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Fox Protocols Para Purificar Casa

Para Purificar Problemas


Note: This is a chapter about the Etheric Energy Body  from a book Frances is writing on her discovery of the mind body connection that includes your energy bodies and the mindstrings that channel the mind that connects these bodies to each other. The etheric energy...

Robot Kills a Man in Germany

“(NaturalNews) It was designed to assemble vehicles at a Volkswagen plant in Germany, but a factory robot recently malfunctioned and killed a man, according to reports. The 22-year-old contractor died from severe impact injuries after the robot reportedly “grabbed” him, threw him up against a metal plate and injured him so badly that he later died at the hospital.”

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/050563_Robot_fatalities_artificial_intelligence_AI_systems.html#ixzz3hCX1kgh5

BP and Atlantis

Atlantis, the fabled city Plato wrote about, was destroyed because their technology had advanced far ahead of their ethics. That gap created the issues that overwhelmed their civilization.

Why Sharks Attack

If shark experts are asked, they will say that sharks get a “look in their eyes” when they get ready to attack. That is the same as a human who is getting ready to kill another human. Their look changes…

Sexual Chakra and the Color Orange

Breathing into any part of your body vitalizes it. This is especially true of the sexual chakra as it is associated with movement and water. Take a couple of minutes a day and sit or stand and just direct your breath and imagine an orange ray of light flowing into and energizing your sexual chakra. Also, if you crouch in your back yard, the energies in your sexual chakra flow more easily.

Your Hands and Prosperity

Guilt Blocks Prosperity

The cycle was broken by guilt, the guilt we instill in children when we enforce the rules of “giving to others, give and you shall receive, giving is Godlike, giving is rewarded”….all of those are mistaken notions that have put giving and receiving into a type of bondage

This bondage ties the hands into knots, and these knots do not allow an open left hand for receiving unless the person has already given…The cycle continues to where the giver does not ever feel he has given enough….

Video Proof…

Two weeks after this video was taken, one of the children in the house woke up screaming in the middle of the night, fighting off “something” in her sleep….

Bees are Literally Worrying Themselves to Death

Here, the bees had just disappeared. In the U.K., they called it Mary Celeste syndrome, after the merchant ship discovered off the Azores in 1872 with not a single passenger aboard. The bees hadn’t even scrawled CROATOAN in honey on the door on their way out of the hive.

Evil Eye, Chakras and Curses

, “Mal de Ojo, Maldicion, Trabajo”

In the same way that an open wound on the skin is an opportunity for germs to enter our physical bodies, a hole in the aura, whether it is decades old or one year old, is an entry point for curses.
The Chakras

Chakras are energy centers, within our bodies, that move energy from one dimension to another. Every one of us has them: seven chakras above the root chakra and seven chakras below the root chakra. Each deals with psychological and emotional issues. I strongly suggest that each of you read up on chakras if you haven’t already; a misaligned chakra can be an entry point for evil.