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Cursed! Mantra for curses and evil eye Please God help me with my intention to exercise my free will. “Mal de Ojo, Maldicion, Trabajo” In the same way that an open wound on the skin is an opportunity for germs to enter our physical bodies, a hole in the aura, whether it is decades old or one year old, is an entry point for curses. The Chakras Chakras are energy centers, within each of our energy bodies,


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 TU SEXUALIDAD ES TU PUERTA A DIOS Dualidad: energía femenina y masculina La visión de una psíquica de la evolución del sexo El tema central de esta parte del libro no es el acto sexual. No trata sobre posiciones, afrodisíacos o metodología sexuales. Aquí se aborda el papel que el sexo y la sexualidad han desempeñado en la historia humana y, en particular, en la evolución del alma humana. La solución de la batalla de los géneros es crucial en este momento de la historia humana, ya que no hay razón para implicarse en una batalla con el sexo opuesto; de hecho, es sólo mediante el proceso de la sexualidad que los seres humanos pueden ser más directos. Es nuestro camino más rápido a Dios. En este momento la mayoría de nosotros estaría de acuerdo en que estamos terminando algún tipo de ciclo o algún tipo de colapso de paradigmas. En términos de la evolución humana parece que estamos en el camino de un regreso a “Dios”. En el pasado, los seres humanos eran una parte de Dios; todos éramos uno. Después nos individualizamos, nos separamos de Dios.[1] En mi opinión, en la actualidad estamos evolucionando en una manera tal que nos permita reunirnos de nuevo con Dios sin necesidad de tocar a otra persona o incluso a nosotros. Sin embargo, primero debemos entender la relación entre el orgasmo sexual y Dios. Evolución de la sexualidad en la “separación” de Dios y el “regreso” a Dios Cuando los seres humanos nos separamos por primera vez de Dios, parece que no había sexualidad. Los humanos no eran hombres ni mujeres. Para entender que la evolución es un proceso que nos acerca a Dios, podemos decir que la separación de Dios fue un proceso de devolución (véase la figura 1). Devolución: degeneración por medio de un cambio o evolución gradual.[2] Pero lo que sucedió después fue un paso aun mayor para alejarse de Dios y un paso adicional en el proceso de devolución: el ser humano fue “cortado”: se creó a una mujer y la batalla de los sexos comenzó. Según la definición original del Webster’s New Universal Unabridged Dictionary 1983, sexo proviene de secus y secare, y significa cortar, dividir. La figura 1 muestra el proceso de evolución sexual. Figura 1. La evolución de la sexualidad humana Hace años dediqué mucho tiempo a estudiar la sexualidad. A continuación comparto los resultados, los cuales pueden ayudar a comprender mejor la batalla entre el hombre y la mujer. La conexión entre espiritualidad y sexualidad El sexo es la oportunidad mayor y más fácil de unirse con Dios que se ha ofrecido a los seres humanos. Usamos la palabra ofrecido porque muchos no aprovechan lo que está disponible debido a todas las limitaciones impuestas al goce del sexo. Las religiones, las culturas y las instituciones han intervenido para limitar el camino más rápido para llegar a Dios. A lo largo de la historia, los seres humanos han tenido acceso a la información de que el sexo es bueno, que es útil para el hombre, que contribuye a la buena salud de las personas y que genera un placer que no se encuentra en ninguna otra parte. Y a lo largo de la historia las instituciones y las personas que han sido bloqueadas en...

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Sexual Secrets From A Psychic

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Spirituality and Sexuality Sexual Abuse 2017   ST. TERESA’S SEXUALITY Gays, Asexuality and Bisexuality Do you know the real meaning of the word...

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Do you know the real meaning of the word “sex”?

