Energetic Factors in Your Aura that Influence Cancer

Energetic Factors in Your Aura that Influence Cancer

“Will To Live” Of Cancer Patient

Versus Subconscious Intention to Die

Our energy field never lies. It is all about our truth, and no matter how strong our denial, the truth is there. If we don’t accept our truth our minds recuperate by repressing the truth deep into our energy field. From that place, issues and emotional reactions ferment….

Are your emotional and cognitive needs being met so that you can ensure you do not have a subconscious, hidden agenda to “die”?

Checklist of needs:

  • Are the needs of your charkas being met?
  • Are your astrological needs being met?
  • Are you astrologically compatible with your mate, husband, children, etc.?
  • Are your cultural needs being met?
  • Do you have unresolved traumas that create a subconscious wish to die?

Traumas do help to build a wish to die!

If your needs as a human being are not being met, if you look at the future and see no hope of having your needs met, why would you want to continue to live?


Do you have addictions that block you from feeling and seeing who you really are and filling these human energetic needs you have?

Find the Emotional and Cognitive

Energetic Generator of Your Cancer

Please take the time to take this test:

Track back approximately 24-27 months from your diagnosis of cancer (you may need to go back to your old calendars or agendas for reference). Find a significant, traumatic event in that time frame. The event must have elicited in you a reaction of rage and/or anger and then a feeling that there was nothing you could do to change the event or outcome. This would have resulted in an emotional and cognitive reaction of rage plus a feeling of impotence. If you find that event, in that approximate time frame, you may have found the event that triggered in you an emotional reaction of rage and impotence that you repressed into your energy field and your aura, causing an implosion within your aura and a break in your energy bodies.This event could be the “energetic generator” (the original injury) of your cancer in your energy field that 24-27 (approximately) months later resulted in a cancer diagnosis in your physical body.

If you find this “generator” or want help finding it, please contact the office to make an appointment with Frances Fox to locate within your aura the invisible factors of emotional and cognitive congestions that broke your aura and your energy field that left you undefended against the illness.

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