Marijuana Research # 4- Dimensions

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Dolphins on Marijuana #4    1/12/15 11:53 AM The dimensional angle to Marijuana Themes: paranoia, the difference between marijuana, coca and cocaine, female vulnerability, Higgs Field, astral travel Paranoia Marijuana does gently take you into other dimensions. The issues that can arise of paranoia have to do with going too deep into other dimensions you are associated with, where you are not clean. The Law of Attraction applies and if you are not purified, if you are carrying a lot of emotional garbage from your past, you will freak out when you witness and live what part of you lives in those dimensions the marijuana can take you into. It all goes back to your astral/emotional/desire energy body. It should not be going into dimensional “neighborhoods” that can be rough if that body has emotional issues. It is that simple....

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Marijuana, Spirits, Global Warming, Higgs Field, the God Particle

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Dolphins on Marijuana # 3 1/9/15 10:18 AM Marijuana, Global Warming, Higgs Field, the God Particle and Spirits Marijuana and spirits Marijuana works on the strings (mindstrings) that channel the individuals mind, relaxing them so they can more easily let go of what they are gripping. Marijuana works more on the left side of the body mindstrings, which are the element of fire and air. It works to balance those male elements. Marijuana reduces the issues of excess fire in humans, which will reduce the violence on the planet. Higgs Field breakdown Today the planet has an excess of the fire energy due to many things but primarily due to radiation. This radiation is breaking down the protective Higgs Field at a rate that is pushing the planet into a planetary crisis. We call it global warming, an excess...

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Suicidal Thoughts in an Apartment

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The Power of Our Mind to Create a Negative Reality We create our reality. I know this to be true but am still astounded when I witness how easy it is to create a negative one. I had a client who could not sleep due to obsessive worrying about a daughter that had just moved into a lovely oceanfront apartment in Brickell Key in Miami. Apparently, her daughter’s life was in order; her job paid well and secure, her children were fine and her husband was happy. Yet this mother could not erase the frightening thoughts of her daughter throwing herself off the balcony of the new home. She confessed that maybe her daughter was hiding something and perhaps did not really have the money to pay for the new condo? The mom asked me to “see” if her...

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Depression and Law of Attraction

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Falling into a black hole… July 9th, 2010  The Law of Attraction is a terrible thing when you have not purified your energy bodies.  July 6, 2010 a client called to say hello. She sounded awful. She had gone with her family to a restaurant and her son had fallen down and hurt his nose. It stopped bleeding immediately yet hours later she did not “sound” good. So I pressed her, asking how she felt and she said she was tired…  The next day we spoke again and I noticed she “felt” very down. Remember, I am a psychic, so I really can “feel” what is going on, regardless of the smiles on people’s faces. She finally admitted she did feel very depressed and did not know why.  I volunteered to sketch her aura and this is what I...

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Psychic Looks at Colorado Shooting

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  We could call it Karma… Law Of Attraction Wins Again…. Because we don’t know enough about this Law, we  all lose… Note from Frances: First, my condolences to all the families and friends of the shooting victims. Jessica Ghawi’s tragic death  is a sad example of how our lack of knowledge of basic energy laws can control our lives in  ways we would never have actively chosen. Jessica,  the aspiring sportswriter who died in the shooting, never purified a previous trauma and had a vasana in her chest, her heart chakra and probably first chakra, root chakra, due to the trauma. This was her trauma, according to CNN news: In June, she narrowly escaped a mass shooting at a Toronto shopping mall. A vasana is a deep rooted impression on the  aura/mind. It can be likened to a...

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