Spirit cemetaries= swamps, Everglades, marshes, New Orleans

In Santeria and Brujería, it is known that if you put out an uncovered glass of water, it ‘catches’ negative spirits. In Kabala, they s ay the same. (Obviously, don’t drink out of a container of water that you have left uncovered overnight.) I believe this is the same dynamics as what I am talking about with wetlands; they are a container that “catches” negative energies and entities.

Bi Polar: Other Dimensional Issues

All mental issues, mental illness, starts in the non physical dimensions, the spiritual dimensions our mindstrings (the channels of our mind) interpenetrate. If we are mentally ill, it is because our mind has problems in those dimensions

ADD, ADHD According to a Psychic

Astrology and ADD
The fire signs, those who are Leo, Aries and Sagittarius have more of the element of fire in the personality; it is harder for them to sit still to pay attention; a little known fact is that the element of fire brings with it the energy of anger: these fire signs are more easier triggered to being angry and therefore can tend to be more aggressive and be classified as ADHD and hyper. If an autistic child is a Capricorn he is generally more manageable than a fire sign. The difference in fire sign children and the management of them is astonishing as to the level of activity/hyperactivity

Charla 12 de marzo-Sus Hijos

Como esta el cuerpo astral de sus hijos? Es el cuerpo color oro, y es el espíritu de su hijo. Muchos ninos hoy no duermen bien, tienen mucho miedo por la noche, dicen ver espiritus etc. por el caos que hay en las otras dimensiones que es donde esta ese cuerpo: la dimension astral.

Remote Viewing Marijuana

There is no question but that marijuana is a relaxing influence on the human mind. And being it that it is known in the medical sciences of psychoneuroimmunology that stress is often the preamble to disease, we shoulder reconsider retitling marijuana from a drug to an herb/plant that reduces stress.

Mantra for Cancer

Frances Fox discovered the structure of the human mind which she calls mindstrings and has mindmapped many diseases. This is an excerpt from her upcoming book. The disease process The 72,000 mindstrings and other levels of the string infrastructure have everything to...