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Do you know the definition of the word “sex”? The dictionary definition of the word sex means to divide, to cut. And the sex of a human body has until, recent history, divided and cut the Planet into two groups: male or female. This definition may explain the importance of the gay movement. Why is it important to know the actual definition of the word sex? The root of the word sex is Latin. Latin words often have taken into consideration the energetic component of the meaning of the word. In this case, it is entirely accurate in that sex does divide and cut humans into two groups. The definition of the word sex may explain what is going on in terms of human sexuality. There is obviously a movement towards alternatives to the male/female sexual unions. That has always been the case but the wave of people declaring themselves to be gay, bisexual and now asexual is augmenting dramatically. Perhaps the definition of the word sex: to divide is the explanation. What does human evolution have to do with being gay? It is really about the evolution of human sexuality. If we started life on the Planet divided, that is perhaps not as “great” as we thought. And if human consciousness is moving towards more unity then the division between sexes could be a block. And the number of people ignoring that line that normally divides males and females could be a sign of human sexual evolution. Is this movement away from the original definition of the word “sex” a good thing? Perhaps it is, in that a human being is known to be divided, cut up into pieces. We are not only divided by having either a male or female body, we are divided by having half of our body being male and half female (the left side of the body is considered to be female and the right side male). And the left side of the brain is male and the right side is female…and on and on… Even our astrological signs are either male or female! That is a lot of divisions that block us from being whole. Is this sexual movement a part of the 60’s flower child movement of free sex? It certainly feels like a continuation of removing the blocks of loving/having sex with anyone/everyone, in spite of not being married or paired off with them. How can this movement be a good thing for society? It may not be real comfortable for society, as we can see with the politic battle having to do with granting equal rights to gays, but it is wonderful for human consciousness and for human evolution. Anything that divides humans is not good for us. Where is this evolutionary movement going to take us? I believe we are moving towards a point in which humans will be able to achieve the orgasmic state without having to be with another person. In religions it is called spiritual ecstasy and it is a union with God that is just like the orgasm with normally experience in the act of sex. But that is another story that is developing as we can see with the growing movement towards asexuality. For more information: Ecstasy and Orgasm is the Same Thing...

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Male Fertility Down 60%

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You do not need to be a scientist to know that the human body is a type of “meat” and that the microwave that powers laptops and ipads and all wireless devices cooks meat…. and yet there is a question mark as to what is going on? Male Fertility Down 60% Wait till the stats come out about the decline in sex! Note: We know you will think we have deviated our attention from the subject of the decline in male  fertility, we have not. Know this: Tibetan Buddhist psychiatry has a classification of spirits which includes a group that makes human “forget“…We feel that people “forget” that the microwave powering and radiating from  their cell phones and laptops cooks meat and that they are a type of meat….That is why we call the rebirth of a soul is called  reincarnation, which literally means becoming “meat” again!...

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Astro Sex: How The Zodiac Affects You in Bed!

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 Know Their  Zodiac Sign for Out of This World Sex! Frances teaches you sure-fire ways to energize your astrological sexual compatibility… so both of you are satisfied under the covers. Years ago I received a call during a TV show. The theme was sex. The caller was not shy about demanding to know why her boyfriend had lost interest in her. She said that even though the sex was good, he did not want to continue the relationship. I asked her what she was like in bed…was she enthusiastic? Absolutely, the caller replied and added that she was very comfortable being expressive during sex and liked to talk a lot. It turns out, she was an Aries (a sign that enjoys openly expressing their enthusiasm), and he was a Taurus (a sign that can be a bit private and held back). I told her that her boyfriend was turned off by her over-enthusiasm in bed and was not comfortable with all the noises and expressions of pleasure. I could psychically “see” his face of discomfort. She thought about it for a moment and confessed that he had asked her to be more “quiet” during sex, but she had not taken him seriously. For her (remember we are talking about an Aries), that extra burst of enthusiasm is a good thing. However, in his case, the earthy Taurus did not enjoy the fiery Aries and was turned off by what he considered excessive behavior. It was with this phone call that I opened up to the possibility of recommending that people pay attention to how their astrological sign influences their sexual habits. It is also wise to pay attention to your partner’s sign, not just to understand what they like to do and how they like to live, but also in terms of what they enjoy in bed. Lots of gaffes could be avoided this way! Who knows, maybe the man you were so enthusiastic about did not really want all that enthusiasm in bed! By the way, Aries are known to not “notice” the discomfort of others because they are so busy having a good time themselves. How do signs influence our sexuality? Astrological signs have a deep impact on how we behave sexually. If we make an effort to better understand our astrological sexual personality, we can have a better understanding of a lot of our/their behavior in bed! Step 1: Check out your astrological sign. Step 2: Skip over to your man’s sign and stack the deck in your favor by knowing how to leave him breathless. An Aries Woman All that racket in bed yet, where is the joy? Rather than running all over them like a steam engine, take it slowly next time and see if you can figure out what might satisfy your partner more. Sex should be a “slow” sport; it is not a dash to the finish line (unless your partner happens to be Aries as well). A Taurus Woman Why all the complaints about sex? Put away the criticisms and just plain enjoy yourself. You know you like touch as much as you like the orgasm, so why haven’t you let your partner know that? He needs to know that. A Gemini Woman Don’t tell me you were in bed with your...

