that influence your mind and destiny and that of the planet

December 21, 2012   Earth’s alignment with super massive black hole  Sagittarius B, a Galactic event which had so much impact on Earth that the  Mayans  declared the old calendar ended and a new calendar begun    which documents a new cycle of violence and discord

July 14, 2015 An implant was placed in the helpful friends and travel    section of the    Feng Shui Bagua. That part of our home corresponds to the    left      leg   and channels the energies of female and wisdom.

July 28, 2015 Orions “fully” invaded Planet Earth. The face we see of the spirits that   are from Orion is the face of the devil and his hatred. Total male energies

December 13, 2015 The Cosmic Gates opened and all humans now have access to   a part of them that is called a Merkaba, which is a 12-pointed star that holds God like powers. Info on your Merkaba, which is now part of    you:

“The Dodecahedron is the twelve-sided ball with the pentagon faces. It    represents the 12 faces of the God/dess within, Ascension, Mystery school teachings, the color Gold, the element Ether/Spirit and the higher chakras (8- 12 and up). It connects you to the universal life force. It is female.”

December 14, 2015 the implant in the helpful friends section of our homes was   activated and people began to feel an incredible level of hatred towards   friends. It can be helped by repeating this mantra in silence 19 times in the helpful friends section of your home. If you want to augment the power of this mantra tap your left leg as you repeat in silence the words of this mantra:

Please God help us with our intention to have great friends and travels.

In December there were lots of solar flares, which augmented the irritations, anger, frustrations and violence. Pay attention or you will end up on the wrong side of the “rapture” line during this time of predicted violence and hatred.

Below is the Bagua map  of the energies of your home and physical body so you can pinpoint exactly what part of your home and body have an implant. Dark forces do not want you to know about the importance of your home in your destiny. Why am I saying this? Because no matter what my office did, we could not give you a decent graphic of that relationship, therefor we had to resort to a screen shot initially. Now you can see the PDF version if you clik the link below:

Click   to see Bagua map of the energies of your home:    Bagua Physical body Feng Shui, elements, mindstrings

Note: In addition to doing the 19 mantras daily as I tap my left let, I spray our Frances Fox Coconut Aromatherapy PLUS our Orange Aromatherapy to ensure we are protecting that part of our home from the two types of spirits that augment the issues and whisper bad things in our ear to persuade us that that person is terrible. I also play the famous Tibetan CD. non stop:

  • Coconut aromatherapy protects from planetary spirits $26
  • Orange aromatherapy protects from Galactic spirits $26
  • Tibetan Sacred Temple Music $16Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 9.38.03 AM

Call 1-800-6519804 if you want to order, if not, then fill that part of your home with those fruits and dance music.

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