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Standing In Line At Your Bank May Harm Your Bank Account

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Catching an Energetic Plague at the Bank Subtle energies may be destroying your ability to do business Often it is a mission to get the business to success “in spite of” the subtle energies surrounding the business. This is due to the lack of awareness of the effects of the other dimensions, and how dramatically they influence business profitability. Often the business location is surrounded by others who are bankrupt or losing a grip on their market. Often the type of people visiting a business causes such a wave of bad energy that the business profits can be trashed by those energies. These are just two examples of the transference of subtle energies in your business that can be affecting your ability to be profitable. Bad Energy Picked Up While Standing in Line at the Bank For example, the...

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Panic Attacks, Fall of the ….Empire

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     Frances Speaks With Dolphins May 9, 2006     The Fall of the Roman Empire and Panic Attacks       Frances: I want to continue about the panic attacks. You said that panic attacks are when people are fighting off entities that want to attach or invade. It sounds right, but it is still frightening and exhausting. What can be done, is there an efficient way to finish with the issue of panic attacks?    Dolphins: Good question but we were going to tell you the information anyway. You are too controlling. You think we don’t know what you need, but we do. We really do know more than you do what it is that people need to know. You think that we deviated our attention with the document on panic attacks and immigration. We were...

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Falling into a black hole of depression…

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July 9th, 2010 The Law of Attraction is a terrible thing when you have not purified your energy bodies. Case in point, on July, 2010 a client called to say hello. She sounded awful. She had gone with her family to a restaurant and her son had fallen down and hurt his nose. It stopped bleeding immediately yet hours later she did not “sound” good. So I pressed her, asking how she felt and she said she was tired… When we spoke again the next day  I noticed she “felt” very down. Remember, I am a psychic, so I really can “feel” what is going on, regardless of the smiles on people’s faces. When she   admitted she did feel very depressed and did not know why, I volunteered to sketch her aura.  She has always had some depression and...

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Spirits/Ghosts: How to recognize One

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Definition of the Word “Attack“ to use force against in order to harm; to take the offensive against; to begin acting upon harmfully – Webster’s Dictionary Spirit attacks can drive you to drink, take drugs, commit suicide, beat your children, or act out in bad ways. That is the point of the attack, to beat up on you enough to get you to feel or behave in ways you would not otherwise choose. In many cases, people who have suffered from months or years of insomnia or a general inability to sleep well, these attacks are the unseen factor. Attack vs. Attachment What is the difference between a spirit attack and spirit attachments and possessions? Spirit attachments are a constant influence at lower levels or volumes of an issue. An attack is something that creates a more explosive reaction...

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Spirits, Ghosts, Panic Attacks

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What you need to know about the entities/spirits/ghosts in your life What is an entity/spirit? The energy bodies (vehicles) of a dead relative, even your loving grandmother who was so depressed when she died The energy bodies of a dead person who is wondering around, lost between dimensions, does not know he is dead, The energy bodies of a person who died in a home, or another location. Who does not know he is dead and remains emotionally attached to the place Energy bodies of an enemy, friend, family member from a previous lifetime The energy bodies of a person who died in hospital, nursing home, cemetery and has not yet gone into the light The energy bodies of your spirit guides who may never have had a physical body Astral particles with consciousness which can be a blob...

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