lakes, canals and big puddles to help the healing process of people who have lost their physical bodies. She uses these watery places as a natural cemetery, to clear entities the same way we use water in Baptism to clear bad energy. An uncovered glass of water can be a container for entities In Santeria and Brujería, it is known that if you put out an uncovered glass of water, it ‘catches’ negative spirits. In Kabala, they s  ay the same. (Obviously, don’t drink out of a container of water that you have left uncovered overnight.) I believe this is the same dynamics as what I am talking about with wetlands; they are a container that “catches” negative energies and entities. Water heals It is known in metaphysics that water cleanses. In Baptism water is used to clear, or heal negative residue. Throughout history water has been known to be a healer, cleanser, and purifier. If you read Robert Bruce’s book Psychic Self Defense, you see how he recommends water as a way of stopping spirit attacks. I highly recommend the book for anyone seeking to augment their knowledge of the spirit world and its influence on humans. (perhaps hurricanes have a healing, cleansing quality to them?) Swamp Energies: A type of Miasm or Spiritual Pollution Wetlands, swamp lands, canals and artificial lakes, are not such good places to live on or near. It is usually a struggle to live in these places and it is for a good reason. Living in or on these lands is like living in an Indian burial ground. It is the opposite of living on sacred land. The description below, of spiritual pollution, is part of the characteristics burial grounds and of swamplands. In Webster’s dictionary, the term “Miasm” is followed by these meanings: “a vaporous exhalation (as of a marshy region or of a putrescent matter) formerly believed to contain a substance causing disease (as malaria)”; “a pervasive influence or atmosphere that tends to deplete or corrupt”. Its Greek root is “miainein” which means “to defile”. “To defile” means “to make something dirty or no longer pure”; “to damage something holy or sacred”. The difference between an Indian burial ground and swamplands is that the indigenous used ceremonies and rituals to help the dead in their cemeteries. I suspect no one other than Mother Earth is working with the spirits on swamplands. And to my knowledge, the indigenous never lived on their cemeteries. I often take care of clients who have a syndrome that neither doctors nor therapist been able to identify or...

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Remote Viewing Marijuana

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There is no question but that marijuana is a relaxing influence on the human mind. And being it that it is known in the medical sciences of psychoneuroimmunology that stress is often the preamble to disease, we shoulder reconsider retitling marijuana from a drug to an herb/plant that reduces stress. Check out this research and let us know your opinions. Click the document below: Marijuana edited research #1 1-2015 Please follow and like...

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Mantra for Cancer

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Frances Fox discovered the structure of the human mind which she calls mindstrings and has mindmapped many diseases. This is an excerpt from her upcoming book. The disease process The 72,000 mindstrings and other levels of the string infrastructure have everything to do with health and happiness. When there is neck pain, there are hundreds of mindstrings and their fingers clutching the neck, just like mindstrings of the newborn with colic. The exact same dynamics occur when a person has cancer, Alzheimer’s and other diseases. The mindstrings are clutching at something that the person is reacting to, whether it is physical pain or emotional distress.  Lets look at what causes the mindstrings to clutch that ultimately ends in a cancerous state of mind. Cancer Vasanas We have investigated the “energetics” of cancer for several years. This is the information we have gleaned from our research. The disease called cancer is rooted in the mindstrings, said differently, a vasana is formed, when thousands of mindstrings clutch onto: 1.     A reaction of rage to a trauma/life situation PLUS 2.    The acceptance/realization thought that the person cannot/or are not willing to do anything about what they are angry about, a feeling of impotence PLUS 3.    a decision not to deal with the issue at all, the ultimately repression   The result is that thousands of mindstrings associated with the trauma that made the person angry, clutch the emotions and thoughts about the trauma, and press them against an organ or part of the body that has to do with the issue. The victim of cancer has accepted something that has made them very angry but that they feel they cannot do anything about it, so they simply repress their true reaction. They have what is called “high emotional restraint”. Cancer: High emotional constraint according to scientific studies This is what a scientific study says about cancer that appears to validate our observation that the “clutching” of emotions is an issue with cancer: Negative affectivity, restriction of emotions, and site of metastases predict mortality in recurrent breast cancer. OBJECTIVE: To assess whether negative affectivity and restriction of emotions predict survival time with recurrent breast cancer. METHODS: Thirty-two patients with recurrent breast cancer, diagnosed 6-19 months earlier and stabilized using surgical, medical and/or radiation therapies, were enrolled. Cox regression survival analyses, including initial severity of metastases (RR=4.3 [1.3-14.3]; p=0.02), were used to explore the association of psychological variables with survival.  RESULTS: Low chronic anxiety in the context of low emotional constraint predicted low mortality (RR 0.07 [0.01-0.52]; p=0.007). However, patients with low chronic anxiety scores but with high constraint had higher mortality (RR=3.7 [1.2-11.5; p=0.02). High chronic anxiety, with or without high constraint, also predicted earlier death, as did high control of feelings. CONCLUSION: An integrated model of negative affectivity in the context of restriction of emotions appears to strengthen the prediction of survival based on severity of breast cancer metastases. PreMedline Identifier: 1105360 J Psychosom Res.  2000; 49(1):59-68 (ISSN: 0022-3999)  Weihs KL; Enright TM; Simmens SJ; Reiss D …Center for Family Research, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, The George Washington University Medical Center, Ross Hall, Room 612B, 2300 Eye Street, NW, Washington, DC 20037, USA. Time lapse from trauma to diagnosis of cancer: 24-27 months The cancer root vasana is rooted in an event/trauma/situation that began approximately 24-27 months prior...

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