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Prosperity in the midst of chaos

Prosperity in the midst of chaos

Frances Fox reveals how to achieve prosperity in the middle of chaos

 Frances Fox has the capacity to see an invisible world  that other people cannot see or comprehend. When she was a child, a master of shamanic tradition, in Tibet, taught her his knowledge with the intention that she would reveal it in the future.

This blog is based on an ability the master taught Frances, called remote vision. For years, many feared it and called it ‘magic’. Nowadays, the world is undergoing a time of apocalptic chaos and Frances Fox’s remote vision has revealed a simple path to cure and protect in these times of anguish and violence. Do you want to know more about this invisible world to help you keep your prosperity up in the middle of this chaos? Then follow this weekly blog Prosperity through times of chaos by Frances Fox.


From Chaos to Prosperity Horoscopes

July 17-23, 2017

Protect Yourself by Changing Your Vibration

There is a veil that is literally lifting from the parts of the Galaxy that we live in. That veil has blocked humans from the realities of the battle between light and dark in this part of the world. This week there may be strange happenings in the sky that will not be explained easily by science or the media. Just know that what you are seeing is a very real manifestation of star wars and eventually will break into your daily life.

Initially the “proof” that there is a Galactic war going on will be “interesting” news. But as the months go by, the “proof” of extraterrestrial life and their wars will start to encroach on the lives of humans on this planet. That is the bad news. For example look at this page: Smoke vortexes

Galactic Law of Attraction

The good news is that the Law of Attraction applies to the entire Galaxy. That means that if you have too much fire in your aura and mind, you will draw to you the heavier battles between light and dark. If you are relatively clear of excess fire element in your aura, you will only witness or experience minor skirmishes, easily overcome.

Monitoring the images you feed your mind

The biggest problem for most of us is that we have not known to monitor the images we feed our mind. We have allowed violent TV into our homes and on our computers, beaming in images and sounds of violence. Those images and sounds are an integral part of how you creat your reality, and your vibration. If you have too many violent images and sounds in your mind, you will be drawing to you the heaviest violence in the wars in the stars.

It is a little late if you have feasted on shows with a lot of murders and blood and gore and news about serial killers etc. But it is never too late to start to change your vibration to what will attract to you the softer realities of the Galactic reality that we are now being exposed to.

We strongly suggest you repeat in silence this mantra throughout the coming months as it will help you to protect you against the worst of the Star Wars.

Please God help us with our intention to be wise about what we see and hear.

July 10 to 16, 2017

 Age of Transformation Means Changes

 This is a time to make changes in your life that will change the quality of your relationships with the outside world. Change is never easy but it is best make the changes today rather than to be forced to make those changes during a political crisis, a World War or a natural catastrophe.

If you do not know what changes you should make to align with a more satisfactory life, repeat this mantra in silence throughout your day:

Please God help me with my intention to makes the changes I need to be happy.


July 3 to 9, 2017

Working with the planets to achieve your goals

Which are you choosing, light or dark?

This is a week in which the new reality of darkness so obvious next to light reconfirms that that this is a Planet of the duality of light and dark. Lately you may have seen how some of your attitudes and thoughtless actions can throw you into deep despair, and how other small gestures and choices seem to make the light shine brighter on your world.

Choices between light and dark

We have always had the choice between light and dark, we just did not know it or see it as clearly as we can see it now. Every decision you make, from the clothes you wear to the small comments you offer on how you feel about others, takes you deeper into darkness or deeper into the light.

You have the right to choose darkness, if that is what you want. The sadness comes when you do not associate dark behavior with making the choice of darkness.

Darkness is a lack of information and light is information

It is said that light is information and darkness is a lack of information. That seems to be what the Buddha meant when he said that human suffering was the result of ignorance. Ignorance is a lack of information.

Verbal darkness

There is nothing inherently wrong about lying yet even something so simple as a white lie can move you closer to darkness. What is wrong about lying is that it moves you into the dark where the dark spirits strive to undermine your intentions. Even a lie that is to spare someone the pain of the truth is a move towards darkness.

Emotional dishonesty, which is based on societies decision that people be nice to each other in spite of reality, has been devastating to our mates and our children. Those white lies and other necessary lies in order to achieve something move us deeper into darkness.

