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Standing In Line At Your Bank May Harm Your Bank Account

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Catching an Energetic Plague at the Bank Subtle energies may be destroying your ability to do business Often it is a mission to get the business to success “in spite of” the subtle energies surrounding the business. This is due to the lack of awareness of the effects of the other dimensions, and how dramatically they influence business profitability. Often the business location is surrounded by others who are bankrupt or losing a grip on their market. Often the type of people visiting a business causes such a wave of bad energy that the business profits can be trashed by those energies. These are just two examples of the transference of subtle energies in your business that can be affecting your ability to be profitable. Bad Energy Picked Up While Standing in Line at the Bank For example, the...

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Puerto Rico Invasion of Spiritual Virus: Miasm

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Miasms in Puerto Rico Dolphins Wisdom Revealed November 4, 2013 Please tell me about the miasm in Puerto Rico, the one near Mayaquez and the one in San Juan The huge Miasm that entered the air space above Puerto Rico is now firmly entrenched in the minds of those who live there. It is no longer visible as a cloud but has attached to the auras of the individuals, manifesting as depression, lethargy, lack of faith and hope and fear of the future. The Miasm near Mayaquez is due what is happened in the ocean there, the dredging is opening up the Brahmahvara (doorway to hell according to Hinduism) and drawing to that area the energies that were buried there from eons ago. Those energies were of Atlantis but not the Golden Age of Atlantis but the time at...

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Depression and Law of Attraction

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Falling into a black hole… July 9th, 2010  The Law of Attraction is a terrible thing when you have not purified your energy bodies.  July 6, 2010 a client called to say hello. She sounded awful. She had gone with her family to a restaurant and her son had fallen down and hurt his nose. It stopped bleeding immediately yet hours later she did not “sound” good. So I pressed her, asking how she felt and she said she was tired…  The next day we spoke again and I noticed she “felt” very down. Remember, I am a psychic, so I really can “feel” what is going on, regardless of the smiles on people’s faces. She finally admitted she did feel very depressed and did not know why.  I volunteered to sketch her aura and this is what I...

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Miami: Miasm of Spiritual Pollution Lands on October 23, 2013

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News From Other Dimensions October 17, 2013 Dolphins talk about Miami and its deteriorating energies Note from Frances: A Miasm is spiritual pollution. Miasms look like a blob, a gelatinous cloud of heavy energy. Miasms are the reason for the weird and perverted murders in Juarez Mexico, the deteriorating energies in Puerto Rico and the reason Afghanistan cannot be out of “war” mode. I see the Miasms here in Miami, Coral Gables looks OK, Coconut Grove does not! I asked the Dolphins about the qualities of these Miasms here. Their answers are below:             The energies of this Miami Miasm are:   Paranoia Greed Desire to kill anyone/anything that blocks what you want Lack of trust of loved ones Secretiveness because of the severe lack of trust desire for revenge  desire to kill  covert actions, even if you have...

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Miasm: Spiritual Pollution, Spiritual Curse..

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Miasm: Spiritual Pollution Note October 11, 2013: THE EXISTENCE OF MIASMS: AN EXPLANATION FOR THE MURDERS IN JUAREZ AND NOW THE DETERIORATION OF ENERGIES IN PUERTO RICO. Definition of a miasm: A Miasm is a cloud or wave of energy that could be called spiritual pollution or spiritual poisoning. The concept of Miasm is centuries old, and accepted as the explanation for unusual and sudden happenings. ARE YOU SUFFERING FROM A MIASM FROM BLACK MAGIC, OR LIVING ON SWAMP LAND…ETC? Is your city or country suffering from miasms? Want to be spiritually Sophisticated? Add this info to bank of knowledge.. September 2004 Juarez, Mexico had an earthquake years ago that dislodged some stones and released a Miasm. A Miasm is a cloud or wave of energy that could be called spiritual pollution or spiritual poisoning. The concept of Miasm...

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