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Gays, Asexuality and Bisexuality

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Gays, Asexuality and Bisexuality Ending Duality On Planet Earth It has been said for thousands of years that this time is a time of endings and beginning. That is true. The duality on Planet Earth will end and that duality includes the duality of male and female. For that to end, there needs to be an understanding of the opposites of each other. Homosexuals and gays and then bisexuals understand or at least are exploring the erasing of that division between male and female.  Yes, being gay, lesbian, homosexual and bisexual is a sign of evolution. The people who choose this path are choosing what humans need at this time. It is critical that the East understands the West, and in that way there are less wars and more time for positive consciousness expansion and for love to spread to others unlike us. In sexual choices, it is critical that the line that divides male/female be erased. The reason that God made male bodies different yet compatible with females is that if he had not, then there would never have been a good, solid reason to get together. If the male and female bodies did not “work” together as in having sex together, then men and women would not have paired off to explore and also fight about their differences. In the fighting and exploring and trying to understand each other, they cross that line between them, and become more complete.  To repeat, the only reason male and female bodies were made different but compatible, in terms of sexual organs working together, was to ensure they had an important reason to stay together. Think about it. If women did not have sexual organs capable of giving men orgasms, would their men stay with them or would they have spent all their time communing with people who really understand them, other men! And if men did not have the ability to penetrate and give to women, and leave behind a piece of themselves, would women have tolerated the habits of men? No, women would have let go and turned to other...

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Sexual Vampires!

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Sexual Vampires Your Mental Energy Body You have 72,000 mindstreams, little nadis, rivers  that move  the energy of your mind  from one energy body to another and one dimension to dimension. All your chakras are composed of thousands of these mindstreams. We could write an entire book about them but the point here,  is that these mindstreams control your sexual health and your free will. All  mindstreams have five extensions at the end of each one of them, like the five fingers of your hands. And they do just what your five fingers do, they grab onto things and also people. It has been said that when we have sex with someone, our mindstreams penetrate their second chakra and their mindstreams penetrate ours. It has been said that those psychic connections can last up to 12 years, often many years longer than the actual relationship. Connecting Sexually, Connecting Energetically Those mindstreams are a type of nadi,  rivers of energy that flow back and forth. When you connect sexually to someone, you connect your life to theirs and their life to yours. That connect can bring you that persons’ depressions, rages and also bad luck! Those mindstream connections are the reason you cannot stop thinking about someone you fell out of love with and why you “know” when something very bad is happening to a person you had sex with. And it is also the reason that if you decide to move on and have another sexual partner, the previsous partner will mysteriously somehow know… Years ago I had a TV show where I sketched the auras of the people who called in. One show was dedicated to sex. A caller asked me to sketch her in regards to her menstrual cycle, her heavy bleeding and incredible aches and pains (PMS?). What I sketched astounded me. She had so many mindstreams from different men entering her sexual chakra that it looked like a bowl of spagetti! And the energy  coming through  was of rage, desire that she fail, hatred, and possessiveness. OH, and also bad luck! Being “fed” bad luck I asked her how many men and what quality men she had had sex with that she should energetically and  other dimensionally be such a mess.?And what was that bad luck about? Her response was revealing. She used to have sex with lots of men and that a couple of them were in jail! And some of them disliked her…We did not need to say much more as it was obvious from the sketch that we did not need to look further for the reason her sexual chakra was “sick”, sickening her physical body.  She was “filling up” with hatred and bad luck and would continue,  unless she did a lot of purification of that chakra. Purifying Bad Luck and Anger At that time I did not know what I know today so all I asked her to do was monitor the men she choose to sleep with, trying to not “fill up” with any more bad energy and to take a lot of tub baths with Epson Salts. Today I would have had her detoxifying her house, her bedroom and her bed every day.  Today I would have her constantly spraying flower essences for depression, anger, and for liberation,...