 Emotional dishonesty

This little story about how Planet Earth became such a dark place. The story may not be true but it may help to understand how important it is to be honest, even honest in sharing your emotions.

They say there was a land called Pan in the beginning of life on Planet Earth. The natives were happy and lived simple lives. It felt like what has been describes as the Garden of Eden, a paradise. One day one of the simple people, a native was happily skipping down a path in the woods.

It is said that some ET’s had recently landed on Planet Earth and were jealous of the happiness of those who lived here. That day one of the ET’s decided to lay his body across the path of the native and was run over. The ET who had purposefully wanted to mess up the natives happiness by laying across the path acted as if he were hurt and said” why didn’t you look where you were going?”

Instead of being truthful and asking why the ET had blocked the path, the man instead said hid his natural reaction and said.” I am so sorry, I hope I did not hurt you”. It is said that dishonest response set the tone of the history of Planet Earth.

Today we are fully into the chaos of Revelations, where the truth is being revealed and causing a lot of chaos. If we had been honest from the beginning, truthful even in something as simple as our reaction when we are hurt, we would never have needed to go through the horror we are experiencing every time another truth is revealed. We needed to tell the truth then, and we did not, but it is not too late to start now.


June 26 to July 2, 2017

The ending of the world as we know it


Now that the world has blown up, how is your personal world? If you did your homework and prepared for a type of ending of the world as we know it, then you have a plan and if you stick to it you should be OK.

Use the Law of Intention to create the world you want

Next you need to check the strength of your intentions because by now most people know the metaphysical law that says that you create your reality. What are your intentions and what are you doing to remember them and energize them? We strongly suggest that you change the habit of reacting to the happening of the outside world and learn to create the reality of your world by really working that primary Law on Planet Earth, the Law of Intention.

Your Intention Mantra

You can start by allocating time every day to do your Intention Mantras and remember to repeat them in silence. What is your primary Intention Mantra? If you don’t have one, then that may be your biggest problem in the ending of your world as you knew it. Start with this one while you figure how what you want in your life:

Please God help me with my intention to survive and thrive in the middle of chaos.


June 19-25, 2017

Make a Plan to Deal With the Chaos

 The planets are settling down to a level of chaos you would never have tolerated before and it will get worse. If you have not yet formulated a plan as to what to do if your entire world falls apart, then this week is the time to do it.

Determine who are the most important players in your life and include them in your plan. That means that you all stay constantly in touch and each person knows what the other will be doing in the case of a national emergency, a natural catastrophe, or even ET landings.

Make no mistake, huge changes are happening on Planet Earth and having a plan is a way to make the changes less chaotic. Don’t be embarrassed to talk about what should be done in case of emergencies. After all, the Mayans 5,000 years ago and the Bible hundreds of years ago talked about this transition the Planet is going through. Being proactive is an intelligent way to avoid personal chaos in your family and loved ones in the midst of national or planetary chaos.

Recommended video:


June 12-18, 2017

Spiritual help from angels, spirit guides, ET’s and Aliens…if….

 Wake up to a new era where no one trusts anyone, including themselves. The good news is that if you have been doing the mantra to align you with your prosperous mission, you will have a lot of help from spirit guides and ET’s and aliens who are here now en masse to help the Planet. That means they will help you if you are aligned with your mission, as today nothing else makes sense!

Below is the mantra you repeat in silence 25-50 times throughout your day. It includes the word “us” instead of “me”, as the process of working in groups and for community will be supported. If you plan on working alone, even if it includes working to serve others, you will not be supported in your efforts:

Please God help us with our intention to align with our prosperous mission.


June 5-11, 2017

From Victim to Master

Revelations about ET’s

 This is another week in which the world will appear to be upside down in its process of aligning with truth. Pay attention to what is right and what goes wrong in the week, as it progresses. Formulate your mantras to address what is not working and congratulate yourself on what is working.

From Victim to Master

If you have been following our weekly horoscopes you should have had the information necessary to understand the chaos that has enveloped the planet and our personal lives. We intended to share tools that could work to shift you from being a victim of chaotic circumstances to being a master of your life in the middle of a destruction of a paradigm and the unfolding of a new paradigm. Now we are suggesting a shift in your attitude will help lubricate the months ahead.


The big news this week is that the war that has been unfolding in the other dimensions and includes different types of ET’s, will now be more obvious on the physical dimension. Last week you will have seen what appears to be a not so subtle movement towards revealing what governments and individuals have known for decades: aliens exist, have come to planet earth and some say they live openly among us.

