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Prepare for the Great American Eclipse

Prepare for the Great American Eclipse

Getting Ready

The Great American Eclipse

Total Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017

You may have noticed we now title our horoscopes Prosperity in the Middle of Chaos. We are entering what might be very difficult times yet we can be prosperous in spite of the troubles. But what is the meaning of prosperity? By definition prosperity means that you have what you need. It does not mean money, or properties or jewels; it literally means you have what you need.

If there is a natural disaster and you have the vibration of prosperity, you will have what you need in the middle of the disaster. If you have the prosperity vibe and the economy collapses, you will have a skill or knowledge that is needed and you wont have to worry about income. If you have the vibe of prosperity, it will not matter what happens, you will have what you need to survive.

Your vibe in the middle of chaos

What is going to be your vibe entering the time of the Great American Eclipse? Knowing what your vibe is helps you to know what to work on so that even if there is a natural disaster or an economic meltdown, as many are predicting, you will have what you need.


You often do not pay attention to the physical needs of your environment. You are a fire sign and enjoy movement and sometimes do not take the time to plan for physical security. In anticipation of this eclipse we suggest you assess your physical environment and make the necessary adjustments so that if something happens, you will have what you need.


You plan well but with too much emphasis on physical security and not enough on the emotional connections and support people need in times of crisis. Assess who you can count on in a crisis and make arrangements with them to come together if there is tragedy, natural catastrophe or economic meltdown.


You are the communicator of the zodiac yet you don’t communicate your needs very well. During a crisis you need to have what YOU need, in addition to what others might need. For that to happen you need to figure out what you need, so take the time to do that and then explain to your people why you want those needs taken care of this. This exercise might be much more important that you would ever imagine.


You complain all the time and whine even when everything is going well, yet you do not really communicate what is important to you. Just as Gemini needs to get in touch with their needs and communicate them, you need to finally figure out what is important and then take care of it yourself.


You may not want to admit it but you are terrified of change and any national emergency will really shut you down. Why don’t you start to address that emotional issue now so that your emotions do not become a problem if there is a problem! Repeat this mantra in silence until 14 days after the eclipse:

Even though I hate problems and unexpected change

I love and accept myself.


You love planning but this time what is needed is for you to assess how well you work with others. If there is a crisis as many are predicting, whether due to the eclipse, politics or the weather, you do need to be a part of a community of souls working for the same goals. We suggest this mantra repeated in silence until 14 days after the August 21st eclipse:

Please God help me with my intention to work well with my community.


This upcoming planetary event will be perfect for your agenda of a total change in your life. But are you really ready for that change? We suggest this mantra until 14 days after the August 21st eclipse:

Please God help me with my intention to know what will make me happy.


You love excitement and you will get excitement, but the problem is that it will be too much excitement. Make your plan of who you want to be with if there is a national emergency, a natural catastrophe or an economic meltdown so that you will not have to make last minute plans. Speak to those who you want to share the difficult times with, so that they too know what to do at that time.


Wake up and smell the coffee as you cannot hold back time and make more of it. Even if you do not feel like you are ready, your projects need to be pushed out into the public eye and made available to all. Money will not be an issue if you let go of control. Mark the “14 days after the August 21st eclipse” in red on your calendar.


You do not like to be caught unprepared for anything and this will be no exception. But this time do it in a different way. Ask those around you what they need to feel safe in the coming months. It will make a huge difference for them and you will also feel warm and fuzzy and ready to face whatever might come your way.


Make no bones about it, it will be bad and you already can feel the danger in the air. Get ready and ensure you have covered all your bases and all will work out, if you actually take the time to think about what everyone will need without planning on making provisions at the last minute. In other words plan for a crisis so you do not have to resort to crisis management at the last minute.


You need a break and you will get it if you plan ahead. What will you do if there is a crisis? What will you do with your work, your family, your need to stay in control? Think it through and then share those thoughts and you will be pleased you took the time because if there is a crisis, you will then be able to rest.




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