Why do we need a planetary purification via natural catastrophes? Why do we need chaos? The answer is the same answer when we ask why we, as a nation, can text and drive at the same time. Read below:

The answer is inside our heads it is called electrofog

Why is it we cannot seem to stop ourselves from texting/talking when we “know” it is dangerous? Our brains and minds are made up of an awful amount of water. These wireless devices are powered by radio waves called microwaves, which have the ability to make water boil.
We are boiling our brains. The “boiled water” in our cells causes us to develop a condition, which is described as electrofog. Electrofog is not only having a foggy head/mind, it includes impaired judgment. That impaired judgment allows us to “think” we are going to glance up with enough time to have our cars or life under control. 

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