Do you know the real meaning of the word “sex”?

Do you know the definition of the word “sex”?

The dictionary definition of the word sex means to divide,

to cut.

And the sex of a human body has until, recent history, divided and cut the Planet into two groups: male or female. This definition may explain the importance of the gay movement.

Why is it important to know the actual definition of the word sex?

The root of the word sex is Latin. Latin words often have taken into consideration the energetic component of the meaning of the word. In this case, it is entirely accurate in that sex does divide and cut humans into two groups.

The definition of the word sex may explain what is going on in terms of human sexuality. There is obviously a movement towards alternatives to the male/female sexual unions. That has always been the case but the wave of people declaring themselves to be gay, bisexual and now asexual is augmenting dramatically. Perhaps the definition of the word sex: to divide is the explanation.

What does human evolution have to do with being gay?

It is really about the evolution of human sexuality. If we started life on the Planet divided, that is perhaps not as “great” as we thought. And if human consciousness is moving towards more unity then the division between sexes could be a block. And the number of people ignoring that line that normally divides males and females could be a sign of human sexual evolution.

Is this movement away from the original definition of the word “sex” a good thing?

Perhaps it is, in that a human being is known to be divided, cut up into pieces. We are not only divided by having either a male or female body, we are divided by having half of our body being male and half female (the left side of the body is considered to be female and the right side male). And the left side of the brain is male and the right side is female…and on and on… Even our astrological signs are either male or female! That is a lot of divisions that block us from being whole.

Is this sexual movement a part of the 60’s flower child movement of free sex?

It certainly feels like a continuation of removing the blocks of loving/having sex with anyone/everyone, in spite of not being married or paired off with them.

How can this movement be a good thing for society?

It may not be real comfortable for society, as we can see with the politic battle having to do with granting equal rights to gays, but it is wonderful for human consciousness and for human evolution. Anything that divides humans is not good for us.

Where is this evolutionary movement going to take us?

I believe we are moving towards a point in which humans will be able to achieve the orgasmic state without having to be with another person. In religions it is called spiritual ecstasy and it is a union with God that is just like the orgasm with normally experience in the act of sex.

But that is another story that is developing as we can see with the growing movement towards asexuality.

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