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Sleep Paralysis

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 Sleep paralysis Remote viewing sleep paralysis The lower left insert  on the photo above is  what Frances sees when she remote views someone with sleep paralysis issues. The main photo is what victims say they see when attacked. Your house can be haunted when the aura your the home is broken. Sleep paralysis happens when the aura of the individual is broken and it includes an actual  attack of the victim while sleeping. Forced separation of energy bodies Written by Frances Fox and The Dolphins  4-12-2017 Sleep paralysis is not new but it usually happens to people who are emotionally very broken. They have shifted their consciousness out of their astral body or spun a separate astral body. They also have sexual issues, though not necessarily sexual abuse. The issue can be insecurity about sexuality or fear of sexuality.  Weak sacral/sexual chakra is part of the syndrome. If a weak sacral/sexual chakra is part of the issue, then people who do a lot of texting will have more of a tendency to sleep paralysis. But the biggest issue of people with sleep paralysis is a weak etheric body due to it being used in astral travel where the individual actually can function on the physical dimension.  So sleep paralysis is where the individual removes his astral body, a good percentage of his mindstrings and his etheric body and leaves only the physical body in the sleeping state.  This is not a bad thing normally when it is part of human evolution of consciousness, preparing for the release of life on the physical dimension, which means the person does not need a physical body any longer. It is like a birth, so the person can live fully in the other dimensions.  But when the individual has not had the astral or mental development nor the intention of that, having sleep paralysis signifies that the individual is not choosing this separation. It means it is a forced separation. Frances asks the Dolphins: This reminds me that one of the reasons some traditions burn the physical body at death is to ensure no one uses it or its etheric body by putting a spirit in it? Yes…  Frances: So what is the relationship of the sacral/sexual chakra with a weakness for sleep paralysis? And is sleep paralysis the hypnogogic state? The etheric body is anchored at every major chakra. In that way that body stays together with the physical body and hopefully the astral.  But the microwave radiation from texting burns through the anchoring of the etheric to the sacral chakra and that starts the process of peeling away the etheric body from the physical. It is like when you need to pull off a band-aid, you start at the edge and once you get a hold of the edge, it is relatively easy to pull it off.  The sacral chakra is the edge, as the etheric is not anchored to the root chakra, for the same reason Kundalini is not held in the root chakra. Frances: Why?  The root chakra is too vulnerable to the lower astral planes so God did not anchor it there. The lowest anchor is the second sacral chakra. So the etheric reaches the root chakra just as it reaches the legs, it is a mirror of...

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What happens to your spirit/astral body when you die

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The death process is not a simple case of “dying” He and his sister had run a business together for over 35 years.  They were a very solid work team.  She passed four months earlier.  The reason that she decided to transition/die was that she had stopped working because she had a heart attack. She never recuperated from the open heart surgery, preventing her from doing her work properly. Because of her upbringing, her self-esteem came mainly through her work.  She was a gifted  artist in her work.  As she was becoming increasingly ill, life was difficult for her and for those around her. When she was in the hospital in a coma, she telepathically communicated to me that she had determined to leave (to die).  She was too unhappy.  Astral Bodies can communicate through telepathy   While she was in coma, I had several telepathic conversations with her astral body/vehicle and she spoke telepathically to others around her.  The difference was that I was consciously aware of the conversations, whereas the other people’s friends and relatives who held the telepathic information in their astral body/vehicle and were not consciously aware the communications were taking place. During these telepathic conversations with her “alive” brother, she  me there was a decision made. They decided that once she died  he would continue in physical form for another two years.  They had two  grandchildren that needed his support.   The first time I arrived by her bedside she begged me telepathically to help her make the decision: “should she should die at that point or should she should linger on for several days in order for her family to become used to the fact that she would not be with them?” I told her that was a decision she needed to make.  She suffered throughout the next several days with that choice, whether to stay a few days or whether to leave.  At times, she was very tranquil and at other times, she was frantic.  The people around her, those that were alive, were frantic or they were in a state of shock. One morning she appeared in front of me and said, “I’m going to be leaving today.  It’s time.” That was all she said.  I decided to stop by the hospital before I went to work. When I arrived everybody  around her  empty hospital bed,  looked at me in surprise and said, “How did you know.  She just died an hour ago?” Of course, she had let me know that she was leaving.  The family was at peace.  It had been a difficult several days; they were expecting the ending.  The funeral was large, but uneventful. The brother continued working at his job.  He was confused, very depressed, disoriented, but he did continue forward.  There was the telepathic subconscious agreement he had made with her.  He verbalize many times that he did not think he could continue to live, but he did.   Intentions Create Reality  Almost two months to the day of her passing, he mentioned to a friend that he did not want to continue living.  The next morning he fell down a staircase.  He had broken his pelvis in dozens of places and broken many bones in his body.  We were all devastated.  Certainly, this is not the way we would...

