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Aromaterapia de Cannabis y Coco de Frances

La Aromaterapia de Cannabis Y Coco de Frances purifica tu aura y tu casa y protege de espiritus!


You feel like a victim because you do not know that you are a multi dimensional being with parts of you in other dimensions. What you are is revealed in this book. With this information you will easily go from being a victim of circumstances to understanding that you are a master in your life, you just did not know it. Once you read this book, there will be no going back…


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Video: Your bodies…you have more than one

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¿Quieres ser espiritualmente sofisticado?

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¿Quieres ser espiritualmente sofisticado? 4 cosas que puedes aprender de Halloween  ¿Está usted espiritualmente sofisticado? ¿Tiene los espíritus en su vida bajo control? Se ha dicho que en el Tíbet, el uso en la joyería con la cabeza de un esqueleto, significa que tiene control sobre los espíritus en su vida. ¿Tiene derecho a llevar una cabeza de esqueleto, lo que representa su dominio sobre la parte espiritual  en su vida? Halloween Es Halloween y disfrutar de las festividades en torno a los temas de espíritus y monstruos (monstruos en forma de espíritus que tienen formas distintas a las formas humanas). ¿Usted cree que esto es una coincidencia? que Halloween viene la noche antes de Todos los Santos y 2 días antes de El Dia De Los Muertos (“El día de los muertos”)? ¿Sabe usted lo que está haciendo...

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Hurricane Katrina Speaks: Shamanism

Posted by on Sep 7, 2017 in Animal Wisdom, Spirits | 0 comments

Frances Speaks With  Hurricane Katrina August 30, 2005 The “Why “of the Hurricane On Tuesday night, August 30th I spoke to hurricane Katrina. I and you also, can speak telepathically to anything that has consciousness. So I spoke to Katrina…She said she was tired and she sounded tired…this is the rest of what she said: Water is for clearing and cleansing and that is why I came…this event, this cleansing will cause people in this country to open their hearts with compassion and that is necessary…this country needs to turn inward, to pay attention to what is happening within the country and to open it heart…why? Because in the future this country will be in a place of deciding whether to use nuclear weapons. It is important that the heart of this country be open at that time… Unseen...

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Hurricane Katrina Speaks

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Frances Speaks With  Hurricane Katrina Written August 30, 2005 Note April 3, 2012: I wrote this on August 30, 2005. Free will is the strongest law and right we have as human beings. Free will based on limited information cannot compare to the right use of will when we have information from other dimensions that influence the reality of our lives on the physical dimension. We need to know or be reminded that natural catastrophes are purifications…. August 30, 2005 “Why” Hurricane Katrina On Tuesday night, August 30th, 2005 I spoke to hurricane Katrina. I  can speak telepathically to anything that has consciousness. So I spoke to Katrina…She said she was tired …this is the rest of what she said: Water is for clearing and cleansing and that is why I came…this event, this cleansing will cause people in...

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Male Fertility Down 60%

Posted by on Jul 27, 2017 in Electronic Addiction, Sex, Spirits, Spirits Haunting | 0 comments

You do not need to be a scientist to know that the human body is a type of “meat” and that the microwave that powers laptops and ipads and all wireless devices cooks meat…. and yet there is a question mark as to what is going on? Male Fertility Down 60% Wait till the stats come out about the decline in sex! Note: We know you will think we have deviated our attention from the subject of the decline in male  fertility, we have not. Know this: Tibetan Buddhist psychiatry has a classification of spirits which includes a group that makes human “forget“…We feel that people “forget” that the microwave powering and radiating from  their cell phones and laptops cooks meat and that they are a type of meat….That is why we call the rebirth of a soul is...

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Prosperity in the midst of chaos

Posted by on Jul 12, 2017 in Astrology, chakra, FENG SHUI, Spirits | 0 comments

Frances Fox reveals how to achieve prosperity in the middle of chaos  Frances Fox has the capacity to see an invisible world  that other people cannot see or comprehend. When she was a child, a master of shamanic tradition, in Tibet, taught her his knowledge with the intention that she would reveal it in the future. This blog is based on an ability the master taught Frances, called remote vision. For years, many feared it and called it ‘magic’. Nowadays, the world is undergoing a time of apocalptic chaos and Frances Fox’s remote vision has revealed a simple path to cure and protect in these times of anguish and violence. Do you want to know more about this invisible world to help you keep your prosperity up in the middle of this chaos? Then follow this weekly blog Prosperity...

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