Mudra, Hand Position, for Kundalini/Sex

Kundalini Mudra

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Good sex is essential for personal well-being. The Kundalini Mudra is associated with the sexual force that needs to be awakened. It is about the unification of the masculine and the feminine. Several schools of yoga and even the martial arts have recognized the immense power of the fountain of human`s energy. It is the receptacle of regeneration and creativity.

  • Here, both the hands should form a loose fist.
  • Then, extend the left index finger into the right fist from below and place it on the      pad of the right thumb.
  • The other fingers of the right hand cover the finger from above. It is like a loose and comfortable fleshy glove for the left index finger.
  • Hold this Mudra as low as possible in front of the abdomen.
  • Practice this Mudra 3 times a day for 15 minutes.

The various types of Yoga Mudra may be practiced anytime while standing, walking, lying or even sitting. It is suggested by experts that the Yoga Mudras should be practiced for 24 minutes incessantly, for good results. It can also be done for 5 minutes at a time as well.

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