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Feeling “crazy”? Maybe this is the unseen factor…

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Click on the link below  and let us know if you are sleeping on the wall with a Digital Meter and if your life has deteriorated since.. REMOVAL OF DIGITAL METER IS POSSIBLE IF YOU ARE WILLING TO PAY A FEW DOLLARS A MONTH: Good news! You can call FPL to remove the digital meter and return your old analogue. You pay a fee and a few dollars a month to get your sanity back! Be your own scientist, observe and draw conclusions…But also read this document on what the radiation is doing to other people! radiation medical conditions The black cloud is a miasm which is a congestion of depression, bad thoughts and spirits, and if your head is in a miasm all you do is recycle those bad thoughts and depression all day long. The people with...

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Spirit cemetaries= swamps, Everglades, marshes, New Orleans

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Are you living on top of a cemetary?   Then there  is no  mystery why you are miserable and have such bad luck….. Mother Earth uses water to heal spirits Car accidents, death in an emergency room, death while on pain killing drugs, all create the potential for a traumatic death producing a robotic spirit. We already know that because of a lack of awareness, we have not known that we need to protect the dying process or heal the traumatized spirit. The result is a lot of wandering, lost souls looking for a place or a person to attach to. Mother Earth helps out by collecting some of these souls in wetlands. She also uses standing water, such as artificial lakes, canals and big puddles to help the healing process of people who have lost their physical bodies....

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Bi Polar: Other Dimensional Issues

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ORIGINAL CAUSE OF MANIC DEPRESSION Now called Bi Polar Note from Frances: I did this reach in 1994 when the proper terminology was Manic Depression. When I say to be spiritually sophisticated, it is because all mental issues, mental illness, starts in the non physical dimensions, the spiritual dimensions our mindstrings (the channels of our mind) interpenetrate. If we are mentally ill, it is because our mind has problems in those dimensions 1994: The first piece of research that I did with my intuitive skills several years ago was on the nature of manic depression. I studied eight individuals referred to me friends and relatives and I charted the results. All eight individuals had had a traumatic incident between the ages of two and three months. The nature of the trauma was not what one would suspect could set...

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Exhaustion makes your mind weak and weakens your intentions I do not remember so many people being so tired in the eighties or in the nineties. Exhaustion appears to be at the level of a plague.  Unfortunately, exhaustion is not only “exhausting”, it also weakens the mind. Your life force, your ability to take advantage of or channel chi or prana or the force as in Star Wars, is deeply affected when you are exhausted, diminishing your ability to energize your intentions. If exhaustion is an issue in your life today we suggest that you identify why you are exhausted. Is it an excess of electronic  radiation, is it a lack of quality of sleep, is it an excess of responsibilities? Or is it simply that you spend so much time indoors that you are missing some of the...

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Video: Remote Viewing Suicide

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Frances remote views a suicide and finds a common theme: the person who is suicidal is dealing with a transference of negative energies called miasma from others, in addition to their own depression and desire to die. It is critical to purify the environment where you live and work  so your and your family do not recycle each others’ emotions. It is particularly important to purify your bed and where you sit watching TV or working on your computer so you do not recycle your own negative...

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