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Bunions? Psychoneuroimmunology!

Please God help me with my intention to heal my rage.

God, how do I know I have repressed rage? Just look at my foot!

Emotions congest not only our minds, making us a little less “intelligent” they also congest our bodies leading us towards disease. The study of psychoneuroimmunology “proved” that decades ago.

As a psychic I can “see” congestions and assure you that if you have bunions, you have a congested toe that would love to be detoxed of repressed rage.

Try putting your foot into a tub of warm water and sea salts which can help to dissipate your repressed anger and frustrations that ended up on your feet!

Our Anger Flower Essence Spray will also help to decongest your foot. Remember that your “mind” extends to every inch of your body so if you have a bunion, you also have a congested mind. Get to work, with aromatherapy, flower essences, foot baths with sea salts and also this mantra:

Please God help me with my intention to heal my rage.

The ultimate “rage” congestion has a name: cancer.

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