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Mayan Weekly Soul Check

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This is a telepathic exchange between Frances and Dolphins about how to avoid chaos in end time Did the Mayans talk about this in the 2012 predictions? Yes they did, with more details than the Bible. The Mayans were familiar with off Planet forces and spirits, so their fear was less, due to familiarity. They anticipated this issue and recommended a reunion of souls on a weekly basis to check out how the souls were doing. What does that mean? The Mayans recommended a weekly reunion of like-minded people/souls. In that meeting the intention was to check everyone to ensure they were not disassociating which would make them a target for invading spirits. Weekly…sound like going to church…. Yes, in that it would be an intensely spiritual time, kind of like a “soul” check. Suggestions for this weekly “soul check”? It should be people who are open to discussing personal issues or at least willing to admit they have personal issues. It should be a safe place to reveal your deepest insecurities. We will give you an example of a solid “soul check”gathering. OK The people in the group form a circle and repeat in silence,  this mantra 108 times: I am protected from unwilling beings that would invade me. I am allowed to protect myself because I have chosen to be one with God. After the mantras, each person is asked to reveal what is hurting them, or what they fear most. As they say it, they must lock eyes with each person there, for at least 30 seconds per person. After everyone has “revealed” their fears and issues, then the individuals should hold hands while still in the circle and silently chant this mantra 22 times: Please God help me with my intention to unite with you again. And that is it. We are on our way back home to God. The process includes the battle that was predicted. We need to hold hands with others to sustain our faith that we, as individuals, will make it. In this weekly process we confront our fears, confront the blocking forces and reinforce our true intention to reunite with God. Please follow and like...

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Animal Spirits and their influence Below is a document I wrote in 2005 because too many of us have spirit attachments from animals, especially people who are present when animals are killed. That would include people who work in the farms where poultry is killed, or cattle are killed People who work in butcher shops, the meat department, etc.  And it includes people who attend rituals where animals are killed. You get the picture… Where did you think the spirit of that dead chicken went? Yesterday I ordered a chicken pita sandwich for lunch. When I looked at it sitting in front of me at my desk, I had a thought:” I wonder what would happen if I spray it with the Aura Purification Spray ( now renamed Liberation Flower Essence Purification ) ?” The spray liberates negative astral particles of consciousness. I really did not know what was going to happen. I was just experimenting, something I do often, remembering my Buddhist friends who bless their food before eating it. What happened next was literally sickening. I saw the spirit body of a dead chicken with no feathers, drifting up and out of my sandwich. It was so sad, I was horrified. I almost ate that! But wait, I always eat chicken, every darn day, as I refuse to eat meat. “Where did I think the spirit of that dead chicken went?” I had no good answer. The answer was what I accuse everyone of, not thinking, not questioning. I was guilty of what I am so critical of, acting (eating) without thinking. I do not think I will be eating chicken soon. I will be using the Liberation Flower Essence Purification Formula a lot, and I will be doing a lot of thinking about the food I ingest. I was not expecting what I witnessed, but perhaps that was a good thing… POST NOTE MARCH 3, 2013 Yes I know where the spirit of the chicken goes when you eat it. It goes into you. Unfortunately, it is known that the state of consciousness of  the animal at the moment of death is the state of consciousness of its spirit that you just ate…So you/we eat  spirits that are very frightened and die under very painful conditions. How many of those really emotionally “messed up” spirits are in you/me? I don’t want to talk about this anymore. When I wrote this original article years ago, it was super upsetting, but I went back to eating some meat and lots of chicken.  I hope “revelations” is not going to allow me to fall asleep on this subject again. At least that is my intention. Please follow and like...

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Are You Good Or Evil? The Answer May Surprise You

