Dying Gracefully for the Spiritually Sophisticated

Marijuana for Hospice, Dying

1/27/15 9:20 PM

Marijuana should be the “drug” of choice for grieving the death of a loved one, or for grieving the ending of your own life. It has the ability to connect the person who is dying, to the dimensions where they will be going, opening up the familiarity that will help the transition.

People who smoke marijuana while in their dying process will also be able to help those they leave behind. When an individual dies in a traumatic state of mind, such as when they fear death or are angry at dying, they drag their loved ones into the mess of emotions THAT DO NOT END AT THE POINT OF DEATH.

It would be recommended that all that are present at the time of death do something to ensure they are not ensnared in the mindstrings of the dying person.

depression. mother, daughter jpg

Often  a mother dies worried at leaving behind a child. When that happens, the mother’s mindstrings grab onto the child and literally drag them into the grave with them. It is a special type of haunting. If the mother’s body is cremated, a lot of the entanglement is released/purified by the fire.

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