Boating: Healing with the elements of nature

Before and after “filling” up with the element of the “puts out fire” water: boating.

You should go boating, swimming, or just lay on the beach a lot if you sleep or work in a modern setting or areas with a lot of radiating frequencies.These are Mindmaps of 2 young men at 10 AM and then again at 5 PM. The difference in their map of Mindstrings is huge, but there is an explanation. At 10 AM they had just gotten out of a bed. At 5 PM they had just gotten off a boat they had been on since 1 PM.

Water puts out fire

We were astounded at how much being near water was able correct some of the damage to the Mindstrings that were influenced by living in a modern society with a lot of technology. Below you can see how the 32-year-old man’s Mindstrings and congestions changed after being on the water.


This is the 15 years old before and after.

Impressed? It is common knowledge stress is reduced when there is contact with nature. But because we did not understand the potentially damaging forces of frequencies and stress and what they do to the bodies and strings, we take the healings for granted. Add to that the fact that contact with nature can be “free” which makes it suspect as a medicine!

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