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Orgasm as a Transition of the Soul

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Orgasm As A Sacred Act   Orgasm as a state of transition of the soul    The sexual chakra is often called the sacral chakra. The definition of sacred is:  Latin sacrāre to devote, derivative of sacer: holy The definition of sacral is:  Relating to sacred rites or observances.    It has been known for centuries that humans have several energy bodies in addition to their physical body. The Nadis, Pingala and Ida run through these energy bodies. When we are born, those bodies attach to the physical body and when we die, they detach.  At these times the energy bodies shift their relationship to each other and to outside forces. Our religions have rituals and ceremonies to help guide us during this process of transition because of potential dangers from these outside forces. Birth: A State of Transition of the Soul The first transition is when a soul is born. The birth process has always been known to be a sacred moment when the mother and child need extra protection. It is a time when negative energies can gain a foothold in the life of a human being. Many religions have ceremonies that help to confront dark forces that may have intruded in the life of a child. Often that ceremony is a baptism that includes water, the element of the sexual chakra. Death: A State of Transition of the Soul The death process is another moment of transition that can also be dangerous. The soul has options of where to “go” when it leaves the physical body. If the “mind” or soul of the person is a clear and willing participant in the death of its physical body, then the soul easily recognizes “where to go.”  Unfortunately, too many people die in a state of shock, gripped by fear, or drugged by their medications for pain. Portals to Other Dimensions At birth and at the time of death, a portal to other dimensions opens, allowing the soul to move from one dimension to another. This portal offers the opportunity for movement but also “options” that the soul may not be ready for, or opportunities for other dark forces to gain entry. There can be a problem when the soul is confused or there is a lack of protection and these dark forces enter the transition process, often guiding the soul onto paths that are not of their choosing if they had been more conscious. At these two times, birth and death, spirits can attach to the soul and the soul is then burdened by a force that interferes with their intentions.  Transitions, portals, intentions, dark forces, all part of life processes that humans have dealt with since the beginning of time. Our religions generally help us to proceed in these transitions with some protection and guidance. But there is another time of dimensional transition that we have not known to protect. Most of us do not know that during orgasm there is also type of transition, short lived but very, very real, when our soul is allowed to race through dimension after dimension to touch God. The movement we experience during orgasm and depicted in the graphic below can happen because orgasm opens portals, allowing the individual to reach up and ascend to God. The feelings are so...

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Gods of the Sexual Chakra

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5Gods of the sexual chakra Aphrodite Venus the planet of love …… and aphrodisiacs Venus is the roman counterpart to the goddess Aphrodite, the word where aphrodisiacs come from, and it is the planet of LOVE NOT SEX. Is it possible that aphrodisiacs work by augmenting the love part of sex? Interesting question….and the Jasmine flower would be proof as it is considered an aphrodisiac and it is the flower of peace…. What does sex without love do to the sexual...

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Sexual Chakra and the Color Orange

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Your Sex Life and Breathe Breathing into any part of your body vitalizes it. This is especially true of the sexual chakra as it is associated with movement and water. Take a couple of minutes a day and sit or stand and just direct your breath and imagine an orange ray of light flowing into and energizing your sexual chakra. Also, if you crouch in your back yard, the energies in your sexual chakra flow more...

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