Astro Sex: How The Zodiac Affects You in Bed!

 Know Their  Zodiac Sign for Out of This World Sex!

Frances teaches you sure-fire ways to energize your astrological sexual compatibility… so both of you are satisfied under the covers.

Years ago I received a call during a TV show. The theme was sex. The caller was not shy about demanding to know why her boyfriend had lost interest in her. She said that even though the sex was good, he did not want to continue the relationship. I asked her what she was like in bed…was she enthusiastic? Absolutely, the caller replied and added that she was very comfortable being expressive during sex and liked to talk a lot.

It turns out, she was an Aries (a sign that enjoys openly expressing their enthusiasm), and he was a Taurus (a sign that can be a bit private and held back). I told her that her boyfriend was turned off by her over-enthusiasm in bed and was not comfortable with all the noises and expressions of pleasure. I could psychically “see” his face of discomfort.

She thought about it for a moment and confessed that he had asked her to be more “quiet” during sex, but she had not taken him seriously. For her (remember we are talking about an Aries), that extra burst of enthusiasm is a good thing. However, in his case, the earthy Taurus did not enjoy the fiery Aries and was turned off by what he considered excessive behavior.

It was with this phone call that I opened up to the possibility of recommending that people pay attention to how their astrological sign influences their sexual habits. It is also wise to pay attention to your partner’s sign, not just to understand what they like to do and how they like to live, but also in terms of what they enjoy in bed. Lots of gaffes could be avoided this way! Who knows, maybe the man you were so enthusiastic about did not really want all that enthusiasm in bed! By the way, Aries are known to not “notice” the discomfort of others because they are so busy having a good time themselves.

How do signs influence our sexuality?

Astrological signs have a deep impact on how we behave sexually. If we make an effort to better understand our astrological sexual personality, we can have a better understanding of a lot of our/their behavior in bed!

Step 1: Check out your astrological sign.

Step 2: Skip over to your man’s sign and stack the deck in your favor by knowing how to leave him breathless.

An Aries Woman

All that racket in bed yet, where is the joy? Rather than running all over them like a

steam engine, take it slowly next time and see if you can figure out what might satisfy

your partner more. Sex should be a “slow” sport; it is not a dash to the finish line (unless

your partner happens to be Aries as well).

A Taurus Woman

Why all the complaints about sex? Put away the criticisms and just plain enjoy yourself.

You know you like touch as much as you like the orgasm, so why haven’t you let your

partner know that? He needs to know that.

A Gemini Woman

Don’t tell me you were in bed with your guy and in the middle of the tousle you forgot

about the sex? How could you! We know that sex is just not that important to you; that

you’d much rather spend that time talking. Watch out though! Your man may start

looking elsewhere if you don’t start showing some interest in that department soon.

A Cancer Woman

Too little sex and you complain. Too much sex and you complain. So, what do you really

want? You can be very confusing when it comes to sex. The problem is that it is not as

simple as making up your mind; for you, it all goes back to the question ‘Is the glass half

full or half empty?’ Be grateful you have someone to have sex with. Don’t keep judging

him every step of the way.

A Leo Woman

So if you look good and perform well you are satisfied? Why do you associate sex with a

performance scale? Hasn’t anyone told you that sex with your boyfriend is supposed to

give you a break from the rat race? Don’t let yourself turn it into a competition about who

is the best lover or who looks the best doing it?

A Virgo Woman

Ok, so the sheets need to be clean and you need to look alluring. However, this does not

mean you have to rush out to get new 600-thread count sheets or have the perfect body.

Let go of your need for perfection and watch how much more both of you will enjoy

playing games on the mattress…that does not have to be orthopedic, by the way.

A Libra Woman

You think normal people should have it only twice a week. Newsflash: It does not work

like that and you cannot expect your partner to have sex “by the clock.” Sex is supposed

to be spontaneous; sometimes it’s good every day, sometimes once a week is enough. Sex

should happen naturally and not systematically, and there is no “like normal people.” Get


The Scorpio Woman

Don’t think that a man can perform at his best in bed if you have just released your

Scorpio fury at him. Know that to be good in bed requires good will —yes, good will—,

as in feeling good about the other person. You can have hot and heavy sex after a fight a

couple of times, but after that, it gets old and can inhibit your guy’s performance. So if

you don’t want to hear him telling you “Sorry babe, I’m tired tonight,” cut down on the


A Sagittarius Woman

You love the chase and then get bored when you achieve your goal. Sitting there gloating

about how good you are at getting what you want is fun, but what about the man that you

just “captured”? Do you tend to forget he exists? Well, it’s no wonder that they lose

interest. It is time for a new strategy with your bed partners (one that is not so self-


A Capricorn Woman

You want him to be good in bed but you also want him to have a full bank account (and

lots of projects bringing in more money) so that you can feel secure. Maybe your man

needs a break so that he can also enjoy sex. Is it possible his performance is down due to

sheer exhaustion? Back off from the demands and witness a revival in your sex life.

