"Haunted" Foreclosures

Foreclosures are one of the biggest issues this country faces. This country is Cancer astrologically, a sign that venerates the home and the hearth.  We were proud that everyone had the possibility of owning a home. That hope and intention has been reversed and the hope and intention today is that people are able to keep their homes. That reversal could be an underlying cause of the reversal of fortunes of the people in this country.

For those who are aware of the relationship between their destiny and their home, this is a time to truly honor that awareness. It is time now to pay attention to every detail of your home, as that will determine your future. Is your house clean even in the empty rooms? Is your front door inviting and warm?  Is your doorbell working? Is the yard kept up and watered? Do you have a regular practice of clearing the other dimensions of your spaces? A stick of incense once a week or even daily is not enough to detoxify your home of the vibration of financial woes that is invading our lives.

Back to foreclosures. The vibration of foreclosure is heavy now, and it is spreading. People who would have continued to struggle to pay their mortgages are giving up more easily because of the plague of foreclosure “energy”. And it will continue to spread even to those who would have never dreamed they could lose their home.

Clean Up Energy: Purify

How do you protect yourself from this spreading plague? How to you clean out the energy of foreclosure from the home you just purchased that was on the market because of foreclosure? How do you ensure you do not succumb to this plague that is spreading across the land?

Take a closer look at your home, but “look” into what could be in the other dimensions. What room do you spend time in talking about the miseries of the market, or the weakness of your bank account? That room (s) needs clearing and purifying. The words, images and emotions surrounding those conversations have type of “life” to them, and they don’t just dissipate into thin air, they linger in your spaces, creating a type of energetic soup that your mind feeds off of, long after the problems you were talking about were resolved.

What room in your home is  “home” to your bills, and your bank statements? Where do you write your checks or where is your computer where you do all your accounting? How often do you clear those spaces of what you are feeling while you do your bookkeeping? Do your emotions carry the resonance of fear, poverty, and decline? Here again, that vibration coming off of those objects and activities may be negative and need to be cleared not just from the spaces but also the objects.

What types of people visit your home? Friends who are losing their jobs or their homes? Acquaintances who are frightened of the future?  Relatives who come to ask for loans or a place to stay? If these types of acquaintances and activities are often in your home, then yet again you must pay attention to clearing the spaces of their miseries and their energy.

We are not suggesting you get rid of friends and acquaintances who are in a bad place, we are suggesting you “clean up” after them the same way you clean up the floor of dirty shoes on a rainy day or your living when children come to visit and leave a lot of toys out of place. It should become routine for you to simply observe the activities that are going o in your spaces and then cleaning up after them.

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