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¿El caos de Venezuela será de una maldición?

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¿El caos de Venezuela será de una maldición? ¿ Hay nudos en tus chakras? Escrito por Frances Fox Sera verdad? La respuesta a esa pregunta no la tenemos pero si queremos compartir una herramienta spiritual que podría ayudar, aunque el problema sea sencillamente política y económico. Esta misma herramienta lo pueden aplicar a su vida. Dicen que mucho de las maldiciones son como unos “amarres” Queremos compartir con ustedes un entendimiento profundo de lo que es la mente, como alguien pueden amarrar la mente y como desatar esos nudos del amarre. Para eso necesitan saber mas sobre sus cuerpos de energía y su mente.  Chakras                 Cuando nacemos, en las dimensiones espirituales, somos un canal de luz llamado cuerpo causal, muy conectado a Dios. Esa conexión a Dios se va perdiendo a medida que van pasando las horas y...

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Kundalini Mental Yoga and Chakra Alignment

Posted by on Feb 26, 2016 in Kundalini Up, Mantras, Mental Yoga, Sex | 0 comments

Frances Fox Mental Yoga Fox KUNDALINI  Mental Yoga note from Frances: It is my thought that as you gain control of your innermost consciousness through this Yoga, you will achieve energetic stability in the midst of the chaos that has been predicted. You may also be in charge of your ascension process at a conscious level. What is Kundalini? Kundalini is a connection of the Earth to God. It is like an expressway, a very specific path with no detours. You cannot change the path of the Kundalini expressway to what you are ready for. If you are not ready or are blocked in the Kundalini Rising experience, then you either back up or take another road, which is not this direct pathway to god. You can also push through your blocks. Most people cannot push through because they...

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Jacobs’ Ladder is your Chakra System

Posted by on Aug 24, 2015 in chakra | 0 comments

Genesis 28:10-17 “He had a dream in which he saw a stairway resting on the earth, with its top reaching to heaven, and the angels of God were ascending and descending on it.” Jacobs Ladder is your Chakra System and as you evolve, your consciousness climbs up higher in your chakras until ultimately it reaches the crown chakra (purple on top of head)  which is your connection to God Please follow and like...

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Evil Eye, Chakras and Curses

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Cursed! Mantra for curses and evil eye Please God help me with my intention to exercise my free will. “Mal de Ojo, Maldicion, Trabajo” In the same way that an open wound on the skin is an opportunity for germs to enter our physical bodies, a hole in the aura, whether it is decades old or one year old, is an entry point for curses. The Chakras Chakras are energy centers, within each of our energy bodies, that move energy from one dimension to another. Every one of us has them: seven chakras above the root chakra and seven chakras below the root chakra. Each deals with psychological and emotional issues. I strongly suggest that each of you read up on chakras if you haven’t already as a misaligned chakra or wounded chakra can be an entry point for...

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Your cell phone and laptop radiate microwave, the same electromagnetic frequency that cooks your food and makes water boil. Resting your head on a wireless computer is as bad as putting a cell phone next to your ear. This is some of what  THE MICROWAVE RADIATING FROM YOUR DEVICES DOES TO YOUR CHAKRAS  and maybe we will realize there is no mystery to why people are feeling so burned out!    CHAKRA ONE is radiated if you hold your cell phone in between your legs. chakra one is your root chakra and is all about prosperity and security.    CHAKRA TWO  is radiated with microwave if you hold your cell phone on your waistband and all the while you are texting because Chakra two is 2 inches below your belly button. Chakra two is your sacral which means sacred,...

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