Just as the ET’s are fighting in other dimensions around Planet Earth, they will now start to fight on the physical dimension on Planet Earth. Each piece of news you hear that sounds weird or confusing, ask yourself if it is possible it is ET’s waging war against each other or against you. If you are willing to ask that question you will have moved even deeper into your mastery of your life on Planet Earth at a time when being a victim will severely handicap you.

Mantra to help accept the reality of ET’s

We suggest this mantra to help you through the next several months of chaos, hoping you have accepted that you do not have to be victimized by the chaos if you are willing to stay awake and be flexible in your responses to the chaos. This particular chaos has never happened before, so it should not be a surprise that your behavior needs to be original, certainly not how we are used to responding. Repeat this mantra in silence throughout your day:

Please God help me with my intention to

accept whatever reality is revealed to me

You don’t have to accept anyone’s stories about ET’s, as we suspect you will soon have your own experiences. Just do not expect them to show up at your door or call you on your cellphone to chat.


May 29 to June 4, 2017

 A Change of Cycles Lubricated by Love

 Lots of new videos! Frances Fox Youtube Channel

You see all the fighting and you also see all the beauty and you wonder, what the heck is going on? We are fully into the transition on Planet Earth that was predicted 5,000 years ago when the Mayans ended their calendar in 2012. They saw such a new world that they felt it made no sense to continue with a calendar that marked a very different era.

Golden Age and Age of Aquarius

This new cycle is commonly called the Golden Age and it has the characteristics of the Age of Aquarius, which are brotherhood, community, group support, increases in the power of the mind, increases in technology and increases in mental illness. Whatever is done in a group process is supported and individual projects are not. Advances and increased in technology are supported as is the increase in mental illness associated with technologies that radiate frequencies the human physical and astral body cannot handle.

Suggestion? Love lubricates

What is the suggestion for these times? Don’t be a loner, don’t start projects alone, get a group of people involved, don’t be so independent, don’t get addicted to the new technologies that will augment your changes of being depressed, exhausted, suicidal, sleepless and more. And especially, learn to express the love you always had inside of you, as that love is the lubricant that will help you to more quickly access the energies and protection of the Golden Age.


May 22 to 28, 2017

 Today all is well in the areas of your life where you have no big unresolved traumas. All is also well in the areas of your life where you do not have unresolved sexual abuse issues. But if you do have huge traumas you have not purified, the areas of those traumas will now flare up and create such huge issues now, you will be forced to deal with them.

Think carefully about the issues you had this past week. Each problem you confronted was a red flag about an area of your life that still needs to be purified. Write down on paper what last weeks (May 15-21, 2017) problems were and identify the issues you need to address. It is strongly recommended you address these issues. It is important to heal those issues, as they will only get worse due to aggressive spirits that use those issues as portals to invade you.

A map of the energies of your home and your life

Below is the Fox Bagua, a map to the 9 aspects of your life and your home. Review each area on the map to see which ones you need to address and formulate a mantra to repeat in silence such as this mantra:

Please God help me with my intention to heal my control issues

Please God help me with my intention to heal my jealousy issues

Please God help me with my intention to heal my self esteem issues.


May 15 to 21, 2017

 You chose a difficult life and now….

As you know, we chose each and every detail of our lives before we are born, including our astrological signs, to help set up the situations and relationships that would align us with what we needed in each incarnation. If you have had a very difficult life, it helps to know you choose it, every step of the way, in order to achieve your intentions to help humanity in this difficult transition into being a fully operational multi dimensional being.

Believe it or not, your life will be easier

If your life has been difficult, and you have chosen to wake up and align with your true intentions in this incarnation, then from here forth your life will be easier. In sharp contrast to what will be happening right around the corner or even next door, your life will be full of beauty and fulfillment.

Yes we know this sounds as if we are denying everything we have said till now in these horoscopes, but we are not. All that darkness, that most of you would agree surrounds us today as individuals, societies and nations, was there, and still is. What has changed is that perhaps you are not there!

This Planet has many dimensions and the lower dimensions closely associated with what is described as hell, has now mixed with the other dimensions we are familiar with. Those dimensions we are familiar with are full of the darkest happenings and images.

