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¿Cómo está su aura?

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  Acá les dejo un vídeo donde hablo con mas detalle acerca del Aura y su diagnosis: Existen varias maneras de adquirir una diagnosis de aura; para empezar, solo tiene que enviar una fotografía al e-mail de Frances ( Después, puede llamar al teléfono de Frances (1-800-651-6804) para confirmar su pago, o pagar de manera completamente segura a través de PayPal, con su tarjeta de crédito o débito. Diagnosis de Aura $100:   TU HORÓSCOPO YOUR HOROSCOPE...

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Is it your personality or a spirit attachment?

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Magnetic Resonance has a lot to do with what type of fragments or spirits you have to deal with. I worked with a client who had an awful history of abuse. She had more attachments than you could shake a stick at. Because of her personal history, she had a lot of depression. Most people in my field know that chances are, she had an attachment of a spirit that was very depressed. She did… She one of her sessions she me she had been shaking in the middle of the night, as if something big was moving inside her body. She was rolling around her bed yet she knew it was not convulsions…she was savvy enough to know it was probably a spirit trying to take over her body. She fell asleep after a while and did not...

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Solar Flares and Your Aura

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Solar Flares as a Purification of Your Aura/Mind Solar Flares are the element of fire transferred to our Planet by the Sun.  The Law of Attraction dictates that those of us with repressed fire, whether it is anger/frustration or electromagnetic static, will be more affected by the extra fire element. Traditionally the fire element in the human energy system has two characteristics: anger and activity. We all  have some level of repressed anger/frustration and  there are entire communities or countries with repressed anger/frustration. Those people and those communities/countries will struggle with the extra element of fire the solar flares bring to us. We suggest this mantra just in case you are repressing  any anger/frustration: Please God help me with my intention to heal my anger vasanas A vasana is a deep rooted injury to your mind/aura. Do this mantra...

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Chakras, Aura, Cuerpo Astral Video Chat

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Video Chat todos los martes 9:30 a 10:30 PM EST Hora de New York 6:30 a 7:30 PM Hora de California Chakras, Aura y Cuerpo Astral La Psíquica Frances Fox te diagnostica el estado de tus chakras–6 Instrucciones para hacer preguntas/participar: Le das click a la dirección–6 Busquen el chat donde quieren participar, estan con las fechas o horario, hagan un clik en el chat correcto Si tienes Facebook o Twitter, e logeas con tu user y password de Facebook o Twitter Si no tienes ni Facebook ni Twitter entras como “guest” Suscribes al canal Puedes participar  en el chat en la caja que dice “chat” Puedes invitar a tus amistades en Facebook or Twitter donde esta indicado Archived Videos Show #1 Sobre hechizos, brujeria, trabajos, y depresion...

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How Is Your Aura?

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Are you Depressed Because Your Aura is Weak? October 26, 2009 …The aura of the person is being pierced by the attention, allowing a funneling of the energy of the other person. That energy is usually depression. If this continues we will all become massively depressed very, very soon… A strong aura is crucial at this time in written human history. A strong aura can ensure that your intentions are not invaded nor blocked. A strong aura means that you can flourish even if all around your world is collapsing. A strong aura means that your mate’s legitimate depression will not transfer over to you, pulling you into the same black hole. A strong aura means that the bankruptcy of the office next door will not invade your mind, the pessimism of your boss will not wash over you...

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