ADD, ADHD According to a Psychic

ADD Outline

This is an outline I did years ago before ADD, ADHD became the norm and before the radiation from electronics completely changed the game of healing these kids.. Today electromagnetic radiation could be the number one factor in attention issues…Don’t let the fact that the cell phone and electronic games entertain your child, fool you into thinking the radiation is not an issue.  Frances

What are ADD and ADHD and disassociation?

These issues have to do with paying attention:

  1. to too many things at one time
  2. 2. to the information on the psychic highways
  3. to what is going on inside your head instead of what is out there

What the adult/child needs to know about ADD and disassociation:

  1. it can be corrected when the root or the reason for it is found and addressed
  2. ADD behavior is very valuable in the arts and in business men, so we do not want to eradicate it, but teach the person how to gain control of their attention. They need to be trained to pay attention to teachers, details when that is important but also to” fly” when that feels good and is appropriate, as in planning, creating and exchanging ideas with others
  3. People with ADD tend to have problems with self esteem because they can be so inept at paperwork, school work and other things most people/kids can handle easily. This makes them feel inadequate

4. The Concept that ADD could be a sign of human evolution and the evolution of the human mind.

Factors differentiating ADD and ADHD

Astrological factors

  1. the fire signs, those who are Leo, Aries and Sagittarius have more of the element of fire in the personality; it is harder for them to sit still to pay attention; a little known fact is that the element of fire brings with it the energy of anger: these fire signs are more easier triggered to being angry and therefore can tend to be more aggressive and be classified as ADHD and hyper. If an autistic child is a Capricorn he is generally more manageable than a fire sign. The difference in fire sign children and the management of them is astonishing as to the level of activity/hyperactivity

Transference of anger from family members

  1. The repression of anger by family members can contribute to an adult/child becoming hyper in addition to ADD. The energy of anger, when repressed, not processed, can and does transfer to family members, usually to the children. I look at the willingness of the parents to express anger, and too often find that the mothers of ADHD children do not know that they are angry and also do not know how to process appropriate anger. Too often one of the parents is a martyr in behavior and attitude.

Females tend to have less hyper activity than males

  1. It is unfortunate that females are not “allowed” by society to express their anger     and need for movement. Therefore females, even the fire sign females tend to repress their need for activity and anger. Generally this result in a depression.


  1. Flower essences, clematis, aspen….
  2. mind stretching exercise
  3. an understanding of the astrological needs of the child
  4. an understanding that today children tend to be more psychic
  5. a review of the value of children not being able to express themselves and their creativity adequately



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