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Your relationship to good and evil in the history of Planet Earth December 4, 2012 I have a story to tell. It may help to explain a lot of things in your life but also help to give perspective on the history of the planet.  It may change the way you view the transformation Planet Earth is going through now. I had a session years ago with client who was a really nice man but with considerable  “darkness” in his life. I asked how I might help him and he said he did not know, the time with me was not his idea…  I said I would look at his planetary history to find the most important information that would help him to understand himself. I went back to his life in Lemuria, the civilization before Atlantis. A  An angel appear to him saying “ we need your help”. He responded, I am willing to help,  what do you need? They said what they needed was difficult and he responded that he was willing. They said a darkness had come over the Planet…  And most souls were too weak to handle the darkness… He repeated  he would help,  what did the angels need from him? They said they needed him  to take on this darkness as  many souls were too weak. He responded, I will do it. They told him that it would be hard because he would not “remember”….and he might get lost in the darkness… He said I will do it…. for  others Good and Evil On Planet Earth A darkness has again come over the Planet. Widen your lens and it might help you to understand  the violence and conflict today on Planet Earth… Perhaps the most important aspect of your life in relation to “others” is not that you are Jewish or Christian or American or French or Iranian, perhaps the most important aspect of you is that you are from Planet Earth…and there are “others” out there that are “different” and have different intentions from  than those who are from here. Perhaps we really need now to really understand what is going on… We are in a final battle between light and dark on Planet Earth. We need to widen our lens to know who we are and who our true enemies are. We are multidimensional beings   We are multidimensional beings. We have parts of ourselves in several dimensions at a time. We are energetically structured like the Tree of Life which is the backbone of our multidimensional system. Our individual sacred tree of life is our chakra system. Its center axis is the trunk of the tree of your life, it is your Holy Grael,  with its  funnel like structure at the top drawing in  off planet energies and a funnel like shape at the bottom, drawing in Earth energies. Unfortunately the top  of  your tree of life will be filled with the energy of Xibalba, from the Dark Rift because of the  alignments which completes on on December 21, 2012. Unfortunately the bottom of your Tree of Life, your Holy Grael is already susceptible to the energies from Xibalba due to the Earths broken Brahmahvara. December 2012 and beyond Who is going to take on the darkness from the broken Brahmahvara...

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Sexual Vampires!

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Sexual Vampires Your Mental Energy Body You have 72,000 mindstreams, little nadis, rivers  that move  the energy of your mind  from one energy body to another and one dimension to dimension. All your chakras are composed of thousands of these mindstreams. We could write an entire book about them but the point here,  is that these mindstreams control your sexual health and your free will. All  mindstreams have five extensions at the end of each one of them, like the five fingers of your hands. And they do just what your five fingers do, they grab onto things and also people. It has been said that when we have sex with someone, our mindstreams penetrate their second chakra and their mindstreams penetrate ours. It has been said that those psychic connections can last up to 12 years, often many years longer than the actual relationship. Connecting Sexually, Connecting Energetically Those mindstreams are a type of nadi,  rivers of energy that flow back and forth. When you connect sexually to someone, you connect your life to theirs and their life to yours. That connect can bring you that persons’ depressions, rages and also bad luck! Those mindstream connections are the reason you cannot stop thinking about someone you fell out of love with and why you “know” when something very bad is happening to a person you had sex with. And it is also the reason that if you decide to move on and have another sexual partner, the previsous partner will mysteriously somehow know… Years ago I had a TV show where I sketched the auras of the people who called in. One show was dedicated to sex. A caller asked me to sketch her in regards to her menstrual cycle, her heavy bleeding and incredible aches and pains (PMS?). What I sketched astounded me. She had so many mindstreams from different men entering her sexual chakra that it looked like a bowl of spagetti! And the energy  coming through  was of rage, desire that she fail, hatred, and possessiveness. OH, and also bad luck! Being “fed” bad luck I asked her how many men and what quality men she had had sex with that she should energetically and  other dimensionally be such a mess.?And what was that bad luck about? Her response was revealing. She used to have sex with lots of men and that a couple of them were in jail! And some of them disliked her…We did not need to say much more as it was obvious from the sketch that we did not need to look further for the reason her sexual chakra was “sick”, sickening her physical body.  She was “filling up” with hatred and bad luck and would continue,  unless she did a lot of purification of that chakra. Purifying Bad Luck and Anger At that time I did not know what I know today so all I asked her to do was monitor the men she choose to sleep with, trying to not “fill up” with any more bad energy and to take a lot of tub baths with Epson Salts. Today I would have had her detoxifying her house, her bedroom and her bed every day.  Today I would have her constantly spraying flower essences for depression, anger, and for liberation,...

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Dying Gracefully for the Spiritually Sophisticated

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Marijuana for Hospice, Dying 1/27/15 9:20 PM Marijuana should be the “drug” of choice for grieving the death of a loved one, or for grieving the ending of your own life. It has the ability to connect the person who is dying, to the dimensions where they will be going, opening up the familiarity that will help the transition. People who smoke marijuana while in their dying process will also be able to help those they leave behind. When an individual dies in a traumatic state of mind, such as when they fear death or are angry at dying, they drag their loved ones into the mess of emotions THAT DO NOT END AT THE POINT OF DEATH. It would be recommended that all that are present at the time of death do something to ensure they are not ensnared in the mindstrings of the dying person. Often  a mother dies worried at leaving behind a child. When that happens, the mother’s mindstrings grab onto the child and literally drag them into the grave with them. It is a special type of haunting. If the mother’s body is cremated, a lot of the entanglement is released/purified by the fire. Please follow and like...

