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Cell Phone Skin Leison

“Undiagnosed” skin leison due to

cell phone radiation

An excerpt from Your Matrix Your Electric Body

Recently, I took care of a woman who is electro hypersensitive. She had lesions on the side of her face where she held the cell phone and her dermatologist could not identify the cause, or find a cure. Antibiotics were prescribed and they helped up to a point. I immediately perceived the lesions were not acne but burns from the microwave emitted from her cell phone.

Electro hypersensitivity

This case of electro hypersensitivity jostled my intuitive memory. I remembered a client with a skin lesion on her hip and her dermatologist was also stumped after prescribing antiobiotics and a biopsy.  I contacted her again and asked if she carried her cell phone in her lab coat, on the side and level where the lesion was. She was stunned, and answered yes.

A lesion caused by cell phone radiation.

You figure it out: Did the microwave radiation damage her skin? If your instincts are operational, you don’t need to wait for science to validate them. By the way, how is your face and ear on the side where you use your cell phone? Does it ever burn? Do you have acne there? Is it discolored? Do you have more white hairs. Does that side of your face look “different”? If so, your cell phone is already breaking down one of your protective systems: your skin. This is not unusual as skin conditions are one of the most common symptoms of electro hypersensitivity. Use a wired earpiece to lessen the microwave damage from your cell phone.

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