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Sexual Chakra and the Color Orange

Posted by on Jul 19, 2015 in Sex | 0 comments

Your Sex Life and Breathe Breathing into any part of your body vitalizes it. This is especially true of the sexual chakra as it is associated with movement and water. Take a couple of minutes a day and sit or stand and just direct your breath and imagine an orange ray of light flowing into and energizing your sexual chakra. Also, if you crouch in your back yard, the energies in your sexual chakra flow more easily. Please follow and like...

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Spirituality and Sexuality

Posted by on May 24, 2015 in Sex | 0 comments

Sexual Union Is Union With God Dolphin “Opinions” Sex is the greatest and easiest opportunity for union with God that humans have ever been offered. We say offered because many of you do not take what is available because of all the limitations placed on the joy of sex. Your religions, your cultures, your institutions have all played a part in limiting the quickest route to God. In time, throughout history, humans have accessed the information that sex is good, that it is helpful to man, that it makes people healthier, that it has a joy that is not found elsewhere. And throughout history institutions and people that have been blocked in their quest for sexual expression, have tried, too successfully, to stop humans from this expressway to success, the human desire to feel complete. Human Orgasm Yes humans...

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Talisman for Protecion

Posted by on Apr 22, 2015 in Electro stress, Purification Program, Sex, Spirits | 0 comments

Spirit Protection  Talisman Fox  The Fox Talisman necklace helps protect and repair the aura, especially the throat chakra and sex chakra. This talisman protects against the influence of the worst spirits. The crystal is of Labradorite with lithium. Buddhist monks blessed them and Frances programmed them to increase their protection and purifying energies. Protects your  throat  chakra We have secret openings or portals in the back of our aura called Granthi. The Granthi in the back of the throat chakra, the back of the neck, is called the Knot of Shiva. If this portal is broken, it allows entry of the worst spirits, the incubus and succubus. These spirits can only enter through that portal. This  Talisman can protect you from these spirits. You may have inadvertently have weakened  broken this portal and your throat chakra with the microwave ...

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Mantras For Impotence, Frigidity

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What if I am unable to please my partner? Many men and women come into a sexual act fearing they will be unable to fully perform. Women are afraid they will not be able to orgasm and men are afraid of being “impotent” or of “sinning” with  premature ejaculation. For these issues I recommend the mantras. below. They work, truly! You will see the difference and your partner will notice it too. Start doing the mantras, silently of course, when you know you are going to have sex or might have sex. Purification Mantras for sexual insecurity issues: Even though I am afraid of not having an orgasm, I love and accept myself. Even though I am afraid of being impotent, I love and accept myself. Intention mantras for sexual insecurity issues: Please God, help me with my intention...

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Sex: Astro needs in bed…

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Note: Astrological energies transferred from the Planets to you go into one of your 4 energy bodies, the one called the Astral Body. These Are Your “bodies” in the different dimensions. The gold one is your astral body. You should know more about your assemblage of bodies, not just the astrological influences. Find out more about you, all of you at our Your Astral Body and more events. Aries Your Aries man is ready to roll at a moments notice. You need to learn to run to catch up with him. He is not a slow starter in bed so if you take the time to put on that extra special bikini underwear, it may be over by the time you get to him. Run; don’t walk when you see he wants sex. Taurus Don’t rush the bull. He...

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