Bi Polar: Other Dimensional Issues


Now called Bi Polar

Note from Frances: I did this reach in 1994 when the proper terminology was Manic Depression. When I say to be spiritually sophisticated, it is because all mental issues, mental illness, starts in the non physical dimensions, the spiritual dimensions our mindstrings (the channels of our mind) interpenetrate. If we are mentally ill, it is because our mind has problems in those dimensions

1994: The first piece of research that I did with my intuitive skills several years ago was on the nature of manic depression. I studied eight individuals referred to me friends and relatives and I charted the results. All eight individuals had had a traumatic incident between the ages of two and three months. The nature of the trauma was not what one would suspect could set up the vulnerability for such an impactful and debilitating ailment. Most of the children had been traumatized by a screaming male. A member of the family would lose control many times and would have a screaming rage. The infant would retreat the only way he knew how to do which was internally to shut down his mind and disassociate from the trauma he was experiencing.

Only one of the children was sexually abused between two to three months of age. Another child had been dropped by a male baby-sitter on the floor and rather than admit to the family that he had dropped the child, never said anything and the child remained in the state of shock. If the baby-sitter had been willing to admit to the accident the child would have been nurtured and cared for and held and soothed and probably would have been pulled out immediately out of that state of shock.

I did this research years after the original incident, most of the time, twenty or forty years after the incident and yet in all instances when I went internally what I found was an infant in a fetal position completely shut down in a state of shock. If the child were face down and completely self wrapped, totally fetal with eyes closed, I was able to validate that they were on heavy medication and had a pretty severe case of manic depression. If I found the child face up with the eyes open and a little bit awake I found that the person was possibly not on medication or was considered not a severe case. In other words, the state of that inner child, which I would like to call the person’s essence, was the indicator of the level of the ailment in the adult.

With one of the people that I worked with, the only one that I knew personally, I encouraged her and I myself went to that inner child until it woke up. Interestingly enough, this individual told me that she always knew that she had a baby asleep inside of her. She saw the baby exactly like I did, face down in fetal position. After waking the child up there were substantial changes in this individual’s life. She was able to find normal life more manageable. She made progress in her profession and was able to cover more arenas successfully. Many of the issues of manic depression continued. In other words, they were not resolved by the waking of the inner child, obviously more work needs to be done, but the resolution of the shock state of the core essence is what needs to be addressed at the least.

References on increase in number of bipolar children:

“The number of visits to a doctor’s office that resulted in a diagnosis of bipolar disorder in children and adolescents has increased by 40 times over the last decade, reported researchers funded in part by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Over the same time period, the number of visits by adults resulting in a bipolar disorder diagnosis almost doubled. The cause of these increases is unclear. Medication prescription patterns for the two groups were similar. The study was published in the September 2007 issue of the Archives of General Psychiatry.”

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