Energetic Consequences of the Black Waters of the Oil Spill

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Consequences of the blackwaters of the oil spill

May 27, 2010

Hello my people, I remember when you talked about black waters that run under people’s homes. But it sounded like petroleum and not just dirty water that looked black. Talk to me about this.
Black water has been responsible for human misery since the beginning of time. Black waters are a mixture of oil and negative energies from another planet. This water has the capacity to move and change things. In humans it changes their health. In land it changes the polarity of the land, which then allows for sickness to invade a home or building.
In the world we live in today, we learned to use black waters to run engines but it was not always like this. Humans used to avoid black water like the plague that it was. It had a name in history and the name was plague, the black plague.
I just looked up Black Plague and it does not seem to correspond to what you are saying.
Ok, since when have scientists given the clear answer to what the Black Plague was?
So would you like to know the effects of the massive oil spill on human health?
Yes I would
The Petroleum mixed with a genuine desire to die, that most humans have today, will have the effect of diminishing the human immune system to such a point that old diseases will return and many new diseases will flourish.
It is now when the plagues spoken about in the Bible take over and spread. The spread will not necessarily begin in the land close to the oil spill but it will be due to the oil spill.

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