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Spirit cemetaries= swamps, Everglades, marshes, New Orleans

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Are you living on top of a cemetary?   Then there  is no  mystery why you are miserable and have such bad luck….. Mother Earth uses water to heal spirits Car accidents, death in an emergency room, death while on pain killing drugs, all create the potential for a traumatic death producing a robotic spirit. We already know that because of a lack of awareness, we have not known that we need to protect the dying process or heal the traumatized spirit. The result is a lot of wandering, lost souls looking for a place or a person to attach to. Mother Earth helps out by collecting some of these souls in wetlands. She also uses standing water, such as artificial lakes, canals and big puddles to help the healing process of people who have lost their physical bodies....

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Exhausted?….maybe you are evolving?

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  Exhausted? Hug a tree and you will enjoy your kids and friends more Crouch in your back yard and you will become sexier We are at a stage in written human history that includes a dramatic shift in our energy bodies and our relationship to the physical dimension. We are getting ready for a new stage in our evolution, the Golden Age. Great news but due to these shifts, a lot of us are so tired that we barely making it through our days, so tired that it is affecting our personalities and our ability to have fun. We are changing our energy bodies, getting ready for a shift into a dimension and condition when we will no longer need our physical body. But the losing of the physical body involves changes in our relationship to the physical...

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Spirits Don’t Like Water

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An uncovered glass of water can be a container for entities In Santeria and Brujeria, it is known that if you put out an uncovered glass of water, it ‘catches’ negative spirits. In Kabala, they say the same. (Obviously, don’t drink out of a container of water that you have left uncovered overnight.) I believe this is the same dynamics as what I am talking about with wetlands; they are a container that “catches” negative energies and entities. Water heals It is known in metaphysics that water cleanses. In Baptism water is used to clear, or heal negative residue. Throughout history water has been known to be a healer, cleanser, and purifier. If you read Robert Bruce’s book Psychic Self Defense, you see how he recommends water as a way of stopping spirit attacks. I highly recommend the book...

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December 21, 2012: What will it be like?

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What will December 21, 2012 be like? April 17, 2010 Dolphin message to Frances in her book The Gods Speak: Dolphin Wisdom Revealed December 21, 2012 has a destiny that is yet to be determined. It is a time on a calendar yet it is more than that. It is staging of an ending of a cycle of misery on Planet Earth. But it is a moving stage in that it can happen tomorrow or it can happen on that date. No, it cannot happen after…… Frances: Why not? Because the Planets set the stage and they do not change. But humans can change the date that the setting plays out. Frances: Confusing… If everything were set in stone there would be no issue. Humans would simply walk towards December 21, 2012 and go through the shift. But it...

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Omens from the Animal Kingdom

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Omens from the Animal Kingdom This one hour special is a wake up call from the animal kingdom, pleading with the public to listen to their desire to be heard and treated like they were in the past.  In order to achieve this request, this program will cover man’s relationship with animals in the past, present and future, demonstrating how man has veered away from his bond and respect for the animals and the consequences suffered for those actions.  Internationally acclaimed, master interspecies intuitive Frances Fox, will share her insightful and frank dialogue while interacting with animals from around the world, some of which have very profound messages to be heard. Fox has had ten years of successfully communicating with the animal population and recently had a forecast for the catastrophic hurricane Katrina, two weeks before it occurred, forewarned...

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