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Is Your Pet Psychic? He May Be a Good Weatherman Also!

Posted by on Nov 10, 2016 in Animal Wisdom | 0 comments

Check this out…you may respect your pet more… If  an octopus (Paul) can  be a prophet and predict the winner of the World Cup, can you imagine what your pet can do?   Listen to-your-world-animal-wisdomView more presentations from francesfox Please follow and like...

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Animal Telepathy

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220,000 people died and the animals did not. Want to know what they have to say about that? Want to know what they are thinking? Click below: listen to your world animal wisdom11-8 Please follow and like...

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Your Pet a Spiritual Guide?

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How to turn your pet into a spiritual guide  This is an exchange between Frances and the Dolphins on June  16, 2005 “We want to return to a topic we spoke about years ago: animals and their mission; do they exist only for themselves or are they on Earth to help you? It is truly wonderful that humans want to learn about animals, about their thoughts and the reasons for their actions. We know that animal behavior before the terrible tsunami of 2004 was a mystery to you. You should know that animals tried to warn the people living on the land that would soon be covered with water. As it happened with Noah’s Arc, if humans had looked around, they would have noticed that the animals began to leave the area the day before, making as much noise...

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      What is He Thinking?   Book a session for your pet with Frances Fox to know exactly what they are thinking and what “opinions” they have about life!     At this time, Frances Fox recognizes the importance of being open to the spiritual and emotional help our pets can give us. The reality is, according to Fox, we don’t take care of them, they take care of us. There are countless stories of how pets have warned their owners about impending doom such as fires, accidents and other perils of nature. With all the issues we face today….   Don’t you want to know what your pet is thinking?   Frances can tell you!   Book a session for your pet with Frances:  $80   Who is Frances?  Frances Fox is a world-renowned shaman and psychic investigator...

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ANIMALS SPEAK: It is not too late but it is late…

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Animal Wisdom Revealed Frances used her telepathic/inter species abilities to talk to animals after the Gulf of Mexico oil spill Peacock We are anxious that humans can still not see how they misuse their power. They can still stop the destruction but only if they pay attention to the needs of the natural world. The natural world does not need humans fighting about whether they should still drill in the waters. Humans need to learn their lesson and use their minds to do “damage control”. The human mind has become addicted to images that reinforce disaster. It is like the addiction to alcohol, sugar or drugs, you know you should not watch disasters over and over yet you cannot bring yourself to turn off the TV. It is not too late but it is late.   Polar Bear We...

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