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Cannabis and the Devil

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Cannabis is a sacred plant that has lain dormant for over 3,500 years. Its time has come now that humans are in full battle with the devil. The devils workshop is the human mind. The more constricted the mindstrings, the more entry points for the devil. Cannabis is more necessary now because of the vast augmentation of radiation and toxins entering the human assemblage of bodies, including the physical body. When the physical body ingests food out of plastics, there is a gateway opened to the devil. If the person does not continue to ingest plastics via their foods, then the nourishing and healing foods they eat will repair the “hole” left by the plastic. Why is plastic such a “conveyor” of evil energies? The petroleum the plastic is made of is composed of eons of layers upon layers of dead bodies of humans and animals including animals that only exist in our mythology today. Their souls were not necessarily purified because more died traumatically… So eating foods that has been in plastic or covered by plastic means the energetic part of the plastic can transfer to the physical food simply through osmosis. Wearing clothing made of synthetics also creates an entry way for the devil. Devil Sleeping indoors without contract with nature also allows the devil more time to play and with less obstacles. Not honoring what the emotional/astral body needs, emotional honesty, also allows entry to that presence.   Please follow and like...

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How We Create Spirits and Reality With Our Minds

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Creating a Negative Spirit Through Compulsive Thoughts Images and Thoughtforms Images hold an important place in our life as any marketing consultant will attest to. Images are used by industry  to get us to open our pocketbooks and pay money for something we had not needed before we saw the attractive images of the advertisement. That power can be used by you to create your intended reality. Reality is created by energizing thought forms with attention and breath In order to show you the power of images and your power over them, I need to tell you a story. Years ago I moved into a new home. It was on a property that was overgrown with trees and plants. The day of the move I had friends over and it was very community and fun. But when nighttime fell and all my friends left, I felt a sense of aloneness. It was pitch dark outside my windows as the foliage overshadowed the streetlights. I went to bed, thankful I had a new dog called Smokie. As I lay in bed I felt uneasy and kept looking at the door to the room, which was to my right. Nothing there…I did that all night till I fell asleep. This happened several nights in a row till I reminded myself that I am psychic. Obviously there was “something” in the doorway, but in other dimensions. So I shifted my awareness and could “see” that there was the body of a man in the doorway, but only half of a body! Wow! Mystery solved, there was half of the spirit of a man at my bedroom door! I promptly fell asleep. Night after night I would be “aware” of something at the door and night after night I would look and then fall back to sleep, knowing what was keeping me anxious, assuming that spirit half body could not harm me. After several days curiosity got the better of me. Why only half a body? What was that about? I held the intention to “know” why only half a body and the answer was prompt and revealing. How Fear Also Creates Reality The house I had moved into was previously occupied by a single woman. Her bed was in the same position as mine, as there was only one way to place a bed in that room. Her relationship to the to the doorway as she lay in bed was the same as mine. My claircognizance, the psychic skill of instantly knowing the why of something, told me that she lay in fear at night, imagining that a man would enter her room. She did this night after night, compulsively worrying about the possibility of a man entering that doorway. Half of a spirit? But why only half of a body? The answer was fascinating. Her position on the bed only allowed her to see the bottom half of the doorway when she turned her head to “see” if there really was someone in the doorway! So she only created in her mind, the half of the body that she could imagine would be in the doorway. Night after night she held the image of a body, half of a body in the doorway and night after night her mind energized that...

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Sugar and Spirits of Halloween

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What is Halloween all about? May is for Ascension to higher levels In May the veils between planet earth and the stars/planets open up and the astral body has more contact with other planets and beings. It is also easier to ascend. whether due to death or just to have contact with other beings. It is not a time for “bad” beings to bother neither humans nor animals. November is for contact with lower levels of the astral dimensions In November there is a huge opening of the lower astral planes so that here is more contact with the spirits that resonate with those planes. Those dimensions are what purgatory is, described as hell on Earth, but a temporary hell where the intention is that the soul heals its rifts. There are 7 levels of the astral dimensions. The lower the level the lower the frequency and the lower types of souls and spirits reside there. The goal is to ascend as far away as possible from the lowest level. Sugar Sugar opens up the human being to the lowest level of the astral plane, the dimension that is underneath the root chakra. That level is the level that Xibalba, the road to hell is on. Sugar can be the root of all evil is a person or child is addicted to it   Please follow and like...

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