Hhmm… so you do prefer the money…

An Aquarius Woman

For you, being and having a good friend means more than having good sex. In addition,

sex may not be so great with your mate because deep down you may prefer a group

thing… but would never dare to even suggest going to bed with two people at a time. So

what can you do? You might want to “educate” yourself on the attitudes and habits of

different cultures regarding sex, and then proceed to “educate” your guy. This way you

will have something to do in bed besides the sexual act, which often bores you.

A Pisces Woman

Boring. Boring. Boring. To you everything is boring. Is it possible that you are bored

with yourself, and that having sex with the same person is tedious because you are bored?

Sex toys may help keep your interest, but the key to overcoming this issue is learning to

be satisfied with what is in front of you. Your neurosis has reached the bedroom and it is

time to let go!

The Aries Man

Your Aries man is ready to roll at a moments notice. You need to learn to run to catch up

with him. He is not a slow starter in bed, so beware of taking the extra time to put on that

special bikini underwear…it may be over by the time you get to him. Run, don’t walk

when you see he wants sex.

The Taurus Man

Don’t rush the bull. He likes a leisure walk to the bedroom with lots of touch. Your

Taurus man needs sweet sensuous touch as much as he needs the act of sex. Don’t ever

forget that or you may lose a wonderful opportunity to make him addicted to you. He

loves soft sheets, sensuous smells and lots of goodies before orgasm. In other words,

become an expert at foreplay.

The Gemini Man

Your Gemini man bores easily; don’t try the same thing twice with him. Change the

setting and have sex on the sofa, on the kitchen table, or on the area rug next to your bed.

Don’t repeat yourself in bed since a sure way to please his sexually is to provide variety.

And don’t expect much after orgasm, because he will be off onto something else.

The Cancer Man

A Cancer man is moody and that applies to sex, so be sure to address his mental state

when having sex with him. Using aromatherapy to set the mood is a necessary

component for good sex with a Cancer man. Anything with Jasmine will help. A word of

advice: don’t deliver depressing information about your job and expect him to be able to

jump into bed with you afterwards; he won’t.  He will be too busy worrying about

whether you will still have a job next week.

The Leo Man

Wow, your Leo is full of fire, which should be good for sex, but be careful with his self-

esteem. If he has had performance issues due to exhaustion, you will need to help him

deal with it without openly confronting him about it. His ego is very delicate in bed and

will not return to where he has continual failed. So watch out and stay away from

circumstances or settings that make him feel “down” and depress about his sexual feats.

The Virgo Man

Your Virgo bed partner is very, very picky. A smelly sheet will turn him off as will a torn

nightgown. Do your housekeeping and make sure the setting for sex is what “turns” him

on. Talking about a turn on, how truthful were you with the information that you gave

him about your last boyfriend? Virgos know how to add and he will tally up the info. No

sex for you honey, if he does not trust.

The Libra Man

All is wine and roses when you start having sex with a Libra, but once the novelty has

passed it is up to you to bring the thrill back into the bedroom.  Always remember that

your Libra man likes balance, so add excitement and romance, but don’t go overboard.

We know that it can get pretty frustrating trying to find the “perfect” combination, but

keep looking because this will make all the difference in the world for both of you.

The Scorpio Man

A Scorpio partner is a wild ride in bed. He will bring lots of excitement to your sex life.

But do you really, really trust him? And that is a real issue, as your Scorpio man loves

sex and loves the women. Make sure you have your jealousy issues under control or

having a Scorpio sexual partner will turn into a nightmare. If you have issues that you

need to discuss, deal with them out of the bedroom or you will ruin great sex!

The Sagittarius Man

The Sagittarius man likes to run after you, so don’t say yes to sex the first time. He will

find that really boring! Keep things light in bed and don’t dwell on tragedy or bad news.

And make sure you are stimulating and do exciting things in your life… that is a real turn

on for him. In bed he is quick but agile, smart but willing to please.

The Capricorn Man

You are one lucky lady. A Capricorn is loyal, pays attention to details and loves sex with

his woman. He is the type that will notice you have stopped using fresh sheets but would

never dream of mentioning it. Ladies, herein lies the one big hurdle when dealing with

them: he won’t let you know what he likes and dislikes in bed…you have to figure it out.

The good news is that it is easy if you just look at his face of contentment when you do

something he really enjoys.

The Aquarius Man

An Aquarius tends to get easily bored in bed and need to constantly try new things. So,

how do you keep your Aquarius man entertained? Easy! Trot out all those books on sex

and give him hints that you are willing to try “something new”… if it is all right with

him. This will keep him hooked, not to mention more determined to stay in your bed.

The Pisces Man

A Pisces man is full of good intentions but gets deviated easily. He will make promises to

join you in bed, but will frequently forget when he gets depressed. Make sure you work

with your Pisces guy in dealing with his moods, as that will be the key to success in the

bedroom. Just don’t present him with a lot of problems, as they will surely turn him off.

Men,  do you want to avoid looking like this?

Young pretty woman cheering up her anxious man in bed

This is what you are going to look like, regardless of your zodiac sign, if you keep your cell phone in your pockets. Your cell phone radiates microwave and you don’t have to be a genius to know what it is hitting when it is in your pocket!

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