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Fox Protocols Para Purificar Casa

Para Purificar Problemas

Talisman for ProtecionTalisman for Protecion

Labradorite Talisman
You need protection from spirits when you visit places that are particularly susceptible to spirit invasion. That includes places where people are very sick or have died, such as funeral homes, hospitals, nursing homes and cemeteries. When you must go to a place of this nature, make sure you use all of your Labradorite Talisman to protect your aura against invading spirits looking for a new host.

Evil Eye, Chakras and Curses

, “Mal de Ojo, Maldicion, Trabajo”

In the same way that an open wound on the skin is an opportunity for germs to enter our physical bodies, a hole in the aura, whether it is decades old or one year old, is an entry point for curses.
The Chakras

Chakras are energy centers, within our bodies, that move energy from one dimension to another. Every one of us has them: seven chakras above the root chakra and seven chakras below the root chakra. Each deals with psychological and emotional issues. I strongly suggest that each of you read up on chakras if you haven’t already; a misaligned chakra can be an entry point for evil.

Why North America Needs Marijuana

In North America, where there is more individualism sometimes to the point of forgetting community, love, compassion and the group process, marijuana can help the individual to smooth the individuality characteristics so they can find pleasure and happiness in community.

Mantras For Impotence, Frigidity

Many men and women come into a sexual act fearing they will be unable to fully perform. Women are afraid they will not be able to orgasm and men are afraid of being “impotent” or of “sinning” with premature ejaculation. For these issues I recommend the mantras. below. They work, truly! You will see the difference and your partner will notice it too. Start doing the mantras, silently of course, when you know you are going to have sex or might have sex.

Why Good People Do Bad Things

Your dead grandmother, when she attaches to you, as in entity attachment, is guided by a higher, evil force. She is guided to influence you to keep you down. That man that died in the house you bought and is haunting it does not really have a grudge against you. He is guided and required by a higher power to debilitate you.


This is why alcohol is dangerous and marijuana is not. Marijuana takes you into other dimensions, gently, keeping all your energy bodies aligned with your physical body. Alcohol disassociates your astral body from your physical, which is always dangerous for driving but also for judgment, movement (makes you clumsy) etc.

Seeing Spirits? Spirits not letting you sleep?

What did the Bible say about the zombies at this time?

The bible accurately predicted that there would be invading spirits, which would result in an army of zombies who would then harm other humans. It will cause a vicious cycle of shock, horror, and self-doubt. When there are enough of them, you will doubt everyone, and as a consequence, doubt yourself.

Spirit cemetaries= swamps, Everglades, marshes, New Orleans

In Santeria and Brujería, it is known that if you put out an uncovered glass of water, it ‘catches’ negative spirits. In Kabala, they s ay the same. (Obviously, don’t drink out of a container of water that you have left uncovered overnight.) I believe this is the same dynamics as what I am talking about with wetlands; they are a container that “catches” negative energies and entities.

Bi Polar: Other Dimensional Issues

All mental issues, mental illness, starts in the non physical dimensions, the spiritual dimensions our mindstrings (the channels of our mind) interpenetrate. If we are mentally ill, it is because our mind has problems in those dimensions

ADD, ADHD According to a Psychic

Astrology and ADD
The fire signs, those who are Leo, Aries and Sagittarius have more of the element of fire in the personality; it is harder for them to sit still to pay attention; a little known fact is that the element of fire brings with it the energy of anger: these fire signs are more easier triggered to being angry and therefore can tend to be more aggressive and be classified as ADHD and hyper. If an autistic child is a Capricorn he is generally more manageable than a fire sign. The difference in fire sign children and the management of them is astonishing as to the level of activity/hyperactivity