Our Planet is now associated with and living in other dimensions of a higher vibration where that darkness cannot be sustained. If your vibe is of the lower dimensions, you will live in that hell described in the Bible at end times. And if your vibe is higher, you will gravitate, due to the magnetism of the Law of Attraction, to the dimensions where the horrors cannot be sustained. It is that simple.

But wait; if you have some pending issue, such as sexual abuse, or extreme poverty when you were a child, those issues can keep you tied to the lower dimensions. So take care of those traumas with this mantra repeated in silence throughout your day, till you instinctively feel you have finished purifying the trauma. Adjust the words to be appropriate to your trauma:

Please God help me with my intention to heal my sexual abuse traumas.


Please God help me with my intention to heal my prosperity traumas.

 You can also formulate your own mantra with whatever wording is appropriate for your situation.

We strongly recommend this video if you speak Spanish. It is of a poor quality due to spirit interference but the information is invaluable if you have sleep issues:


May 8-14, 2017


 This week may appear to be more tranquil but that is because the hatred is hidden and the violence is not visible to you. The other dimensions are wild with anger and violence, which plays out at night in your dream state. Many are waking up “different” and making “different” decisions.

Make sure you double check with your confidants if you decide to take a new path, to ensure it is not the result of a spirit invasion the night before. It is possible you determined you needed change in your life to be happier, but it is also possible a spirit speaking in your head in your voice, is guiding you in the wrong direction.

At this time having spiritual advisors who will not benefit from any decisions you make, is strongly recommended. And repeating this mantra in silence may help you to distinguish between implanted thoughts and your inner wisdom:

Please God help me with my intention be clear and protected.

 Video in Spanish on what happens over your bed at night

We recommend you view this video, which has is of poor quality but very revealing,  to help you to understand the issue of spirit invasion on Planet Earth. They are not arriving in spaceships, they are often positioned above your bed, waiting for you to fall sleep:

The graphic below is what Frances sketched over her clients beds several years ago.

This is what is over your bed when you have sleep paralysis, insomnia, nightmares

May 1 to 7, 2017

Aligning with the spirit world for

support and protection.


This is the first week of the cycle that will end in the collapse of the world as we knew it. You may have already noticed that things feel different and that people are different. You may already have made changes in the way you do things even as others are making changes around you.

These changes will put you on a path that will determine how the collapse of the world as we knew it will affect you. Yes, this sounds dramatic, but you only need to look at the news to know that the world as we knew it is threatened at this time by potential war in different hot spots across the planet.

Seeking support from spirits

You cannot take care of the political chaos but you can take care of your personal life. You will do well if you take care of your vibration by ensuring it is protected and fed good images. And if you have committed to aligning with your life work, or what some call your mission, you will have tremendous support from the world of spirits.

We suggest you repeat this mantra in silence to help you to align with your mission, to ensure you have spiritual support in the other dimensions. If you notice that things are messy and scary in this dimension, know that in the other dimensions it is much worse. To ensure you are protected in those dimensions, you need only be sincere in your intention to accomplish your mission in this incarnation. These are the words of the mantra

Please God help me with my intention to align with my prosperous mission.


April 24-30, 2017

New Decisions, New World

Take a moment to reflect on the different choices you made this week that were contrary to the choices you would have made in the past. Pay close attention to your emotional reaction to problems. Do you notice your reactions are “different”? Did you notice that what used to make you mad, did not make you mad this week and what you used to tolerate, you did not allow at all, this week?

What you are seeing is your shift in consciousness due to the frequency shift on the Planet last week. You will be different, because your thoughts will be different and because your thoughts are different, your choices will be different.

Unveiling the astral dimensions

Why is this happening? We make choices based on our information, which includes our memories, including past life memories, but a lot of our memories have been hidden under veils in the lower astral dimensions. Saturday, April 15, 2017 at 2 AM, the last veil shielding us from those dimensions lifted. Now you have that information and memories, so your choices will be different. Some of you have shared you already feel your change in attitude and are making different choices. Welcome to the path to the Golden Age, where living truthfully is the only choice supported.

Definition of Apocalypse

The definition of the word Apocalypse means to reveal, unveil. We now live in an Apocalyptic Planet where the truth is being unveiled and lies revealed. For some it will be chaotic but in your personal life it may be a relief to finally end all the lying.

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