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Kids and computers

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Modern conveniences “killing” our children’ minds I know there has been a lack of understanding of how electromagnetic frequencies because we have not known we have an electric energy body. But once you have that knowledge, everything changes. What used to look like a wonderful advancement now looks like a horror movie. Last year I visited my grandchildren’s elementary school on open house night. It was lovely walking through the halls knowing how much they enjoy the school experience. But the joy did not last long. When I walked into their classroom and saw where they were seated, it was within several feet of the classroom computers! I pulled out my Electrosmog Detector, and as I suspected, they were wireless, radiating microwave to the children’s unprotected bodies. First I was furious, hating that the kids were being harmed. Then...

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Spiritual Abuse: Blowing open your children’s mind

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Electrohaunting due to electroaddiction Spiritual abuse now has a new face. The frequency of microwave from cell phones, cell phone towers, wireless routers, WiFi and everything wireless, break the matrix, a life web that surrounds and protects us. When the matrix breaks, portals open to other dimensions, allowing energies and spirits to invade our spaces. Open portals in other dimensions Our children are being exposed to open portals in other dimensions because of society’s addiction to the radiation of electronic devices.  Everyone has routers in their homes and in their offices and soon, I am sure technology will provide us with routers in our cars. But the portal issue is not limited to routers, as sonograms apparently also destroy the matrix. All of these conveniences break the matrix of our spaces, opening holes into other dimensions, allowing spirits and...

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Locate all the cell phone towers and antennas radiating in your neighborhood You can  look for a map of the cell phone towers  and antennas in your neighborhood to verify if there are an unusual number of them near your home, office or your child’s school. Look up your address on Be prepared, the results may shock you. I strongly suggest you locate these towers before moving into a new home or office, in addition to riding around the neighborhood to locate electrical centers in the area. In the future your real estate agent will volunteer the information that your neighborhood has been protected from electrosmog. For now, it is your job to do the dirty work of locating the radiating  areas and placing yourself far, far away from them. And what about all those handheld devices?...

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Live Blood Analysis and Electrosmog

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[youtube][/youtube] “This is a clear demonstration by Dr Havas, an independent highly competent and qualified academic, scientist, researcher, of direct link and adverse effects wi-fi radiation has on our health. Australian government and Energy Safe Victoria, including power companies, claim they have reviewed smart meter safety and have evidence smart meters are safe, which they never presented to the public to see – because there is no such evidence as Dr Carpenter stated publicly and responsibly in the previous video. Australian people are lied to and forced to accept devices that are detrimental to their health long term, irradiating them non-stop, and are not just power meters but surveillance devices. Ms Emily Broadbent, a spokesperson for Victorian government claims smart meters are safe and emit less radiation than some household appliances. Ms Boradbent’s statement lacks ethics and responsibility for...

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Changes in Blood Due to Cell Phone Use?Live Blood Analysis and Electrosmog

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Dr. Magda Havas tests her blood for any changes due to use of electronics Please watch this video from a respected Canadian scientist, Magda Havas, on how your blood changes due to electronic radiation. Frances: Predicting a 1,000% rise in cancer rates Please know that as a psychic that can sometimes “see” the future, I am predicting that cancer rates will rise over 1,000% due to the fire element from electronics, particularly the microwave from wireless devices. This prediction was prior to knowing that the radiation from cordless phones, computers and cell phones changes the blood to formations that resemble a cancer formation. Cancer due to electroaddiction Electromagnetic radiation augments the fire element. Because of our electroaddiction, we now have too much of the fire element in our auras. Cancer is a disease caused by an excess of...

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