Anchoring Intentions Visualization

You know what you want or at least you are getting clearer on what you want. Yet you still do not have it. Try this little exercise to anchor that which you intend, including a healthier bank account.

  • Find a tree with substantial roots. A palm tree will not work, as its roots are good but not that anchoring. An oak tree is best, a Ficus tree is good, and any tree with big roots will work. Sit with your back against the tree or hug the tree.
  • Visualize Mother Earths’ Root Chakra
  • Visualize yourself becoming like the tree. Do not go into the tree. You are seeking to become like the tree, not merge with the tree. Visualize yourself growing roots like the tree you are touching. Visualize the roots reaching the root chakra of the center of the earth. Its color is red. Wrap your roots around the root chakra of Mother Earth and feel the surge of power that flows through you.
  • Visualize Father Suns’ Power
  • Now visualize the top of your head opening and reach for the sun. Allow Father Sun to enter into the channel that opened on the top of your head. Feel the flow of the power of the sun coming into your body.
  • Visualize both streams of energy meeting in the center of your chest, your heart chakra. Swirl the two energies so that they become one.  Open your heart chakra in the front and visualize the combined energy flowing into and energizing your intention. Feel the power.


How badly do you want what you intend? A lot? Then do this exercise a lot.


Strengthening Your Intentional Body

This visualization works because it strengthens your intentional energy body, causal body which we now know is your Holy Grail, your central channel that reaching reach off Planet to the Galaxy and anchors into the center of the earth. When it does, your intentions become energized and grounded onto the physical dimension. Your intentions become intentions versus “desires,” which simply float on the mental dimension.

When you actively seek to “receive” the power of Mother Earth and Father Sun, you become more powerful in your life on the physical dimension. It is good to be powerful spiritually but at this time in written human history we need to be powerful on the physical dimension in order to maintain order in the midst of the chaos of planetary shifts.


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